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    The Yamaha bt 01 needs a compatible app to be recognized by the iPad. Seems that bandhelper and setlist maker are such compatible apps, forScore up to now is not. So with forScore you will need a second app. But that takes only 10 seconds and if you use midi wrench you get a midi monitor and you can see what happens in the land of midi.

    So there are lots of possibilities and you can search for the perfect solution.

    I can highly recommend forScore. Works perfect for me.

    Use it for years and on stage. No problems so far, always stable. I have my Kemper in front of me and the iPad at the micstand. So they are only 2 meters apart.

    You will always have to use a second app so that the iPad can connect to the Yamaha. That is because the iPad bluetooth will not see the Yamaha. You will not find the device listed in the iPad bluetooth menu. Nothing to do with forScore.

    Hello Basti. I am using this setup since years, its great. So what you need is a Kemper, an iPad (even an old one will do the trick), a Yamaha MD BT 01 wireless midi Adapter, the forScore app and a second app called midi wrench (its free).

    Connect the Yamaha to the midi in and out ports of the Kemper. The Yamaha is powered by the Kemper. Now you have to make the iPad see the Yamaha. You can not do this with the iPad and the forScore app only. Switch on bluetooth on the iPad and start the midi wrench app. In midi wrench go to settings, then to bluetooth midi and select the Yamaha. When there is a connection you will see all the mididata that is been sent in the right monitor window of the app. Let the app run in the background and start forScore.

    In forScore you can add a specific command to each score. Add a program change to your score. Every Slot in every performans has a specific program change. Please read the forScore manual and the Kemper midi manual. Everything is explained there. The main trick is the midi wrench app to let the iPad connect to the Yamaha.

    Good luck its worth trying.

    Hello, long time kemper user here.
    I play Parker guitars with a magnetic and a piezo output. The magnetic signal goes straight to the front input of the kemper, the piezo signal goes to the guitarsection of a voicelive 3.
    I put a stereo loop in the delayslot of the kemper and connected the voicelive stereo output signal to the stereo loop.
    When playing the guitar I can blend in the piezo sound with the mix parameter of the stereo loop via morphing. At 0 there is no piezo sound, at 100 the piezo sound is clear and loud. The problem is that there is still a sound of the magnetics running through the kemper even when the mix is set to 100. So I can only blend the piezo in - but what I need is a crossfade with mix set to 0 is magnetic only and mix set to 100 is piezo only. A value inbetween 0 and 100 will then give a mixsound of magnetic and piezo.
    Is that possible? Thanks for an idea.

    Same Problem here with 2 DVP3 connected to the remote. After calibration there is nothing from 0 to 75% and then everything from 75 to 100%.
    That was much better in the previous firmware. This way it is nearly unuseable.
    Any solution?

    Have the same behaviour with my Toaster. My first idea was that the type knob does not work correct and that this is a Hardware issue.
    But that seems not to be the answer if it happens with other Kempers too.

    This is how I use the Kemper with my Parker guitars:
    You don't need the rear input. Connect the magnetic PUs to the front input. Then connect the piezos to the effekt return at the backside of the Kemper.
    Now dial in the mono loop in stomp A,B,C or D. If you look into the mono loop you see the Mix parameter.
    Setting mix to 0 will give you only magnetics, mix to 100 will give you only piezo sound. So you can mix the PUs with the piezos just like you need it in this rig.
    By setting the Loop in stomp C or D you can add effects only to the magnetics via stomp A or B.
    If you want the piezos not running through the amp section put the loop in a stomp after the amp.
    You can also try the parallel path for this. I added also a fishman aura to the piezos. Sounds killer.

    Hello my friends,
    now I have my remote and I am happy with it. But there is still one thing I can not figure out.
    The Kemper is connected to two Yamaha DXR 10 via mainout cause I need the stereo effects.
    My Pedal is set to cc07 volume in the systempage for the remote. When I pull the pedal back I get the same effect as if I roll back the volumepot on my guitar. The distortionlevel decreases but the volume stays nearly the same. That is not the way a volumepedal should work. What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks for your help!!

    Hello friends,
    this all is quite an old idea. I`ve been using such a system for about 10 years. Had two Hughes & Kettner Cabs, pulled the Celestions out and put in a EVM12L and a very good Beyma Tweeter and also a very good crossover network. Played through solid state or tube Stereo Poweramps and the last years through a Boss GT10 with my Parker guitars.
    This systems sounds very good, for clean or acoustic sounds just switch off the speaker sim in the GT 10 and you got a "hifi" clear sound, for heavy stuff switch it on again and you got a guitarcab response. This all worked very well for me and I was completely satisfied.
    But here is the point: This system does not work well with the Kemper! I Tried a lot of tweaking and tried many rigs but the best I could get out of this was close to the GT10 level.
    That was so disappointing that I stayed with my GT10 for playing with my band.
    Then last week I bought a DXR10. Played an AC30 Rig with Kemper and the DXR10 and there it was: I Closed my eyes and the AC30 was just standing in front of me - what a great sound!!
    So, putting it all together: I don`t think that this DIY solution will be the holy grail of sound. The Kemper and our ears are hard to please what speakers are used. Just think of the discussions about the DXR8, DXR10 and DXR12. All good speakers but as many of you mentioned only the DXR10 does the job with the Kemper.

    This all is just my point of view.
    And thanks to Ingolf for the Kemper EQ settings - that was very helpful.