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    I highly doubt they are really able to convert .kipr files using software only and batch mode. I guess they're only using their own 'profiling technic' on a real kemper using a given profile, like you would profile a profiler using 2 KPA.

    ie the parameters displayed in this files are only the ones publicly available , no indication about the hundreds of real parameters used by the core KAOS.bin firmware

    So it's no way a kipr file player, neither an emulation but just a simulator

    I always find it most refreshing writing music for instruments I am not really skilled at

    yeah sure 'out of the comfort zone' is a very cool trick for testing & challenging our brain plasticity. I myself tried starting the trumpet to test my breath and work subtle attacks. And you can also play riffs on it ;)

    hi very cool from you . I'm highly interested in studio made profiles , especially the hiwatt.

    out of the original question , If you could make a few 'rock' vocal profiles with your high end pre amps only , I would be really delighted. I take all my vocals using my KPA and got great results so far , but I'm using profiles probably made for guitars & bass.

    did you disable CABINET or STACK?

    It is basically a lowpass & Hipass filter.

    Sure, 1st thing I did, even the stack ... The synthi is really a beast in freq range , but if you do a quick cutoff in the lows it sounds very flat , I'll try to make some clips , but not ATM.

    Here is a little demo track using a JCM800 profile and some great natural reverbs

    hot, fat & fuzz

    Guitar is the one on pic, P92 and some tweaks on natural reverb stock setting , JCM800 is the one from TAF, sounds better than ever with the new verbs. And yep the freqOut has become part of my preKPA signal chain with my N21 fuzz pedal, it's here on long sustained notes.

    No mastering and only slight post EQ and comp., it's pretty raw, but sounds good enough for a demo.

    there's a Toaster sitting on top of one of his many synths ...and it's even switched on.

    I guess it's time for Kemper team to add a synth mode to the KPA .

    I had some issues with a synthi AKS clone while trying to use it with my KPA . The KPA needs to work on full range , and not only on guitars & basses range. A Synthi can go to 1 Hz to 50 000 Khz I think :o

    Maybe I'm wrong , but I think there is a specific guitar & bass range in the internal KPA engine ? Amps sure do , but maybe not preamps or consoles ?

    maybe an internal battery ( button style ) , the kind you find on motherboards to keep a kind of flash rom or eprom with your settings.

    I'd contact support before you gig

    I plan on building a 2 x 12 with the Kemper / Celestion driver. It will be wired for stereo or mono. It will have 1/2 and 3/4 open back, as well as fully closed back. I might even build versions with 4 x 12 and 1 x 12. If I do that, I will get 4 speakers and mount each on removable baffles. That way I can reconfigure speaker complement based on the cab I need.

    Of course, it does help that I own a cabinet shop.

    I'm ready for hard core cab porn man, sent'em pics

    if anyone has more specific questions

    your welcome :)

    sounds like we'll have fun ... Many thx for your review & experiments

    My question : have tou tested the celestion cabs provided in the later updates , and do they differ as much as the real stuff on a single amp profile ( fender crunch for instance ) ?

    I've got a few pads for free on RigEx , I often use them, you can add a harmonizer to have a chord / pad generator.

    ATM.JB.PAD me organ

    ATM.JB.PAD me shiny


    I also use my freq out , ebow and freeze function to make some pads.

    I would avoid MMB scroll on just hover without a selection/click first as a solution for three simple reasons.

    I hear you on this ones , but an option menu with tick boxes to select editing mode in the editor options once for all ( simple hover or hover + click ) could satisfy everyone .

    About imprecision , Shift + MMB combination should solve this issue by going to a much slower rotation and double click to edit values.

    More than 400€ will really lessen interest in these cabs , at least to me , as the speaker itself will be sold as spare part around 170 from what I heard in the NAMM vids.

    It's looks difficult to justify more than 400€ if you can build your own cab for 270€ using a palmer CAB, especially if I go for a stereo setup.

    Apart from looks , R&D , and optimized CAB dimensions vs imprints & calibration what else could lead to a 500/600 € bill for these cabs ?

    Once CAB dimensions & building material are known, we should see lots of third parties selling similar products with same specs.