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    Hi Pete,

    didn´t you have the problem, that you had to hit the CC Buttons 3 times on the GCP
    to switch on and off the stomp slots and effect slots? ?(?(?(
    Because of this it didn´t work out well for me...
    Perhaps it´s like at my computers... the problem sits in front of the monitor!!!
    Hopefully I didn´t make a mistake....
    To switch the rigs: no problem - one tip on the GCP and it switched fast and nice,
    but to switch on and off the the slots wasn´t able...

    Greetings, Mario

    I like my Voodoo Lab Ground Control very much - it doesn´t work well with my Kemper yet -
    It has 4 rigs, and the 8 other buttons can switch on or off the slots... would be perfect!!!
    Bank up and down, a mute-switch (tuner) a big display only for the name of the rig AND the tuner,
    enough space for two pedals - this would be great!

    Vielen Dank Christoph, das wird schön, das Teil!