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    Have a pair of Alto TS210 and they are excellent, cheap, loud and clear,
    and need very little tweeking when i go from headphones to these, just a tad in the
    output EQ, worth every penny!

    well, it did seem to me like you guys were in fact doing exactly that. my excuses for any misinterpretation on my part
    my point still stands though: if it ain't for you - sell it and move on, life is too short to be wasted on things you don't enjoy

    You have to remember that when you start a thread about selling your Kemper you also ask for feedback, witch he got,
    and if Kemper is not for him, i belive it will be up to him to choose no matter what been said here! :)

    I was about selling mine a year ago because of the guitar cab situation and i was even offered more than i asked for it,
    but i'm glad i didn't, and now with the new Firmware coming, i hopefully get the best of both worlds!

    What you guys view as a "complaint " I think is simply constructive criticism ,
    Any product with a 2k price tag is open for review and discussion and that is all people are doing .

    Then there are alot of people whining that others are "complaining " which doesnt contribute anything to the discussion at all . specific things were brought up about the kemper and we should stick discussing that not whining because someone said they didnt like something about the kemper , this is not an axe fx forum where anyone who says anything against it gets harrassed and burnt at the stake , so please be open minded to feedback even if its not allways positive !

    I agree with you (too), but you know how humans are, and even Jesus couldn't satisfy everyone!
    I think CK and his team are reading all post with a open mind, at least they should do if they are interested in keeping their product alive :thumbup:

    Don't forget that this thread was started with a complaint, a complaint on other peoples opinion!

    Well, i look at all of these post as both positive and negative feedback, and i think this is what it takes to improve,
    you will find this everywhere in everyone, and i personally, all in all, read all post with respect!

    I'm looking forward to these new updates coming, and i'm excited!

    All said with a friendly tone ;)

    We all know the history of this man, we have seen it, we have heard it,and we have read about it, and
    we will always do, but i think there are many other forum we can share/argue this kind of stuff, so please don't let this
    forum turn in to Facebook! :S

    I think it would be hard to find just one product that could do it all for all,
    you could add this and that or whatever you might need, but there will always be
    another company's to turn to when you are in need for a certain effect(s) or sound,
    old news but i think there is no way around!

    Quoted from thebrushwithin

    Because very few know what to ask for, as they haven't heard it yet. Because you have the vision, and have started an evolution of guitar, not the first of course, but presently the best, by giving us a faithful replica of the past( in spades ), which draws in guitarists who would normally NEVER even consider anything but tubes, pedals, and 1/4 inch jacks. i have been a 13 pin addict, even 24 pin, so these extravagant effects appeal to someone like me, but would normally be somewhat alien to a traditional guitarist. With your expertise in synthesis, you could really change the old school guitarists, who you have brought into this family. They will give a try to anything you offer, I would bet. You have the guitar world's attention. Please don't hold back. Let's go somewhere! Roland has the chops, but a terrible attitude. You interact with us, and believe me, that is SO very refreshing.
    Anyway thanks for everything you have developed thus far![/quote]

    Wise words,and most people really don't know what they want until you show them!
    I would also love to see all these wishes come true since i love playing with effects, and
    it is our own imagination that tells us what we need!
    Thanks for listening to us users CK.

    Someone says the sky is the limit, but if you ask them where it ends, no one knows!

    Thomann prices is 875,65 NOK excl. VAT (about 108€) shipping to Norway is 20€, then add customs (shouldn't be more than 3-5%,maybe even none at all) then 25% VAT.

    What is its current price in Norway (incl. VAT) anyway - just curious.

    4Sound in Norway sells this for 1199 +149-. For shipping, the cheapest I found and there is no
    duty on musical instruments in Norway, only 25% VAT, but the carrier may take a small fee in calculating the tax, nothing major
    so I think with about 1500.-kr total from Thomann whilst 1348.-kr from 4SOUND you will not lose any sleep over this, and maybe
    there's no fee at all, hell yeah, you even got 30 days return and 3 years warranty aswell from Thomann ! ;)

    The FCB1010 firmware won't help much if there's no FCB1010s available. I placed an order last April, and don't yet know when or even if it will arrive. Behringers Norwegian distributor says they've had FCB's on order for more than a year. Some are expected in November, but it's unlikely to be enough units to cover the order backlog. Is the controller being discontinued? I know the controller is available from a few international sources, but private import with fees and shipping-costs would make the controller 3 or 4 times more expensive.

    I'm located in Norway too and i don't think it would be that more expensive buying from Thomann, -just add 25% on the total price from them and you have
    the total price all included, very nice people and they have an excellent service!

    I have to agree with Ingolf on this, and my best profile(s) is totally free since they are my own,
    but as said there is alot of awesome profiles both from TheAmpFactory and Rig Exchange,
    and the profiles on Rig Exchange are just getting better and better!

    Very Nice ETS!
    So buy it and give us your feedback :D

    P.S: isn't it a little underpowered? It's 600w on 2 ohms, but many cabs are just 8/16 ohm.

    You're right, it is a little underpowered, it only gave 200w in 8 Ohms and i think it will be
    difficult to install it in the KPA too, but for home use i think it would be enough,
    you could just install it in your guitar cab and that way make it aktive!
    Maybe i go for it, the only way to find out is to try, and it is inexpensive! ;)