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    putting the number before the name is really going to screw up your alphabetized list

    I put lower case Roman numerals after the name.; ie

    Revv m 23ii

    Revv: my Revv amp

    m: merged profile (could also be s or di)

    23: channel 2, 3rd profile variation

    ii: copy of the profile but with tweaked settings

    I wish everybody used the m di s approach

    ok we have all 3 on my google link now. I know there was another one back then....REALLY digging on this amp today!

    I found 2 TAPP profiles- both were public and free so I'll share here:

    1 is from 2013 with a Tapp cab

    1 is DI from 2018

    I can't find the Iratus profile?! I had it before....Anybody have that one?

    I'm jammin them now with a KoneKab and they are really amazing

    Tight Tight Tight


    How is this working out for people? I have a powered toaster, but still enjoy my tube amps. I'm thinking this could be a good addition for standalone/flyrig as well, but if it slays in 4cm I would love that. I guess I am mainly asking about noise floor as that is the one thing that made my fx8ii stand above other units I tried. The fx8 was a bit too large/cumbersome though so looking for something else here

    ok, so a lot of people ask about a stripped down Kemper with no profiling ability or just amps or whatever and that is not possible- the bulk of the unit is still there and the numbers do not bring it down enough to warrant this.

    But what about the opposite? A Kemper fx only unit, preferably with 4cm ability to work with my tube amps. I love my Kemper and use it 99% of the time, but I still enjoy my tube amps and find myself shopping for such a device. I figured out how to do this with my toaster, but having the fx only in a Kemper footcontroller format would be fun.!

    Totally overkill, but it could somehow work to link in with the current Kemper to give extra fx for those who really need 4+ delays/reverbs stacked on top of each other lol.

    I'm guessing you may have a cab that sounds better to you- especially as your ears are "tuned" and used to your cab. The Kab definitely has the edge in flexibility in tones. Your cab will always sound like your cab.

    I have and love a 4x12 & a 2x12, but snagging the 1x12 Kab made sense in a lot of ways to me. I think it's a fantastic product!

    Keep in mind this all about improving the user's 1on1 experience with the amp. Studio and live, everyone else will hear the di sound from Kemper (which is amazeballs).

    I simply create a new rig with more mids, a bit more saturation for sustain and added delay. A boost pedal usually adds the first two elements if you want the same amp and if you are in a two guitar band, you can add more volume. I never understand limiting yourself in rigs with a unit like Kemper; just change patch.

    During a solo I like to go to a new patch so I can then set a morph to splash in some pitch harmony or reverb/delay flanger type effect at the crescendo

    When I had a baby (see avatar), I spent a few years writing songs in my studio and enjoyed writing in different tunings- really inspirational in different ways. When it came time to create a live band, I quickly realized that not having a road crew and a fleet of guitars was going to make this ridiculous.

    I don't like transposing pitch shifters- I can feel the vibrations and don't want that to be a major 2nd away from what I am hearing, you know? Plus the tone is simply not as good (though Kemper is impressive). My solution was to pick 2 tunings: I chose drop C and a 7 string in dropA. They can each quickly go to standard D and standard B, plus the 7 has E inside of it. If I had to do it again, I might consider dropAb instead as I could throw a cap oonto the 4th fret and cover the dropC stuff with the fretmarkers in a normal sequence in case of string breakage.

    This doesn't help the OP as he has to blend into an existing band, but if you are starting a band, be aware of how miserable this can be trying to make 8 different tunings come to life on stage!