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    Too big, too heavy... I like the size of 8" speakers...and the 10" are too middy, so the best choice for me were the 8" with subs or the 12" stand alone.
    I chose 8" with subs for my best speaker system for little live gigs (weddings,...)
    Best regards!

    Yes, I have tried it, but I now use 2 QSC K8 with it at home (it´s my P.A. System with the KWA 181 Subs) - small, powerful, good bass response, best speakers I´ve ever had in my life! If you use it as a monitor: you will be pleased with the K10 as well, it´s a little bit smaller but has the same power amp built in.
    Try sme on your own, I´m very satisfied.
    Best regards!

    Yeah, a Suhr Guthrie Govan is the thing!
    Never needed anything else... like the Kemper... everything else went to ebay...
    and - there is so much space left in my music room!
    Now I look for some good acoustics...

    I sell a GCP midi foot controller - if anyone in Germany or Austria needs one: [email protected]

    I have two pieces, but the old setup (Elmwood, RJM, Suhr Pedals, G-Major II, Palmer DI) will go to ebay now.
    The foot controller is perfect for the Kemper, i love it!

    Best regards, Mario

    In the last couple of weeks I did lots of ebay deals of old gear of mine (yes, the Kemper is responsible for this, too!!!).

    And it´s getting more and more disappointing, cause people like you do some crazy things to the things they buy -
    it´s used gear and everyone means it should be new, without any scratches, dings and dongs and everything - but I told everyone in the describtion the exact condition...

    I received a email and a negative feedback from a buyer, who bought a old mixing board (only 30 Euros) - after a month!!! - He wants to return it, because there are some adhesive residues.... of a gaffa tape... - it was written in the describtion explicitly!!!
    a negative feedback!

    it´s persons like you... and this story.... what do you think?
    Do you have to give a negative feedback at a public forum?
    You made a wrong decision and all others are responsible, but you are not!
    And the whole world has to know, that you are the poor one - return your Kemper to your dealer and buy an old line6 unit on ebay! It´s the best decision for everyone, for you, for Mr. Kemper (best company ever, all my questions were answered immediately!) and his company, for all here in this forum and for the poor ebayer, who will get a negative feedback from you, because it´s with adhesive residues and that it doesn´t sound like an original amp...

    Just my thoughts today!

    After buying the Suhr Guthrie Govan, it was like buying the Kemper: you will never need anything else! Never thought of saying that one time! I had 26 guitars and lots of amps, but now my setup: Suhr - Line6 Relay 90 - Kemper with GCP and 2 pedals .... that´s it!
    Nothing more needed (o.k., there´s more stuff laying around, but this I´ll take on stage for gigging!).
    Try a Suhr and GAS is gone!
    Greetings, Mario

    I did my choice (bigger), but what´s more interesting: What do the knobs do? (I to IV)
    and... am I able to switch the "X" on the Kemper on and off with an EXP Pedal - I need this for solo boost! :thumbsup:

    The best thing for me would be: Switching on or off whatever I want with the buttons... so it´s up to me... is this possible :?:

    On some rigs I need the opinion to switch on and off different things (A, B, C, D, X, Dly, Rev, Mod), but the "X" (boost) is most important for me live!
    On this way I only need 4 or 5 rigs the whole night! :D

    When not: I have to stay a Ground Control Pro - User! :wacko:

    Best regards, Mario

    Hi, Mao1406 is right! You have to change to number, of which the gcp starts.
    I had to program a lot, especially the pedals, which you have to change for every preset, but now it works very fine for me.
    I use the kemper/gcp with two pedals live and I never had a better sounding system - and I have a lot of very expensive stuff !
    Best regards, Mario

    I cannot imagine that you will use 8 buttons for effects and a boost in a single rig.

    Hi Christian,
    yes, I do. I play the Kemper live, I only have 6 Rigs (3 of them with the same amp but other effects and stomps) and switch every "slot" on and off (without the wah, which I put on with the pedal itself) - but the 8th switcher is for the tuner...

    It works very well, the whole Cases and Amps stay at home tonight, only the Kemper is on it´s way to the gig - because the Midi Controller makes it as flexible as my other Setup (Elmwood with Midi-Switcher, TC G-Majors Chorus, Delay, Reverbs, Wahs, Boosts, EQs, etc... and the 19" tuner...).

    Best regards,
    Grüße aus Passau

    I think, spids design and ideas are really nice (switching between stomps and fx-section with one button). :thumbup:

    However I will use my Voodoo Lab GCP, I want to switch anything on and off with one step.
    I use the Kemper live now, have 6 Rigs, nothing more, but switch every Stomp or the EFX/Boosts, etc...

    Perhaps it´s not the right place here, but especially for me:
    my wishes are: so many switches as possible!

    The rig buttons in the bottom row (4 pcs) , perhaps the "solo boost-button" or the "tap-button" aswell (programmable?!).
    second row for the efx-section
    third row for the stomps
    right the bank up/down and the tuner buttons
    two slots for pedals
    and a big display
    I just need one LED for each button

    and... a very strong and flexible CAT5-cable to connect to the Kemper!!! Not this crap that you can buy everywhere...

    Best regards, Mario