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    here comes my latest track.

    134 Mph Grand Theft Auto

    This one has an 80's feel, and some great tones from cameron amp (PM and power chords) , dumble ODS (leads and phrases ) and my Fender Rhodes Mark I that got it's first recording session ... ( that's quite a lineup )

    I wish I could hire David Coverdale on this one , but he wasn't available this time ;)

    Anyway have fun listening to this one, I really dig the dumble lead tones ( ODS 6 FET from Norburybrook )

    Don't miss the musical interlude I did while relaxing between two mix or recording sessions.

    Just browse the delay presets from the factory pack , some great tape echoes here to get you started.

    lots of tweak available will lead you to this used tape echo tone, I really dig the 'washed ' profiles that mimics used tape , and the grit knob is really good.

    you should try to set the delay pre amp , for test purpose

    Yeepee, pics are back :)

    Notes to the mods & admins :

    My signature Logo is much larger than before, I'd prefer a smaller one , just like before if it's possible , otherwise I guess I could downsize it myself by editing my pic.

    The dist are not that bad and you'll get tons of variety just by cranking the gain on most profiles. Lots of fuzz mayhem and caricatural fizz but some experiments there will bring some great results.

    I keep my boutique fuzz in front mainly because of the EQ ,shelving , boost and gate options, with real knobs at the reach of my hand. I won't buy any of these fancy dist/drive/fuzz boxes that constantly hit the market.

    I thinks CK told us there might be a future upgrade on the stomp boxes. I have lots of hope for an editor, we could easily match stomps / EQ & other Fx in a much funnier and creative way than the sub menus.

    I dig most of the FXes I use on a daily basis : vintage chorus, tape delays, hall verb , cry baby wah , I love the whole integration , lack of noise . You can also save the 4 stomps pre or post amps as a preset for other rigs / profiles.

    There are all very good to me. The delays for instance are really on par with high end range like the eventide. Harmonizers, µpitch and transpose are also very nice and usable, I constantly use the transpose for my stoner tracks.

    I also use real pedals ( in loop or front ) that have no equivalent yet on the KPA , a boutique fuzz , and a dimension D chorus for instance

    Another approach , very musical and can also lead to lots of very interesting tones :

    Jimmy Herring is using a volume pedal from the output of the Fender amp ( thru a specific device THD hotplate ) dialed to an AxeFX ( just for the verbs lol ) , then he controls the volume sent to another powered cab ( the reverb cab ). This is what he explains this great vid

    It's much easier to mimic this on the KPA , just setup a morph rig on a looong verb , delay , or reverse delay ( or D+R ) and you're done :)

    Enjoy these fantastic tones :

    It's really hilarious that he uses the AxeFx not for it's amp tones but just for the verb , what an overkill and funky solution 8o

    thx a lot Ash, Mud & Nick , I'm glad the mix is not too crappy.

    i would really like to hear more of your vocals some time

    I'll definitely do it more in the future, once I set a proper home studio in my new house and get some proper vocal training . ..

    Some folks at my IT job are assembling a choir led by a professional singer & leader , I just signed for it :)

    Exactly when I need it , coincidence ? I'm feeling lucky

    here is my latest track, an electro rock one.

    Black eyed witches

    It features :

    • a nasty drumbox on bitcrusher filters. Bass is the usual Hofner on Chandler preamp profile.
    • Guitars : semi hollow P90 - Slash SL5 Marshall combo / 68 Mattamp / Vox AC15
    • Fx : N21 color fuzz ( real ) , cry baby ( KPA fx) , Ebow and the usual chorus, delays & verbs (all KPA).

    I'm still struggling with my room acoustics , so I partially had to mix blindly ( well ... deafly ) , mainly by thrusting my profiles and automation EQ, that I know very well instead of my ears.

    Let me know how it turned out on your own speaker system . This track is very basic and mainly done to test and fine tune my setup.

    Crappy acoustic is really killing my inspiration , especially on basses, and it's very tiring for my ears. I hope to move my gear and setup to my basement soon to get much better conditions.

    Here is my routine to take any profile to lead tone :

    back up definition , reduce clarity , add a delay ( own preset ) , tap to song tempo, double the verb length ( from 4 /5 to 10 /12 ). Most often there is also an hint of vintage chorus ( much better for the whole mix) .

    I often add a parked wah ( in mid or high freq boost depending on the mix ) or use the wah normally.

    I also setup my real fuzz / boost in front with a similar setup like the Lead booster, but with a hint of dist / fuzz. I also try to double or harmonize my leads with two takes , sometimes an octave or 3rd / 5th above.

    This is how my leads profiles are made & stored in perf mode. The whole approach is similar to 80's analog racks ( that I never owned !) , much more simple now :)

    lead example on one of my rock track : here , from 2:30