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    Hi. I am selling a Kemper White Unpowered Head. NEW IN BOX-Unopened. Bought from Sweetwater with the Remote in May 2015 just so I did not have to wait for the remote--I know, stupid, but I needed the remote... Can supply original receipt for warranty purposes, etc. US Sales only. $1800 with $25 shipping- total $1825. payment via paypal. Perfect Ebay rating (BCBlyth). Thanks! Brad 503-789-0727.

    I've decided to sell my Atomic Neo CLR wedge. I bought it about 3 months ago after being on the wait list for awhile. I don't use it as I use my regular tolexed version. Mint condition. No issues. I did remove the flame/logo thing, but other than that it is as it came from the factory. Comes with original box. Avoid the wait. $1,475 shipped to lower 48. Sorry, no International Sales. Not interested in offers or trades (only trades would be for a Marshall 1974x , a Kemper Remote, or a white kemper toaster. Would want straight trade on the 1974x or the White Kemper...would want $900 plus the kemper remote). If I can get this, I'll sell it. Thanks. You can email me at [email protected] for pictures or other information.

    Top Jimi has GREAT Fender Cleans. The Deluxe Reverb is wonderfully captured...sounds like you got a real one in the room. The Tweed Vibrolux is also one of my favorites from Top Jimi and I use it most..and the Tweed Champs...and the 62 Bassman...allr really great.

    ABOUT THE FIX: Do I assume that if the rigs loaded fine to Rig Manager for me, and that I have had no trouble auditioning the rigs, that there is not need for a fix? In other words, does the "special function" issue Andy talks about affect the sound of the rigs, or just the ability to load them? Do I need to upload the new files?

    AGREE...Profiling is an Art. .I tried profiling my 1974x Marshall when I first got my Kemper and all I got was a complaint from the neighbors and a lackluster profile....Only going with Commercial Profiles now. What a blast to be able to buy a new amp for $7-$15

    Hmmm..., I better check those TAF profiles out again. I own them but remember them being "woofy" and disappointing...I was expecting the "Beano" sound but did not get it...(Yes, I know he used a Rangemaster on SOME of the tracks but not all...)...Gonna reload them tonight....BUT, still anxious for Top Jimi's take...

    There are really great! Another killer set of profiles. Some have a Vox AC30 meets Vintage Marshall JMP sound...thanks!!!!!! Keep them coming!!....I'd love to see you profile a Marshall 1974x Hardwired is a slightly different Marshall sound and is FANTASTIC. Would add another dimension to your Marshall collection. Only Top Jimi can catch the Marshall nuances!!!!...perhaps you can borrow one??? :)

    Took time away from the 74 Marshall Top Jimi profiles to audition these last night. Another great set of profiles. Top Jimi has some magic going on. These were just what I was hoping for. Steve Cropper tones!!! Sounds just like the amp..and those great Stax records. The higher gain profiles even cop that Montrose Space Station #5 tones!!! (I understand he used a Tweed Bandmaster, but these get it!) I love these. Thanks again!

    Thanks again you guys!! Superb profiles..once again! Already loaded the "Low" and "Medium" profiles to my live arsenal..right along side the 68 Plexi from you guys. These were exactly what I was wanting for medium "Marshall on 7" tones..subtle difference from your 68 Plexi, but are so far my favorite Marshalls. Thanks again!!!! ....Dont mean to push, but didnt you have some more small Tweeds coming?....cant wait...:)

    Cant wait Pete! I love your profiles. I would love a "Marshall on 5 or 7" profile of your early 70's Marshalls. Most of the good profiles of that great era of Marshalls for purchase are totally cranked and saturated. The low gain ones are usually weak/thin. I'm looking for a full just on the verge of breakup crunch, and one of the just after breakup crunch. Hope that can be done!!! Thanks again and love this new approach.

    I just want to put a word in for Top Jimi Profiles. I LOVE their profiles. I am a die hard, 56 year old player of 42 years. I have owned and adored a ton of vintage amps...particularly went through a Plexi phase in the 80s and owned about 10 late 60s Marshall Plexis and a slew of early 70s metal panels. I have also done the vintage and boutique Fender Tweed amps and have a lot of experience with Voxes. Anyway, I have been blown away by the Top Jimi profiles of the Marshall, Vox, and Fender amps. They are exactly what I was looking for...they are exactly what I expected as far as as sound and response to playing--just like the amps that were captured. I have seriously thought about purging all the other commercial profiles and going with these. I don't need em...and I have purchased most of the others. No knock on the others, and I'm glad there are options...but with rare exception, they always sound a bit thick/over eq'd, off...more what I would expect from a computer or modeled amp. Top Jimi's don't. I have been so pleased with every amp Top Jimi has offered. CANT WAIT FOR THE TWEED HARVARD AND TWEED CHAMP!!!! Anyway, just my opinion, but if you have not tried them, please do. AND I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH TOP JIMI IN ANY WAY.

    Looking for some great low to mid gain Vox AC30 tones. Like the Kemper stock ones, but looking for somewhere in between the "Clean" samples and the " AC30 Top Boost" Kemper stock tones. Heard something about Uwe Bossert's profiles, but can't find any. Have downloaded all the rig exchange samples, but like the Kemper stock ones better. ANy help with some additional AC30 tones would be great.

    Could not find the UWE Vox profiles on Rig Exchange. Am I missing something? I am looking for some good AC30 tones. Like the Kemper stock ones, but a little dark...any help would be great. Thanks.