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    maybe an internal battery ( button style ) , the kind you find on motherboards to keep a kind of flash rom or eprom with your settings.

    I'd contact support before you gig

    I plan on building a 2 x 12 with the Kemper / Celestion driver. It will be wired for stereo or mono. It will have 1/2 and 3/4 open back, as well as fully closed back. I might even build versions with 4 x 12 and 1 x 12. If I do that, I will get 4 speakers and mount each on removable baffles. That way I can reconfigure speaker complement based on the cab I need.

    Of course, it does help that I own a cabinet shop.

    I'm ready for hard core cab porn man, sent'em pics

    if anyone has more specific questions

    your welcome :)

    sounds like we'll have fun ... Many thx for your review & experiments

    My question : have tou tested the celestion cabs provided in the later updates , and do they differ as much as the real stuff on a single amp profile ( fender crunch for instance ) ?

    I've got a few pads for free on RigEx , I often use them, you can add a harmonizer to have a chord / pad generator.

    ATM.JB.PAD me organ

    ATM.JB.PAD me shiny


    I also use my freq out , ebow and freeze function to make some pads.

    I would avoid MMB scroll on just hover without a selection/click first as a solution for three simple reasons.

    I hear you on this ones , but an option menu with tick boxes to select editing mode in the editor options once for all ( simple hover or hover + click ) could satisfy everyone .

    About imprecision , Shift + MMB combination should solve this issue by going to a much slower rotation and double click to edit values.

    More than 400€ will really lessen interest in these cabs , at least to me , as the speaker itself will be sold as spare part around 170 from what I heard in the NAMM vids.

    It's looks difficult to justify more than 400€ if you can build your own cab for 270€ using a palmer CAB, especially if I go for a stereo setup.

    Apart from looks , R&D , and optimized CAB dimensions vs imprints & calibration what else could lead to a 500/600 € bill for these cabs ?

    Once CAB dimensions & building material are known, we should see lots of third parties selling similar products with same specs.

    BTW I have another request for the Editor interface :

    I'd like to be able to assign front KPA knobs & buttons to other functions than their original ones ( with a 'restore defaults' in case we mess up )

    For instance , I'd love to change the front 'presence' knob to 'definition' .

    Mac mouses don’t have a middle wheel

    That's why I hate Apple tech , no need for a mid button, no need for a jack on your phone ...

    Too bad for Apple users , but that feature proved to be a great improvement in a tuning workflow on my DAW

    Please implement it for Windows & Linux users & ask Steve Wozniak to find a workaround

    I'm myself not in a need of a real CAB , as I love my HS7 and really got used playing in stereo & low volume.

    However I'd love a little active Kab I could carry around on improvised gigs but also to mimic a combo at home , with unlimited possibilities.

    Example : let's try to get the real deal blackface at home , and next week a very rare supro, that's would be awesome and definitely cure any amp gas.

    I also fount myself much more inspired to play with a real amp in the room : basses , feedback , vibrations, loudness, waking the neighbors ...

    This is freaky, how could they reverse eng. the firmware and emulate the DSP of the profiler ? You need both the software and hardware to emulate a KPA ??

    Redesigning the profiling looks a lot simpler , but how could it handle KIPR files ? I'm really puzzled , maybe this is just a good bluff ?

    If there is no Kemper licensing in this story , that looks like urgent time for Kemper team to make their own VST available ASAP.

    I see the whole cabinet solution as a way to apply profiling to guitar speakers and reproduce them on a reference hardware , that's a very classy method to me. The combinations and potential uses are really impressive.

    The open approach , letting you buy and build your own cabs is really great , opening the gate to other third party solutions also, this is a very generous & intelligent vision.