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    µpitch & bit shaper are your best friends for sitar like tones, but don't expect marvels, it's just a trick on a clean tone.

    You'll have much better results using a VST.

    Hi, I found the spring to be very dramatic change to my usual profiles, the band pass effect , the relative loss of gain and other factors really affect a profile tone, but in a good way , at least to me. I love how it transforms a given profile to a vintage version of it , like making a brand new combo to a 20 years road worn , broke'in version.

    But I tend to go for very low mix % , like 1 to 3 % and sometimes up to 7% for specific leads , surf or slide parts.

    I also use it in pre amp position , with a large hall verb post amp, just like you do. Sounds like a tube combo with authentic spring miked in a hall , but I really like this setup, and use it constantly on my recordings. I just locked my spring reverb in pos D and set it ON , on the fly while tracking.

    examples tracks : I used the exact same free AC 15 profile ( Mister May ) , with diff. gain settings

    hall verb post

    spring pre / hall verb post

    I'm sure I was locked in a cupboard for parts of my childhood ;)

    I've you were locked with a guitar, that's not a problem ;)

    You should def' listen to the first 3 albums from the 70's , I wish I never listened to these John Miles album , but I developed a kind a fascination for this immense guitarist / singer / composer & pianist.

    I have a question for you Dave, Did you cover anything by John Miles ?

    I'd love to see you covering one of the early albums, like 'Slow down' 'Bordeline' ... lots of talkbox in these , but such a stylish guitarist ,

    and you own a lester ;)

    Try using the KPA without a mac/pc and a soundcard. Use only a KPA and the headphones , and far away from any computer.

    I've got lots of computing noises near my PC & wireless mouse when I plug my KPA to the soundcard , near my pc.

    Hi Bert, I bought this pack yesterday ( Frankly I don't need it , but I really dig the amount of love & dedication you put on your work)

    I had to make a few guitar parts for a songwriter I work with, sent him the stems , and here is his reaction this morning :

    Just yes, yes, yes :) Those layers are fucking awesome :) Soooo cool man :)

    Wow, those guitar parts sound supreme :) Super happy :)

    Outstanding pack so far, stellar strat tones , P90 sounds gorgeous too , 3 awesome channels ,

    and not I single profile I fount inferior. The versatility of this preamp is really amazing.

    Very well done :)

    " Mister May" the most versatile and also the best sounding Vox profile for my P90 semi hollow , appears on 90% of my hundred recordings. So tweakable that you can fill two performances just with varitions on this theme.

    " Welagen SSS FET " the cleanest , brightest one , so good on it's own it barely needs any post EQ and mix. This one always puts a smile on my face :)
    Welagen Steel String Singer Profiles

    " Boogie on spring" this one is mine so it's biased , but such a dynamic clean & breakup , warm tone like my original boogie ... and that gain course is rarely matched.

    "Cameron CCV 01 57/121 by ElevenEleven Studios" my 'go to' profile for hi gain tones, punchy , balanced and inspiring , instant metal vibe

    All these are free :)

    I agree with the above, it's worth noting that cranking the gain way up on most profiles will lead to all kinds of nasty distortions. I you want some vintage tones, use a spring verb ( very low mix like 2 or 3% to keep some punch) on any profile, pre amp ,it really gives a vintage vibe, that I dig a lot.

    I most often use a real fuzz pedal in front to ease the mix and bandpass ,even on already cranked profiles.

    I used a free JMP 100 from Dennis Koehne in the past , tone is fantastic for stoner , but not easy to mix.

    Check the descriptions of my stoner & psych tracks here, you'll gather a few good references . PM for the best commercial references.

    I also plan a specific stoner & psych pack in the future, but I'm still waiting for the editor.

    Have you guys found any verbs that inspire you in particular. I'm just diggin it

    Sure , all of them, I often put my spring verb preset ( like 2% mix ) pre amp and a natural hall post , to give some space. Sounds killer to me and takes standard profiles to superb tones ... track incoming :)