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    Thank you for your tips so far!

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to try some things out. And I've made some progress but I'm still not there.

    So maybe I have to take a step back and look at it again as a whole.

    Normally with amp modellers what we hear is the sound of the amp, the cab and the microphone. All of it amplified through a PA type of speaker. Right? So you can't really compare that to a tube amp that stands right beside it because these are different points in the signal chain. A fair comparison would be to put the tube amp in another room with a mic and have them both be played through the same PA speaker. That's true for all the modelling gear, if you use it to display the full chain (amp+cab+mic).

    And this has been true for the Kemper as well. But as I understand it, please correct me if I'm wrong, the KEMPER Kone is there to bridge that gap. The Kone should in theory reproduce the "amp in the room" sound. So it actually IS fair to compare a Kemper through a Kone to a tube amp standing right beside it, right?

    I just want to be sure that I'm not making the mistake of expecting something that the gear isn't actually meant to do.

    So if that is a fair assessment then shouldn't it also be fair to expect a "plug and play" situation? Like a good tube amp you just plug in and it sounds good right there right then.

    So I'm a bit reluctant in adding a general EQ to this setup. I admit I kinda expect it to sound decent without any major eq tweaking. But that of course means to have the right profiles to begin with.

    So maybe I should start there, like V8 said.

    What I find very difficult is that I don't have a starting point to compare. Profiles online always sound very different when I try them at home. I haven't had a single one where I did the same tone like in a video for example. Of course the guitar has an impact and everything. But I thought there should be at least some that I could use as a point of reference.

    The transpose feature does change the sound a bit. But it doesn't have the major impact that is bothering me.

    I've tried out some ADA profiles and I didn't tweak a thing just to be sure. Monitor out EQ is also not tweaked. Cab was on. I think in that regard I didn't make a mistake.

    I've had some additional thoughts. With guitar cabs closed or open backs can have a huge impact on the sound. Is that also true for the Kone? Because my cab is open and maybe that is something I should change. The Kemper Cab is closed as far as I know. Also how much of an impact does the cabinet actually have on the Kone? I mean it is pretty much the cheapest cab I could find. So maybe a better one/ the Kemper cab would fix that issue?

    In terms of power amp I thought, well my camplifier can still go louder maybe it actually is reaching its limit and starting to get thin? Is that a thing, would a more powerful poweramp handle the situation more easily?

    Has anyone compared 1x12 and 2x12 Kemper Kones. How much of an impact does it have on the sound?

    Also I've though about adding a Tube head to the mix. Now here's my question. I know that I don't want power amp distortion through the Kone, because its not going to sound pleasant. But could I use 4 cable method with the Kemper, and send the full Kone info to the effects return of the tube amp and use it as a clean power amp. Has anyone tried that, and if so what was the result?

    I also came to the conclusion if I can't get the sound out of the Kemper alone I could just use it for effects and quality of life stuff, with the 4CM. Like the detuning etc. But if I could use it standalone that would be great.

    In terms of profiles, do you have any suggestions on very fundamental basic sounds that I could try out? No sound like EVH more like just a cranked Marshall with nothing on it as a starting point?

    I'm open to any suggestions, free as well as commercial profiles.

    So first of all I'm not sure if this is the right sub to post this. It is a combination of "issue" and "other hardware" and "which profiles" so I hope this is ok.

    So my situation is the following. Yesterday I had my first rehearsal with my new project. I went there pretty confident with my Kemper and left extremely

    disappointed. I heavily suspect user error on my part. The thing is I haven't rehearsed or played gigs in 4 years so I'm kinda out of the loop in terms of sound and

    loudness. I was very pleased at home with what I had but as soon as I cranked the volume things started to fall apart. Yesterday evening I though about just letting my

    Kemper stay at home and invest in a new tube amp to do what I want. But then I though that is kinda dumb. Not only are there a bunch of features that I could hardly recreate

    with analog gear, also so many people are using the Kemper live. So as I said, I suspect the problem lies on my part.

    What we are playing is Heavy Rock and Metal. D is our standard tuning. We are doing Pop-Metal covers. Like Victorys "I'm so excited", or Jaded Hearts "Larger than life" or Mystic Prophecys "Shadow on the wall". So that is what I'm looking for. Not the typical Metallica metal sound, more of a modernised midrangy 80s hard rock tone.

    My gear for yesterday was the following:

    - Kemper Profiling head (white) + Remote (Software

    - Camplifier Studio

    - Harley Benton G112 --> Which I have equipped with a KEMPER Kone.

    Loudness was not an issue, which honestly surprised me. I thought the Camplifier would have trouble keeping up but in terms of volume I still had headroom. And we even agreed that we wouldn't rehearse as loud as yesterday in the future (kinda did it because it was awesome after such a long time ^^).

    I tried quite a lot of different profiles. Some of the stock ones (like Tills dual amps), Tone Junkies Mesa, some profiles I did out of my Helix. And at some point they all sounded the same to me. What really shocked me was that I didn't like the KEMPER Kone AT ALL in that situation. As soon as I disengaged it and just used it as FRFR it became more bearable but still far from great. It all sounded very harsh very fizzy.

    The guitars can be overlooked in this case, we tried a bunch, some from the other guitarist as well. Of course there were differences but none of them solved the main issue.

    One thing that can be noted is that I use the transpose feature of the Kemper to detune my guitar from standard to D.

    Our other guitarist is using a Maxon RTD800 into a George Dennis Mighty Mouse 30 (EDIT: with the matching 1x12 cabinet) for reference. I know I'm comparing apples to oranges BUT the KEMPER Kone is advertised as recreating the "Amp in the room" sound so maybe it's only oranges to grapefruits :).

    I like the Kemper for a reason. Like other digital amps it's just so convenient (which in itself isn't really metal but what can I do? ;)). Transposing my guitars means that I have to bring less guitars to a show and can pretty much do the gig with one guitar and a spare and that is something that I was definitely looking forward to. Also I have all the effects I could ever need at hand. The Kemper doesn't need to be miced up. It solves grounding issues on its own. Also if HAVE different guitars I can very easily get them to the same point sound wise where changing from a Les Paul to a Strat on a tube amp can be a bit tricky. I mean I don't have to tell you, you all know the great ways of the Kemper :)

    So I really want to make this work. But I'm also let's call it "project focused". If the Kemper doesn't do the thing I need I will keep it for practise at home but have to try and come up with a different solution.

    So what I really need is advice in terms of:

    How do I set up my Kemper for rehearsal situations? What additional gear am I missing? Which are in your opinion the best profiles I can get for the type of music I want to do?

    Thank you for your input in advance! I really want to make this happen with my Kemper.

    I do get where you come from. And believe me I've tried A LOT of profiles and I don't deny that maybe the profiles I made out of Helix sound "better" to my ears because I made them and there's some Mojo involved :-D

    The pedals in front of the amp are not purely for gain reasons. Also for shaping the sound. I highly recommend Rhett Shulls Youtube channel he has a video on stacking pedals in front of a clean or slightly distorted amp. And many many heavy sounds have a tubescreamer with the gain set to 0 in front just to sharpen the sound or channel it into a certain direction.

    I have not yet had the time to put the profiles online. But I will and I'm also experimenting with the Revv amp in the Helix. To me this is like owing a room full of amps to profile. And yes I could just use Helix. But since I also love my Kemper, where's the fun in that? :-D

    Hey guys,

    I just had to share this.

    I had a Kemper in 2012, sold it, was VERY unhappy bought one again last year. But the Helix has drawn my eyes ever since it came out. And the reason is that for me it is probably an "AxeFX light" so to speak. Many routing options, more than the Kemper allows. But my heart was with Kemper and at the time I could only afford one of them so the choice was easy. But my mind never let go of the Helix.

    I don't have any tube amps, so I rely on profile packs from the internet. I even bought some. But I never found myself to be AMAZED. I liked the sound, it was ok. But I always wondered. Every time I hear profiles on youtube they sound amazing and I just couldn't recreate that sound at home. Maybe it was my speaker. Maybe my guitar.

    And the second thing I found myself doing all the time was to use up pretty much all the effect slots just to get the sound to where I want it. With one or two distortion pedals in front an equalizer behind the amp. A light ambience hall. A noise gate.

    And since I lock in a Solo boost that I can activate from any sound. That leaves me with little space for other things like delay or chorus.

    So then I thought about Helix. There I have more than enough effect slots for anything I would ever need. Up to 4 amps in parallel and all kinds of shenanigans. So what if, I would use the Helix to create a sound and then profile it with the Kemper? And that is what I did. Last week I bought an Helix lt. And I fiddled around with it a bit. And started doing the exact same thing. Pedals in front, effects after until I reached a point where I was satisfied. And then I profiled it.

    So in the Helix my signal chain almost always is:

    slight Compressor - distortion pedal - Amp + Cab - Mesa Equalizer

    And that combined gives a pretty rad Amp sound. And the Profiler captured it perfect. Even more so. I think I've tricked my Kemper into thinking it is profiling something it actually isn't. There's no compression going on in the profile and yet I get full and rich sounds. I think (although that maybe mojo) it even enriches what comes out of the Helix a bit.

    And boy oh boy I couldn't be happier. I had to force myself to stop playing the other night when it started to see daylight again. A clean signal chain, no effect, not even the usual ambience hall. And it just sounds amazing.

    If I find the time on the weekend I will put online what I've profiled so far. Hiwatt, AC30, 5150 and Fender Deluxe.

    Now it really feels like I have a collection of vintage amps at hand to profile the way I want.

    Now you might ask: Why not just use the Helix?

    As I said to my ears it actually sounds better after profiling.

    And the profiler has some features that I just don't want to miss. Such as the detuner is way better than Helix'. It's not even comparable. On the Kemper I can detune my guitar a half step or a step and play comfortably. The Helix just doesn't get there.

    And the second feature is the locking effects. Being able to have a soloboost locked let's me adjust that in rehearsals or live without having to change every profile I use. Just like having one boost pedal on your pedalboard. I haven't yet found a way in the Helix to achieve the same.

    So the end of the story for me is: The combination is so much greater than the sum of it parts. To me it is ridiculous. I have the feeling I hear my Kemper for the first time.

    So thank you Kemper and thank you Line6 for making me a very happy guitarist. :)

    Do you have any form of mixer, audio interface or DAW at home? If so just sent the mono signal out of the Kemper main outs to that then pan center to send to headphones.

    If not you could buy a cheap headphone amp with a mono switch.

    Yes, and this will be my workaround for the moment :-)

    Thanks for the tipp monkey! Will definitely look into this.

    For me it will be the challenge to organize my different setups. Live, rehearsals, at home jamming, at home recording.
    I've not yet decided which way to go live. If I use Inear monitoring, I might just go stereo. But at the moment I only have a monosetup for rehearsals.
    And my fear is, because I had the exact situation when I first had the Kemper, that I will dial in awesome tones under my headphones and they will sound
    unusable Live and vice versa.
    I will have to seperate these situations and a mono setup for my headphones might help smooth the gap for me.

    Otop: I'm preeeetty exicted since my Kemper will arrive in the on friday or saturday 8o8o


    is it possible to have a mono signal through the headphone output?
    Reverb is in Stereo but it changes the signal quite a bit for me when I compare headphone sound to monitoring sound, during rehearsal etc since I only have one box there.

    Is this a feature the KPA has?

    As intuitive as your solution sounds I don't think Ck will consider something like that for various reasons.

    1. Damian is not associated with Kemper, so if Ck where to adapt his work he would have to pay him. All sorts of complication might occur. How much work (quantity) did Damian invest in his programming? What would be price per hour. And so on.
    2. CK would have to invest a considerable amount of time in checking if the code was ok. This is a thing that affects both parties of this deal. Because if, for any reason, the software might get corrupted and one or multiple KPAs would suffer damage, it would be CKs responsibility. So he has to take that responsibility for a work that neither he nor his team has done, which is a very dangerous thing company wise.
    3. Damians solution is a workaround. He uses midi to change whatever the KPA allows to be changed via midi. If Ck would adapt this immediatly there would be requests to implement all the other features into the editor that are not midichangeable. So the proper solution from Kemper would be something fully integrated (and via USB). And I don't think you can transform damians Editor into "the real deal".

    Now here are two things I see might result from Damians work:
    - Kemper offers him a job and he is part of the development team inside Kemper. (Which would honor his knowledge and dedication to the product)
    - Ck sees how well an unofficial editor resonates with the community and decides to pull the trigger on their own development.


    I'm not exactly shure where to post this, maybe a friendly mod might place it where it belongs :-)

    I just found this video:

    And I thought, now THIS is a challenge for the KPA. Is there any Kemper owner who maybe has this Amp or might has the chance to profile it? This might be the right kind of things for Tonejunkie, I think it would suit their sound design pretty well.
    I think the Amp sounds amazing and if the KPA can profile it, it would be a killer argument for it imho.


    I like you :D

    I have to wait another week ;(

    BUT it's coming. Although I am collecting Profiles that I want to try and already have about 400...
    Has anyone experience with stoping the time, in order to have more time for playing? Might be a feature request for the future :whistling:

    I think there are rather two big groups of Kemper users.
    One is coming from tube amps and for one it is another digital competitor. Those groups differ in some points and share others.
    Like everybody is looking for "the sound" but one group want one sound to be the best possible and the other looks for a lot of flexibility.

    And it also depends on how you use your Kemper. If the main portion of your usage is profiling and reamping, then you don't need a detailed editor. But if you tweak A LOT then it becomes a very very handy tool.
    Again of course it's not like you cannot do without. The Axe-Fx 1 was also programmable without the editor. Of course, otherwise the unit wouldn't make much sense, would it?

    But the editing is one aspect of digital gear. And it's made much easier with a pc/mac editor.


    I'm still looking for an affordable solution to power my Kemper. There's the headrush FRFR112 that's to be released soon.
    But today I came across the VoX VX50 series. There's one for bass, one for keyboard and one for accoustic guitar. Since the Kemper is a modeler an accoustic or even Keyboard Amp might do the trick.

    I have an MV50 AC and I love this little tiny powermachine. And the VX50 seems to have the same Nutube technology in it.

    But I'm not quite sure about the 8" Speaker. If it will have enough headroom for rehearsals and small gigs.

    Has anyone of you experience with one of these amps?

    Well it's a pretty common forum behaviour that instead of answering peoples questions they get asked why they would want that in the first place.
    I've seen it a lot of times in all sorts of forums. And it always bogles my mind.
    Why do you even care?

    I want an editor. Others want an editor. If you don't want one, or don't need it, good for you. Why does it concern you if I want it?
    I don't understand.

    Of course I don't think that we are being "neglected" in any kind by Kemper BUT you have to admit, that this is a heavily asked for feature since the beginning of the KPA. And every modeler I know of has it, so it's far from unreasonable to want one for the Kemper as well.

    Just to be clear:
    - Asking for an editor does not mean that people don't like their KPAs
    - normally asked it does not bash the Kemper company or C

    But come on, why do we even argue. If I could put my Kemper on it's cabinet beside my desk and controll everything via PC, while I play, it would be A LOT more comfortable for me.
    I don't understand how one could argue against that??

    I really don't see how one can be "offended" if people would like a KPA editor.

    The fact that it has been asked for numerous times over the years (it was a topic when I first owned one in 2012 and it still is) shows that there is a "need" for it. However big. By poiting that out you are not bashing the KPA or Christoph Kemper at all.

    All it really is is:
    "This is a great product, and this addition would make my life much easier."

    Simple as that.
    I come from Line6. And whether you want to blind your eyes from it or not, the editor is a keyfeature for PODs, Helix and whatnot.
    Sure you can dial in everything on the unit. But the times where that was necessary are over. We live in times where we can controll everything from our PC.

    Although not having an editor does not devalue the KPA it would certainly INCREASE the value of the unit, having one.
    And if community members can do it without access to the raw code, it shouldn't be a major problem for the people at Kemper.

    Bottom line:
    Can I live without one? Yes.
    Would it be amazing to have one? YES!

    Sure but I still think it would be much better to approach this topic with a concrete goal in mind.

    For information about what a specific unit is and what it does, the other units are irrelevant in the beginning IMO.

    But if you approach this with a request like e.g.:
    "I want to play Pink Floyd as authentic as possible with digital gear." Then you can have a discussion about which aspects of that goal which unit can provide the best. What each unit can and can't to with that goal in mind.

    Imagine comparing a sportscar to a family van. They are both cars yeah, so they can do some things similary. But the whole concept is different. How can you even compare the two when you don't know on what basis you are comparing them?
    You could argue that the "feeling" of a sportscar is much superior to that of a van but what good is that to a family of 5 with two dogs?
    You get my point right?
    The "better" car is the one that fullfilles the specific needs of the customer best.