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    I think your friend totaly missunderstoud the whole point of the kemper. YES it captures the sound of tube amps, but the kemper would be nothing, if it wasn't for great tube amps. So unlike modeling gear, like line 6 or the axe-fx, it rather appreciates and helps those good old amps. Of course not everyone will want to buy a tube amp to profile it. Many users will be happy with the profiles others made.
    Still, every single profile is only possible, because someone, somewhere bought an amp (and a cabinet, and a microphone etc).

    I like this a lot. You could make it a bit bigger in the overall, to have some additional spacing between the buttons. That way even "bigfoots" like me would be pleased. :thumbsup:

    +1 killhahns design

    -1 swapping bank/fx buttons

    3. I doubt you really need a fifth effects button. ;)

    Well personally I like a lot of options. If I want a bigger and deeper delay I rather switch on a second one, than change the preset to get what I want. So if i COULD I'd have two choruses (one just to widen the sound to stereo and one for the actuall effect), two delays (one short rythmic stereo and one long dynamic mono) and two reverbs (one short to simulate the "room" and one longer "big" reverb). Of course with the possibility to turn them all on and off individually, if I want to. ;) And thats just the post-fx section...
    I mean, of course that all depends on personal taste. Some people rather like a lot of presets and just step through them, without changing any effects at all, others (like me) prefer less, maybe 4 or five presets for an entire show and do the rest by turning different effects on and off.
    But for most people and most situations 4 switches will be enough, I give you that.

    Thanks for the tipp with the wah! :thumbup:

    It looks really awesome!
    I have two suggestions:
    1. You could rearange the buttons on the right as followed:
    - combine Tap/ tuner (hold 1 sec for tuner), and show the tuner on the display; the button should be where the tuner button is
    - bank buttons vertical to the right
    --> That way you'd have space for a fifth Fx button, which could be very useful!
    2. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would apreciate the possibility to use this board with other gear. So MIDI Out and the possibility to programm it would be awesome.
    If there's one thing i really really really don't like about the Line6 FBV, then it is, that you can only use it with Line6 gear. :thumbdown:
    EDIT: Just to be clear, I mean the option to not use it with the KPA at all.

    And last but not least I'm always a bit troubled when it comes to wah-wah effects with digital gear. (Although I'm not sure if this belongs here but it has to do with footswitches :) )
    A normal wah-wah is either activated by the button underneath the pedal (classic crybaby or else) or through touch (morley wah steve vai and others).
    I have not yet found a digital device that offers me a really uncomplicated way to activate the wah, even with expression pedals.
    So what I wanna say is:
    You could consider an optional expression pedal for your footcontroller, that has a wah-button in it, or a switch that makes it work like a morley wah or something like this. (I admit, I have no idea if this is even possible but it would be mindblowing ;) )

    Keep up the great work!!