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    WEM is uploaded over forum. go grab it!

    Over which forum Andy , where to download ? I like WEM so much ...

    Btw, those few clean profiles (Black Star ) are probably the first clean profiles in the last 3 years I consider fantastic !!!
    Can you do the same with Fender amp clean sounds ? If yes, it will be a new revolution in this Kemper business !

    Thanks !

    I've been enough lucky to watch Metalica live in Johannesburg few years ago.
    That concert was about the best guitar sounds I ever heard !!!!!!
    Simply amazing !
    Even their poor amateur solo guitarist (guitarist in an attempt) sounds good.
    They used real amps.

    Above Metalica clip with Axe is probably the most disguising guitar sound ever .
    It should be forbidden by law, it is such a shame.

    I am also not sound eng. or digital genius , but even it is simply to connect Kemper, it must be done properly and slowly .
    The sound from the video you call "thick" is not even close thick to the thick sounds I can make with my KPA .
    You are doing something wrong .
    I will de-assemble everything and start with routing from the scratch, following simple KPA procedure .
    I will check all of the cables ./connections on physical damage .
    Then, I will look is everything in the place with softer routing in System, Input and Output KPA section .
    Then, I will look at my guitar , guitar cable, speakers .

    Then I will look at some nice hot chick, once I have that easy achieved thick tone , but only once I've done all of the above it properly ;)
    Good luck !

    :P Not to be rebel who do not care about rules by default (what I am , actually) , but I can see on Kemper FB page they do not give a shit about all of this .
    They hang on the posts and status with the real amp names, photos etc. without hesitation ...

    Can anyone prove that some amp company sent any official document to any of commercial profile makers as a warning ?

    The whole internet community knows that pathetic and extremely unsuccessful , new Gibson CEO sent the warning letter to Tom Anderson Guitar Works, asking them to immediately stop with production of TAG Bulldog guitar, probably the most perfect LP guitar up to date .
    If Les Paul is still alive , he will make guitar like a Bulldog .
    Recessed bridge and pickups, new geometry for saving 2 kg in weight , straight strings headstock ,perfect tuning and amazing sound .
    The morons who manage Gibson today are too stupid to go so far , they even cannot repeat classic and already achieved Gibson quality from the past .
    Instead , they use the most cheapest Chinese parts to build the worse Gibson guitars ever (look at any 2015 model )
    That's why that character , who is , surprisingly , still on CEO duties , threatens with judicial process to legendary Tom Anderson .

    Do we have the same issue here ?
    Impotency of fat , lazy and useless new CEO's in famous and legendary amp factories ???

    Do not tell me this is about IP ...
    Kemper is here in the last 4 years , not from yesterday....
    4 years of not reacting is too much ...
    Axe have the same problem, they use amps names as well, and many other companies ..

    It is not about IP issue., period .
    It is the same issue as Gibson vs Tom Anderson .

    There are million of small and big companies producing single cut guitars , say like a Gibson Les Paul, but only TAG, Tokai and few others ,amongst hundreds of them received warning letter .

    Our respectable member here , Guitartone - or Lance ,has been chasing by faking Gibson lawyers personally in the last few years .
    They trying treat him like a criminal , just in a manner to stop people realising how much Tokai guitars are better than new Gibson's for much less price .
    Luckily , he is doing well, and those lawyers should find another victim for their dirty games.

    Ask your selves - Why ?

    So, do not worry , continue with your fantastic job of doing better profiles than amps sound it self .

    I cannot see any real issue here ,except cheap intimidation coming from useless new ceo's and their lawyers .

    Nobody attack you Meambobbo , especially not me :D
    I was talking about the clip which is not yours ,not about one who posted it . .
    And thanks for your effort to put that clip anyway .
    I like distortion a lot, but natural one .

    Funny .
    I would say sustain is not so much up to speakers , but up to your guitar .
    If you have sustain on unplugged guitar , it will be multiplied once you plugged in.
    If not , it is another story, one must use heavy support to maintain sustain.
    I am using PC monitors , powered QSC, few real amps and few cabs.
    I have enough sustain and feedback on command with already crunch tones, to do not speak about leads and high gain tones.
    If playing on gig's volumes , I have a problem with abundance of sustain and feedback, I have to find exact guitar position versus speakers to keep it under control .

    Anyway , the real cab as a monitor, is my main and most natural source of desired sustain and feedback.
    I doubt FRF or whatever monitors on the stage will have the same response .

    Although I repeat - I am not bashing AXE as a device. And I believe if this demo would be recorded in parralel on Kemper and AXE, than we could have clearer clarification and how they compare.

    Skoczy , agree as well .
    This is not about Axe vs KPA ,this is music vc artificial, digital noise and killing the guitar as a musical instrument.

    in this SounLAb thread ,one can find lots of amazing clips ,showing how the electrical guitar can breath and have that "air" in the sound even if heavily distorted and compressed.

    SoundLab KPA Tones - September month is SALE month! 1st week 35% off, 2nd week 25% off, 3rd week 15% off, 4th week 10% off!!!

    Almost each clip does have the message , does have guitar sound target and little song line idea packed in specific music style , so the users can really get a clue about expected sound from the package.

    The bottom line is that SounLab (and also 99.999 % of another KPA commercial /good free profiles ) do not sound artificial and digital .

    I would like to see anyone who can find a piece of that ugly digital sound in SoundLab clips .

    They simply sound 100 % real , valve, tube, analogue ,organic ,alive, dynamic, responsive , you name it .

    Digital modellers will never ever achieve that sound , do not be naive .

    On the end,for misinformed guys or those who forgot it , KPA is a Profiler AMP .

    End of story .

    I don't see the point of this clip ??
    What author want to achieve ? What is the target?
    dum dum dum on guitar's 3 bottom strings ? I cannot hear how the guitar actually sound and breath .
    Everything under heavy compressed distortion , not -musical and not - harmonic distortion .
    I can achieve that ugly distortion with cheapest pedal and cheapest modeller or any of those guitar processors from the past in a second .

    Even if KPA, not Axe, was captured on that clip I will say the same.

    What is the point of this clip ,someone highlight me please ????

    When the guys will start creating songs and actually playing a music using guitar ,instead to produce awful noise?

    Disaster ! :D8o=O:thumbdown:

    With 4.0 ,respectable Axe customers will receive KPA unit free of charge (since it may be better idea than endless , unsuccessful trials to copy KPA sound and features)

    Only then Axe (switched off of course) will sound like a tube amp :saint:

    I'm afraid , with 5.0 a real valve amp may be added to the package as well (because of burning tubes smell)

    For 6.0 update , that character will think about how to save on costs , so maybe Axe will not be a part of the above described package ... =O

    Guideline to enjoy Quantum on AXE-FX:

    - Update to Quantum Firmware!
    - Plug your guitar.
    - Turn on your Tube Power-Amp just to get that smell from the tubes cooking.
    - Start playing.
    - Now you have the full experience. The tone from the Axe and the smell of the tubes... The missing link. ^^

    The missing thing is the proper sound .
    So this is the new order :P
    Update to Quantum Firmware!-
    Plug your guitar INTO Kemper
    Turn on your Tube Power-Amp just to get that smell from the tubes cooking.-
    Start playing.-
    The tone from the Kemper , updated Axe which is switched off and the smell of the tubes...
    Only now now you have the full experience.

    All of the profiles I liked before SoundLab profiles become just a memories ..erase them all and keep ONLY SoundLab ones...
    Even Morgan 20 is a past ....Finally erased .

    Try any of SoundLab profiles and you will find out what I am talking about ..... I have no further comment on it .

    And there is everything for any style, crunchy Blues, Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Metal, Trash ,fantastic harmonic and melodic cleans ,,you name it ....

    Ivan, you nailed it !

    Now , fractalians and their neurotic boss-dictator will try to imitate a new sounds coming from KPA thanks to your profiles ..I doubt he will manage to imitate it this time....He never manage to even get close to the real amp, as you did with your profiles .

    All in all Christopher Kemper should be proud of him self and of you, since the bar has been raised again .

    Fractal cannot manage to get over that bar this time.

    Thanks and fuck you , because I stayed at home playing your profiles instead to go fly-fishing early season on my favoured lake in the mountains this weekend ! :thumbsup:

    Tried lots of things ...but ..BB Preamp (a real pedal) in a front of KPA works for me very, very good.
    BB doesn't colour original Kemper sound at all , it is pretty neutral -except giving more sustain and that dense gain .
    It is fantastic tool for feedback as well.

    I do not add too much gain on BB, anly maybe about 10, max 10:30am or so .
    Also , I keep volume on the same level, maybe 11:30 am max .
    Treble and bass -depending on guitar and rig it self.
    On that way my lead sound is not too much louder than say rhythm sound (BB switched off ) ,but thankfully to more density it just cut the mix as lead solo has to be.

    The best thing is that BB somehow amplify dynamic of Kemper , and using guitar Volume and Tone posts is now an incredible dynamic experience .