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    each commodity always find its own customer , good luck ! :thumbup:
    (just guessing , you bought that one with tuner ? )

    As I said , no any guitar lineup in history made so many angry , cheated and disappointed customers .
    Personally , I tried about 11 of them , in a hope to find one decent .
    No way , they all were the worst piece of wet plank I had ever tried in my life .

    A big part of guitarist and dealers audience , more or less think the same .
    Just google "2015 Gibson the worst guitar ever " or something similar , and you will find out thousands of pages of not so nice reviews and direct complains to the new ceo , who seems to be dead serious in his intention to destroy legendary brand once forever.
    there is one small example :…rs_think_theyre_crap.html

    For those lazy to read links there is few lines :
    "The bottom line for me is this: I'm done buying new Gibson Guitars. In my opinion the company has become very exploitative of their customer base and is experimenting and destroying perfection. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. The world is full of great used pre bad decision Gibson.

    "Another comment from a music-store worker was packed with the same vibe, saying,
    "We sold Martin, Taylor, Fender, Huss & Dalton (custom acoustics from Stanton, VA) and for a short period, Gibson. The shop stopped carrying Gibson for the exact reason you have written here. The quality was crap and working with them was a nightmare."Even after we stopped carrying Gibson, we would have people bring them in, brand new, to be setup. The tuners on the $1,000+ models were as cheap as the Chinese knockoffs. The necks were incredibly off and difficult to keep straight. The frets needed a level & dress from day 1."

    Another customer comment reads: "I have an early '90s SG. I would never buy another Gibson, I'd rather buy a knockoff and modify it to my liking (which I have) than spend $4,000-5,000 on a robot-made Les Paul. They are worth maybe $400 at most.

    I think $400 is a little bit too optimistic , :thumbsup:

    sell that guitar for whatever someone may offer to you ,and buy proper one .
    do not torture your self because of head stock logo .
    Gibson guitars from 2015 are undoubtedly the worsts Gibsons and guitars in generally ever produced.
    Sorry for spitting a truth . <X

    thanks for the hint Doug ,will check it out tonight ...
    EDIT , just checked ,an yes ,Reverb was locked .......
    You was right ......I was stupid <X:thumbup:

    Performance mode : if I change Reverb parameters in slot number one say , after saving , ALL the slots are saved with he same Reverb as in number one slot .
    It becomes annoying ...
    Is this about 3.2.1 bug or something else ???
    Thanks !

    Andy , I wish you all the best ,but sorry, I don't accept your Goodbye :D
    70 % if not 80% of profiles in my Kemper are yours,so from my point of view, you are going nowhere ....
    There is still lots of things to do....

    Anyway, thanks for the amazing profiles, which have made me much better guitarist than actually was .


    W końcu, to nie ma znaczenia, powitanie mój przyjaciel . :thumbup:

    Just to show you how our languages are similar , this is Serbian translation :
    Na koncu (kraju) , to nema znacenja, pozdrav moj prijatelju ! :thumbup:
    English :
    On the end, doesn't matter, greetings , my friend ! :thumbup:

    follow the instructions ,read the manual ,make mistake, go back ,do not repeat mistake ,read manual again, follow the instructions ... etc etc ... :thumbsup: :

    This thread make me thinking about KPA philosophy again .
    CK done what he's done and that's to create a KPA , digital guitar device which can sound like a real miced amp.
    All the rest is about two things : quality of profiling and to match the guitar with specific profile.

    Andy's profiles are the ones of the most sensitive when it comes to play KPA with different guitars, and to have that right match.
    It is simply amazing how his profiles just shine when you nail the right guitar.
    In that case , KPA sound is going beyond real , natural amp , if you allow me to say.

    IMHO, the biggest challenge still stays with Fender amps sparkle tones.
    Still to come , and I am sure Andy or someone of his pros, commercial colleagues will get there soon !
    I am saying it because of Black Star cleans , which are the best cleans up to date if you ask me .
    So , it looks possible , it is just about one more step ....
    After that , I think there is nothing more to improve ...or I am (hopefully) wrong ?? 8o:thumbsup:

    Ops, it is not WEM , it is WOW !
    What an amp ! I have Andy's previous WEM's , but this one is just stunning !
    Rock and Roll is alive again !

    Just when one may think there is no more improvement in Kemper tone(profiles) -ops , someone ,in this case Andy again, just rise the bar !
    Thanks Andy, this looks like a new ,exciting KPA chapter.

    just as a side comment , EQ is on X slot ,with volume on max on almost all profiles (black star and wem,s) .
    Nothing wrong with that , still sound fantastic ,except for clipping if I hit the strings too hard ,with my powerful DT and Bulldog Andersons . Other guitars are alight , not so mighty pups... ....