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    Oublie les pédales pour le moment, à part le lead booster qui fait vraiment bien son boulot sur un profil de type lead.

    La meilleure solution c'est de faire tes propres profils, si tu sais reprendre un ampli avec un bon micro, un SM57 suffit.

    Avec tes 4 amplis , t'as l'embarras du choix pour faire tes 4 sons spécifiques. Règle chaque ampli en fonction de la gratte que tu utilises pour un son donné et ensuite , quand tu es satisfait du son, lance le profilage en essayant de garder un niveau homogène. Tu as un volume réglable dans le partie 'RIG' de chaque profil pour remettre tout ça au même niveau ( bouton rig donc).

    n'hésites pas à mettre tes nouveaux profils sur le rig exchange, c'est très simple.

    Pour le live il faut faire des tests à volume réel , live , donc , c'est différent. N'hésites pas à faire d'autres profils spécifiques .Sinon tu as les profils de M Britt qui sont taillés pour le live.

    t'es de quel coin ?

    Thx gents !

    Say mate, where're the congas from?

    The congas are some old REX stuff I fount on the web ( BrillsRexBox , an amazing & free collection of drums & perc, but quite old)

    , I like especially the double guitar solo line from 1:14 to 1:35. Very cool.

    That's my semi hollow ibanez artist on P90 , will pierce any mix with minor tweaks. I used my nitrogen 21 fuzz pedal , and a cocked wah down to the floor, on an already super bright guitar and pickups, tons of treble !!! you wouldn't like playing that semi harsh rig , but on a mix , mama mia :)

    I still prefer the last bits of lead , full hollow on hand-wound humbuckers, on my super warm & dynamic boogie profile, you can't match the sweetness of this Benson like tone :) and it's a dream to play.

    Here is a groovy track , I was working some funk chops when this one came naturally.

    Amanita groove

    Main funky riffs were done on a stratocaster, fill & mid lead Ibanez artist semi hollow. End jazzy licks and leads are my Jazzbox.

    Paul , your latest rig did a 'special guest' appearance from 1:40 to 2:00 , that's your ' 1980s Clean Deluxe ' on my semi hollow, two panned natural takes and a lead, no tweaks other than gain control.

    Other profiles are my own, usual boogie & stuff.

    Bass was done on my jazzbass & ampeg clean profile.

    Pretty cool Paul, I gave it a test drive & love that funky & dirt jangle a lot, thx.

    I'm in the middle of a funk track production & will try it in a mix context soon :)

    I don't think it would work great because of phase issues , it's best to play the two parts actually ( can be pretty cool live if your 2nd guitarist can track you, but good luck with the timings !)

    If you're recording , double track using a loop in your daw and choose the two takes you're most satisfied with, pan left & right & voilà !

    single coil, 'air' chorus , max the trebles , super short verb , double tracking , play funky and you got this super dry & bright tone

    Welagen or JC 120 roland profiles are best suited but any clean dry fender will do it also, with a bit of tweaking ( max trebles and definition , add clarity & direct signal )

    à priori , une offre de poste de CRM à été produite il y a quelque temps , elle précisait que l'embauché devrait traduire le site et des docs en français, je ne sais pas si elle incluait les manuels.

    I agree with Per; I like that "chewiness" too

    Thx , this tone comes from the vibrato presets 'Sky' with some tweaks , just rediscovered them with the new preset management :)

    I'm really found of this vibrato now, you can easily mimic the intense fast hand vibrato from the 60's players like Cipollina and all sorts of chewy tones. One more tool in our arsenal !!

    here is a groovy track with rock , funk and soul elements, it's just like cooking : mixing your favourite foods & spices to get something new.

    strat booster sauce

    This one came after trying a good set of the latests free profiles from the forum.

    Strat ( rhythm ) & Semi hollow ( leads & fills ) on a large collection of profiles ( JCM800 Thin Lizzy style by Mick Rich , ceriatone ( Duane by David Warren ) , & home made profiles from my packs ).

    Jazz bass on ampeg profile

    Great track Per, the flow never seems to stop :)

    keep on with the creativity. The jazzy mood is perfectly rendered and the tones are carefully chosen.

    Sounds like it was recorded live in a basement in the 90's , well done you're a champ for building ambiances