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    That is some nice music you created - tip to the hat.

    Thanks will try that.

    Thx man, and yes of course the main heavy part is a JCM800 and not the AC15 . I think this AC15 is used on 75% of my tracks !

    The ' Mister may ' is really a killer profile as all gain settings are usable , gorgeous cleans, Brian May heavy rhythm tone, and killer mix cutting leads .

    You'll also have to adjust definition , but man that profile ... better than the Famous Morgan AC20 , at least for me.

    using the AC 30 through the FB Man Cab (Fender Bassman 1959 with 4 10" Jensen Alnico P10Q speakers)

    That sounds promising , do you mind sharing the profile ?


    I really appreciate all the great music vids posted here , but I thought the main objective of this part of the forum was having regular users using their KPA for recording their stuff , live stuff , posting their experiments or mainstream artists using a KPA.

    There are already two major threads for other music ( typos included ) that I really appreciate to discover new artists & tracks.

    What kind of music do you listening right now

    Share Your Favourite Virtuoso Clips

    I don't really see the point of posting non user music or non KPA recordings on the kemper forum.

    I hope you understand my point of view.



    Really great full sounding single line there R, i mean that's why RAM use a JCM800, it just kills it for single note lines. Why do i always feel like the cops are chasing me when i listen to these Renaud LOL. Brilliant man!.

    Thx Ash , I appreciate the comments :) Yes RATM was the feel on this one, and the combination of JCM800/Fuzz pedal/pitch shifter/Freqout is really something for leads.

    About the cops, yes I often get a feel of urge when recording , I'm a slow hand in life in general but I become a different animal when recording ;)

    great vibes! 👍👍👌😎 excellent!

    The FreqOut is an excellent tool with the Kemper!

    I usee it too and like its simplicity for « natural » harmonics.

    Thx man, I dig this little freqout, downsides are the lack of control on the feedback once ringing ( fire & forget style, you cannot not add vibrato at the end of a phrase , for instance ) and the need for a specific power ...

    This is a new project, I'm waiting for my vocalist tracks, but I've made a shorter instrumental ' à la radio edit' in the meanwhile.


    I've been using my new freqOut pedal on this one , just to test some great feedback lines, I also had an heavy foot on my exp pedal to do some pedal shift bends.

    The Freq out went a bit wild on some parts, but it's a brand new tool for me and I'm not really used to it , but that sure looks like a great tool in my arsenal of tones.

    Main profile is TAF JCM800 , real fuzz pedal , and P90 semi hollow.

    It's full of energy , so it might disturb your neighbours at high volume :)


    I recently got into stoner rock (listening to the "Stoned Meadows of Doom" youtube channel at work).

    What profile(s) did you use - especially for the main rhythm guitars?

    Yeah this channel is really great , such as "The Bong Druid Of Mammoth Weed Mountain" lol

    The profile is the most fuzzy one from the EOD 88 Randall from a great Italian schop

    I used a single profile on this track , with different gain settings from crunch to fuzzy

    Hello , here is a special recording, I sort of explained all the steps I go thru while making a simple rock track.

    Part one is about basic drumbeat & 5 first guitar riffs.

    I used a Randall EOD 88 profile on all my takes, with full gain and gain backed down a lot.

    here is the podcast

    I'm not used to this kind of exercise, but it might still interest some of you , please forgive my typical French trying to speak in English ;)

    Loopback did work ( don't forfget to loop SPDIF in & out !)

    However I'd like to have two different tracks as I know have my voice over the DAW , it looks like a normal behaviour since I want record anything.

    I managed to record my voice on analog input 1 on my Scarlett , but it gives some phasing issues with the loopback track ( DAW + voice )

    Any way to handle this ?



    I'm looking for a simple solution to make a podcast about making a full track from scratch :

    my soundcard is Focusrite 6i6 V2 Scarlett

    I'll do some talking over me using my DAW in real time ( playing, muting some tracks live, showcasing a take ...).

    The best solution would be to record the whole audio coming from my soundcard, well coming from these two sources , but I don't really know how to do this...

    Anyone knows ?

    I agree with lots of good ideas above :

    • mixing two unfinished songs in a new one
    • I often use Nashville number system over chord changes, gives me fresh start most of the time, really dig that stuff
    • go on on a new song when struck on one, I often get a cool stoner track while getting bored on a complex one, just by playing some riffs to relax.
    • get an outsider help you in other parts ( drums, singer ...)
    • use another instrument to start a new part , like focusing on a cool bass part instead of a new guitar part, then expanse it
    • it's best for me to build the different guitar parts of a track from the beginning of my takes and next improve each part one by one. If I don't, I'm bound to make the fills, pads, lead and all sorts of layers on a single simple double tracked riff. All I got is a super verse , but nothing else :(
    • get some rest from your DAW and all that collection of fancy plugins , force yourself to play on an unplugged electric guitar to find new ideas
    • For the boost of creativity , all I can say is that agree a lot with Ash on brain 'helps' ( replace lp with whatever you want ;)
    • you're free to throw lots of material ( I keep only 1 in 3 song ATM )