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    As I got some money to spend for equipment, I tested all guitars to test out here... I was looking for the ultimate axe for me:
    the Guthrie Govan Signature from Suhr... you can get one in the Custom Shop... or find one at some dealers.
    Since then I am happy... Suhr and Kemper - nothing more on stage, in studio or practicing at home.

    And of course, some good acoustic guitars: check out "Furch Guitars" from the Czech Republic... best guitars! I own three different modells - the best sounding guitars, I´ve ever played.

    Good luck!

    What was you did not like about using performances if you feel like sharing?


    Of course:
    I use the Kemper exactly the same way I used all other amps: I used many amps, the best and "longest-staying" IMo was the Elmwood M60 Modena amp, a 2x2 channel amp with the fucking coolest sounds (flexible, warm, with power and growl even on lower volume settings)...
    4 channels (of course "rigs") with different effects - controlled by the GCP
    But I don´t need to build any performances (by songs or by any proceed)...
    I play in a few bands, a wedding combo with lots of Top40 songs, oldies, rock, pop with acoustic and electric guitars,
    an acoustic band without any drummer focussed on good singing and cool music,
    an acoustic duo with some funny lyrical songs,
    stuff with just a female singer in bars, etc...
    and I am a "sub", I don´t know, if that´s the regular name: so if a guitarrist is ill, the band calls me to help them out... (sorry for my bad english - I hope you understand everything)

    So I like the idea of having my rigs (the amps channels) clean, crunch, lead, heavy (of course with the Kemper these are different amps!) to switch between them on different banks.
    So i use two different banks with 4 "channels" each an different effects
    plus a bank for acoustic guitar sounds
    and a bank for special sounds (like U2stuff or special delay settings for Pink Floyd or something like that)

    with the browser mode it´s exactly the same as i am used to with amps,
    i can use it with every kind of band i am playing the concert,
    i see the amps name on the kemper and the GCP, I can switch on and off all stomps and effects...

    I tried to get there with performance mode one day, but I didn´t like it...

    Best regards guys!

    I hope so... but no one knows 100% - right?

    Greetings, Mario

    P.S.: I tried some performances, but I didn´t like it - so the best way to use the Profiler for me is in browser mode...
    just a few rigs for clean, crunch, lead, heavy, acoustic sounds, special sounds (special efx for some cover songs), that´s it!

    Hey guys,

    question about using the new Remote in browse mode:
    I don´t use the performance mode, it is not useful for my live situation...

    so I now use the Kemper in browser mode with a Ground Control Pro and two expression pedals.
    So I programmed the GCP in 4-channel-mode, the rest of the switches to turn on and off the stomps and effects.
    Of course I have the midi control numbers, which I use to get to the right rig I want to switch to.

    So... if I buy the Kemper Remote: browsing through the rigs is not the same as switching it on and off like I do it now with midi numbers.
    Can I have "rig 1" on button 1, "rig 2" on button 2 and so on???

    Didn´t find the right answer yet... ?(?(?(

    Does anyone know this?

    Greetings, Mario

    P.S.: I hope, my bavarian english is right and you understand my worries... 8|

    Hey there,

    i really miss some cool pedals as i had them in use before the Kemper arrived...
    So i tried out a lot of GreenScream ones in my rig´s, but they never sound the same as real one´s did.

    I really like the sound of the Kemper itself, never will use another thing live...
    but perhaps you could tell me, how you get the best sounds of pedals in the A B C D places...

    I only use "C" and "D" for pedals... there´s always a tubescreamer-like and a boost.
    The boost works fine, therefore i have some EQ´s, which do "soundforming" and boosting aswell.

    I had some really nice pedals, which i cannot get with the inside pedals of the Kemper (always used one once):
    a Xotic AC Booster
    a Suhr Riot distortion pedal
    a Suhr Koko Boost...

    So: how do i setup/program some pedals inside to get Kemper to have this pedals in the front of my amp in the Kemper

    Best regards,
    Mario from Bavaria

    Hi there,
    we often play small venues with our Bose L1 system - a little mixer (Allen&Heath) and ready to play.

    When I play smaller gigs on my own, I choose an acoustic amplifier for vocals and the signal from the KPA.
    Or direct in with the acoustic guitars depending on the venue:
    here I chose the Acus One-8 - best acoustic amp for my ears... lots of bass for guitars and a natural sounding mic...

    But to be honest... the Bose system is a really fine thing - plug and play... the tone match is not the cheapest, but it works fine!
    And the sound gets everywhere in the room without being loud.
    Best thing: you don´t need monitoring at all!

    Best regards, Mario

    The baldringer preamp is in the rig exchange library.
    I first did it like the other guys... turned of the amp and cab sim... but it was not as good as I wanted it.
    With the baldringer preamp you can leave it like a "normal" rig and just add the effects you want... little bit of compression, reverb, delay if needed or chorus... BIG sounds here! Great!!!

    Greetings, Mario

    Just look for the "baldringer preamp" - my choice for every acoustic guitar!
    A little bit reverb, delay, chorus... and of course the best tool - the studio EQ!
    You don´t need any other device, only the Kemper!!!

    The other idea was to put the Kemper electric guitar signal into one channel of the acoustic amplifier and the acoustic guitar directly to it into another channel.
    So the "DI out" of the amp will only need One channel on the mixer...
    Perhaps it will work fine...

    Hi everybody,

    I will play in a new band - and they are playing lot´s of weddings...
    so there´s a big acoustic set and then party set.
    I will go into the Kemper and direct out to the P.A. with both, acoustic and electric guitar.
    But they have InEar´s and that´s not possible cause of trouble with my ears...
    I have a very good monitor (fbt stagemaxx, very pleased!) but wanted to have a better solution on stage, because of the huge acoustic set.

    My other bands are acoustic set´s aswell, so I thought of spitting the signal again - the acoustic guitar into an acoustic amp: I thought of the Acus One 8 - with outboard effects and preamp (L.R. Baggs and boss effects, everything is here already, works perfect) -
    and the electric guitar of course to Kemper and P.A.

    So... if I want to hear the electric guitar on stage: is it possible to go to a good acoustic amp with the monitor out? Anyone tried this with acoustic amplifiers like Acus, Schertler, SR, or other brands?

    So tell me: is this practical?

    Best regards,
    Mario from Bavaria

    I don´t need a subwoofer, but it depends on the size of the room...
    I mix my music on two A5X in a room with 20 qm and it´s more than I ever wanted.
    Best sound ever!
    I had two Yamaha loudspeakers first, :sleeping: then with a subwoofer... ?(
    but with the A5X (without subwoofer) everything sounds more ... stereo ... fuller ... richer ... more balanced ... don´t know how to describe it. :thumbsup:

    Best regards!

    Hey all!

    I decided to use the Kemper live - and it worked well for two years now!
    Best results ever.. with the Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro and two pedals for volume and wah... superb setup! :thumbsup:

    But now I want to use it with my acoustic guitars aswell... I made a few sounds - and it works best!

    The signal goes straight to the mixer with mono xlr cable.

    But now I will change the band and I need more flexible monitoring on stage...

    My ultimate setup will look like this:
    main signal goes straight to the mixer and P.A.,
    the signals from rigs for the electric guitar (and only electric guitar!!!) should go from the monitor out to a valve amp powered Suhr 1x12 Box,
    the signals for acoustic guitar (and only acoustic guitar of course) should go to an active monitor box.
    So I don´t know, how to fix this setup... ?(

    My problem:
    I don´t want to hear acoustic guitar on the valve powered Suhr box
    and don´t want to hear the electric guitar on the active monitor (should only be for mic´s, acoustic guitar, Keys, a little bass guitar...)

    Any advices? :?:

    Best regards from Bavaria, Germany

    Well, I think it is great for Kemper users - and... acoustic guitar player´s like me.
    I am using the Kemper live since 2 years now, with electric guitars and acoustic guitars.

    But when I travel around only with the acoustic setup I don´t take the Kemper with me... and I need lot´s of effects.

    So I use the LR Baggs Preamp, Chorus, Delay, Reverb (and a Tuner of course) now and wanted to buy new effects (Strymon Timeline, Ola and BlueSky) -
    but now I´ll wait... to see this nice little Fractal Audio thing.

    I owned the Ultra and the II years ago, but the Kemper beat them all... for electric!
    But for acoustic guitars: the effects were great!!!! So I wait to see the best of both worlds thing!

    Best regards! Mario

    Mario, this is almost to a "T" the exact same thing I am trying to build. I actually have an acoustic gig (possibly the first of many ;) in mid-May and now I'm starting to think about using the KPA inbetween my very modest Epiphone acoustic (that has an internal pickup/GEQ) and PA. Have you had good results running electrified acoustic into the KPA?
    Any pointers on any of the profiles you listed above? Like the settings for your acoustic profiles, some of the base profiles that you tweaked for your full rig?
    Also, anyone know if I could assign the tuner to an FCB1010 pedal? I didn't think that was possible, sounds like it is at least with the GCP in Mario's post?

    Yes, I have!
    Best sounding for electrified acoustic guitar: just switch off the amp and cabinet and use your best "effects rig" - but you will have to do some modifications on your compressor or eq-settings, so it fits perfect to the pickup/GEQ in your guitar.
    For me, it´s very important to have a well compressed sound - I often play solo acoustic parts in a show, for example on a wedding party for dinner - and the sound of the effects plus my compressor settings is just amazing - some chorus, some delay, a little bit of reverb, some EQing - perfect!
    I did a lot of rehearsals with an AXE-FX Ultra some years ago - just didn´t find my tone...
    and the surprising thing: the Kemper delivers it not only for my electric guitars - it delivers it on the acoustical way, too!
    Just try to shut off the amp and cab knobs and listen to your acoustic guitar (of course no fuzz pedals on :thumbsup: )
    Best regards

    I made 4 different amp sounds, a clean fendery blackface, a crunchy Bluesbreaker-type, a typically SLO and of course some bad motherf....
    This 4 "channels" plus the ability of the Ground Control Pro (and two pedals) to switch on and off all "stomps" (wahwah (auto), compressor, booster, tube screamer) and the EFX-section (solo volume boost (EQ), chorus, delay, reverb) is everything I ever needed.

    Because of the way-pedal with auto-engage, there´s a button for the tuner, too!
    Everything is perfect for my gigging with every band.

    But I made 4 more rigs: First for a special song with a special delay setting,
    a U2-like sound for a U2-Medley,
    and two settings for my acoustic guitars (one channel for everything, very easy for the mix on inear or FOH.

    It has never been more easy to go on the road with a cover-band or a rock-band - I do a lot of gigs as a substitute (is it called this way? just helping, if someone get´s ill or something...)

    Best regards

    Best guitar I´ve ever had! And... best trem system on the planet! Be sure, you will love it!
    I had different guitars from all the brands out there, but since I found the GG, the search is over - also with the KPA!
    The GG into the Kemper and you are happy!
    I just cannot wait to see the KPA footswitch, then my setup is perfect!
    If you can afford one - buy one!!!

    Best regards, Mario