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    Totally agree on the iOS/Android front! I considered getting a cheap Windoze 8.1 tablet for that purpose, but I'm loath to go down the MS path. I've had my fingers burned too many times.

    BTW, I'm only sharing my experience (which may or may not end up being similar to yours, but might be useful either way), not trying to preach or invalidate your methods or workflow. I was just trying to point out that you can spend an eon trying to chase a sound, scouting different profiles and tweaking, when in fact there are some that just work for any given situation, with minimal tweaking. Not all profiles are created equal and a good few day's work is required to sift through the Exchange, at least.

    I understand and I apologize if I was too direct. But I'm just not much into some sterile debate on forums... because in the end, everyone is different and there's no point to try to convince others. Therefor, I don't like the idea that I should have to explain why I do the things the way I do them... I do appreciate feedbacks and some different opinions that might help us to see things differently, maybe even consider to change the way we do things, but trust me or not, I already spend a lot of time to figure out what I really want and how I like to work.

    Few decades ago, it was crazy to think we would ever need more than 640 kB of memory. It was crazy to think we would need keyboards more than 128 presets. And guess what? Today I have computers with dozen and dozen of TB storage and a gazillion of presets to choose from... and it just works like a charm for me. YMMV

    If it was only for "MY" guitar tones, the Mark V and Fender Twin with the G-System would be more than enough... That's why I've used for years and I wouldn't even need anything else (not even a Kemper). Except that is a lot of stuff to carry and now I want a solution that fit in my pocket or my backpack... The Kemper could possibly be the best solution so far.

    Note: Well, actually, I like a lot the PositiveGrid BIAS approach with the coming soon BIAS Head, apparently wirelessly controlled by the iPhone... That could possibly be another alternative for what I want. Definitely not the same as the Kemper, but from a workflow point of view, that would also work. That's crazy how far the technology can go. And that's why I was checking on a potential Kemper 2 and/or a way to handle Profiles (more profiles on the unit, or even better a way to manage them directly from the iPhone). To me, the smartphone Profile / Rig manager app seems to be the best solution... but who knows what Christoph will come with ;)

    Anyway, let's wait and see... Have fun!

    First of all, I'm always amazed how some people think they can know better what's good or not for others. I didn't really ask for advice but for very specific questions (dual path and number or profiles we can load).

    Also, I'm not here to argue. I might have only few posts but I'm here since 2012 and I'm familiar about the Kemper. I just don't spend all my time on the internet about it (nothing wrong about that, everybody does whatever he/she wants with his/her time, it's just that I don't have enough time for that). But it doesn't mean I'm not familiar with the Kemper (or other brand product).

    As already said, I love the Kemper and from a sound point of view, it's perfectly what I'm looking for right now. The only thing that I'm concerned is that I'd love a dual path routing with two Amps and Cab and I don't know if it could be done with the current Kemper version or if we would need a new more powerful one. We never heard anything about that from Christoph (from what I recall) and that's why I did ask again (just in case there was new info about it).

    And the last time I checked, there was some limitation about the profile number... which apparently is still there. That's all I really needed to know. Every other consideration might be true for you guys, but again, to each his own. After almost 30 years, I clearly know what I want, what could work and what would NOT work for me. And I'm not trying to convince someone else about his preferences and workflow.

    However, Doug actually did mention something interesting. Even thought I'm an Apple guy, I do agree that the Microsoft Surface is a very great product... from both hardware and software, I do think Microsoft did a fantastic job. But as said, I'm an Apple guy and I don't use Windows or Android. Nothing wrong with them, they're perfect tools for people that like them. I just don't like them enough and I do prefer iOS and OS X.

    However, if we could have the Rig Manager on iOS (and Android for other people out there), and have some kind of USB-Bluetooth dongle to be able to wirelessly connect to the Kemper directly from the smartphone to manage Profiles... THAT my friends, that would be even better for me to be perfectly honest.

    It would mean I wouldn't even need to carry the Kemper everywhere I go if I know there's already a Kemper there. For instance, I could have a Kemper at home and another one in the studios and I could make and/or recall any profile at anytime, directly from my Rig Manager on my phone (that I carry everywhere I go). I could use the smartphone keyboard to type words, or even have filters by brand, type, mic, cab, creator, date, or any comment I could have such band name, song name, song version, etc... and easily find what I need amongst the thousands of profiles in my hand, directly few clicks away from my phone. THAT would definitely work for me...

    And from a technical point of view, it would provide a great addition to everyone because it would probably not require any modifications and would work for all current customers already. The application could be developed quite easily because it will be based on the current Rig Manager away. And it will be more elegant and practical because most of the time, people carry their phone anywhere... while we don't always carry our tablets or laptops. That's my point...

    Anyway, as said, I got the info I needed to know, and don't take it wrong but I won't spend my time on a forum to argue on personal preferences. I express my concern and opinion, free for anyone to understand and share it ... or not. To each his own...


    A week with the Kemper and you'd realise you don't need/want thousands of profiles!!! I'm a hoarder (I have about 3000 in RM, not including the 6000+ on Rig Exchange) and I generally end up using the same few from a pool of about 30. Believe me, that's more than enough. Unless you want to spend your time auditioning profiles, rather than playing...

    Well, as a sound engineer and producer, I indeed spend way more time auditioning sound and sculpting them than playing... I'm not seeking for "MY" tones and sounds... I'm seeking for everyone else tones and sounds. That's why, the more the better. I already spend a week with the Kemper at the previous studio, and it went from 50 to 500 profiles in a week... and it was just some test.

    So yeah, a dozen of profiles wouldn't work at all and wouldn't be more than enough for me. We already have more real amps at the current studios. But it's a real PITA to carry them now that I have back injury. That's where the Kemper could become handy and I could still get the same sound at home by only carrying the Kemper around.

    Anyway, no need to argue about that. As said, to each his own. I got the info I was looking for.

    Thanks guys!

    I know I did, but that's not really how I want to work... it just reminds me iTunes and that you have to always transfert some of your music on an iPod that is too small to allow you to get all your music library. To me, it just doesn't work. I want it all... (I know, I'm just a spoiled little boy, but I know what I want and how I want it).

    My interest in the Kemper is mainly based on the fact to be able to have all this marvellous profiles (there's over 3,000 good ones from the main Profiles sellers out there)... and I have over 10 high-end amps I would profile myself to get all possible sounds when I go somewhere, everything in the rack and nothing else. Just use the tag to filter what I'm looking for and that's it... make my life simpler to carry as little as I can and still have the best sounds possible. With my current back injury, I don't want to carry the Mark V, Fender Twin and all cabs, G-System and stuff such computer and so on... the less the better. But I still need as much flexibility as I can with the largest choice possible ever.

    The current Profile library (free and paid) makes this possible. Memory this day is cheap and I'd mind to pay an extra to have more memory on the Kemper to get as much Profiles stored as I want... considering I would also automatically profile every single recording session (which could easily increase over the years)

    Please, note that I'm no bashing Kemper... Not at all. This is actually my favorite gear so far (as said, there's one in my previous studio was going), the first one that really convince me to go with digital Amps instead of tube amps. But I also know very well what I'm looking for and what I need to fit my way to work.

    I always prefer to study very well before to purchase something and be disappointed because it won't work the way I would hope for...

    1,000 Profiles to me just doesn't make it... it's not even enough to cover all Amp Factory packs.

    Thanks anyway for the info, I'll still keep an eye over here to follow the updates :)

    PS: if the Rig Manager would be on my iPhone and I could store all Profiles on it (I have 128 GB version), and I could easily manage the Kemper using bluetooth, I wouldn't mind then... I would still have everything. Not the perfect solution to be honest, but still workable. But the end goal is really to carry the Kemper, the foot controller and nothing else... two hands to carry and nothing else.

    I disagree... 2 Kempers isn't the best solution (from a routing point of view all alone).
    I would definitely prefer to have a Kemper with twice the power, even if in the end, the price will be close to 2 Kempers.

    So 30 seconds for 300-400 Profiles... that's what I knew so far, but how long now with 3,000-4,000 Profiles?

    I haven't been here for a while now... I was waiting for the rack version, then I didn't have the budget, and then I had it but a lots of other priorities, yada yada yada... you know, just life.

    But lately I've been looking again at the Kemper Rack but I was wondering if a new version wouldn't come anytime soon?

    I'm not looking for a "better" sound, I'm plenty satisfy with what I heard with the Kemper at the studio, but I was wondering if we will ever had the possibility to run two parallel signal? I don't care about what Axe-FX or Helix can do, I'm coming from a Tube Amps point of view... I often use more than one Amp in the same time to get the sound I want.

    I understand that virtually we could potentially "merge" two amp profile... but what about twice as much as Pre-Effects, Post-Effects, Cabs, etc...?

    My other concern (which might not be true anymore, so please inform me if I'm wrong), but the Kemper was very slow to boot when it was loaded with few hundreds profiles. But now, there's thousands of really good and high-end profiles we can purchase and if I'm using a Kemper and go that path, I'd definitely love to get them all in the box to have all the sounds I could possibly get when I'm going in studio to my friends and such... So is that still true or is it perfectly fine now to have, let' say, 5,000 Profiles loaded ready to be used?

    Because if it's not, it would be a second good reason for me for a newer and more powerful Kemper. When the first Toaster came out, it was around 1,200 Euros, and then the price jump to 1,500... So maybe few months/years from now, it could get down to 1,100-1,200 again for a "mono amp" model, and we could get a new "Dual Amp" model for let say 1,800-1,900... It wouldn't change much the value of the current users, but would allow other to have a complete dual path...

    Of course, if the current unit already more than enough DSP power, I'd simply prefer a software update to provide this feature.

    My 2¢

    PS: If you have any info about that... I'm listening ;)

    In my very personal case, the Kemper is already more than enough, because at home I always record the dry track too, to be used it with plugins (Guitar Rig, Amplitube, TH-1, etc...) or some of my old FX racks.

    Believe me or not, in some case it's good enough to lay down an idea and sometimes even good enough for the final result to be commercially used. But if it's not good enough, I can just drive 20 minutes to go to the studio where I can reamp the track using some of the real amps there such the Mark V, Marshall, AC30, Twin Deluxe, Bogner Shiva, Mesa LoneStar, Rectifier, etc... What can be better than that?

    So, having at home all extra gear (such the Eleven Rack, Digitech, TC Electronic, etc...) is just a bonus because I'm a "gear slut", let's admit it, I don't NEED them, it's just nice to have them. So I could have more... we can always have more, but luckily to me, I don't need it... Therefor I can take decision to not buy something to have good peace of mind about it. And it also goes in the my new resolution to reduce my rig (for many reasons I won't explain in this thread).

    If you need a Philips screwdriver and you already have 3 regular Philips screwdrivers, 2 changing-head screwdriver with Philips head and even 1 electric screwdriver... you probably can choose to not buy another new screwdriver from a specific brand... even if a lot of people claim that this one has the best Philips head ever.

    And now if you're building something by yourself from scratch, you can even choose to not use any Philips screws at all, and instead use some torx, or flat head screws, or whatever you like the most.

    We're definitely not missing choices. And to me, the Kemper is a very efficient and affordable one. But again, it's just my personal opinion. Up to anyone to test by themselves to figure out what's best for them.

    Now I'm going back to work to play with my screwdrivers ;)

    It's not called being a jackass, it's called being a smart and responsible buyer that puts his money in companies that are really worth it. You might not understand it (surely if your a fanboy or even an employee from this company), but for some of us, it means something.

    Fractal Audio isn't the only company in the world, and there's dozen of others options. Since I'm happy with a Kemper, and all other gear I own such Eleven Rack, G-System, 1101, and even some old racks... I don't feel any urge or even any real need to waste any money in a company that has no respect for others, including its own customers.

    I'm not falling for any hype, and certainly not after everything I read about it now.
    I lived without it until now so I will still live without it later.

    Now, for some reasons you might still not understand it, and then you can continue to call out other people jackass... after all it's a very Fractal's forum member reaction anyway.

    I even didn't notice it at first... But apparently there's indeed no LEDs.
    Kind of sad because it's a nice way to see what's going on and it could indeed help for tweaking...

    Not a deal breaker in my case, but I'd understand it could be for others.

    Good catch darkhorse9!

    My point...I'm not putting a $1,500 electronic device on the floor and stepping on it.

    That's not a big deal when the product is strong enough to support it. For instance, I never had problem with the G-System on the floor.

    I will be honest, I personally don't care about all debate and fight about A vs. B, etc...
    I'm a musician, I love gear, I have no shares on any company, so I'm using what I like the most.

    We have a Kemper at the studio and it's a nice piece of gear... no doubt. So good that I'm on my way to buy a Rack version for myself.

    I was thinking to also buy an Axe-FX II in addition (because there's apparently more FX choices and it looks like a nice device), but the more I'm looking into this product, the more I'm surprised about the company, its CEO and his acting on the official forum (full of angry and aggressive haters). It's actually the complete opposite of here where we can discuss peacefully even if we don't share the same point of view and interest.

    I saw this Cliff guy calling Tony McKenzie an "Chucklehead" or an "ass"... I don't think it's a good way to treat any customers who paid for your product, regardless how right or wrong they are in their statement. It's definitely not professional to act like that... The same way it's very not professional to call another company CEO a liar (even if it would happen to be true).

    I'm quite sure Christoph Kemper is probably thinking the same about other people but at least he has been professional enough to keep it for himself and not write it on the official forum. Having met him and spoke with him during a MusikMesse I can even say he's a very nice person to talk to. Consideration to your customers and potential customers is important today.

    That's probably the reason why I'm gonna stick with the Kemper Rack only and will not buy any Fractal Audio product, regardless how better it could technically be. From my ears and other professional sound engineers, the Kemper is sounding very good and that's enough for me... regardless if it's 11kHz, 22kHz or even 700 kHz.

    Play with it, listen with your ears... the product and not the bunch of marketing B.S. we can read on other company forum.

    My 2 cents

    Same here...

    I probably already voted for 200 or more features on Ideascale for Protools and Eleven Rack... while I'm only participating to four main features here: Rack version, PedalBoard, Looper and Boost.

    It's easier to just browse the feature and vote, yes, no, yes, yes, no, etc... In few minutes you gave your opinion for dozen and dozen of important features.
    And if I want to explore more about something, probably debate about it, etc... I could open the thread and comment about it.

    To me, it's the best way to have crowd based feature request management.

    My 2 cents ;)

    You probably didn't read my previous comments.

    As I said, I didn't buy the toaster for myself because I was waiting for the rack instead.
    But we bought it for the studio, where it's actually (with the desktop synth and drum machine) the only piece of gear that is not rack mounted.

    Again, what I'm saying is that nobody can't make any conclusion on form factor. It's like if you were saying: "Head+Cab is not going to work because it's not as ergonomically good as a Combo". That's a no sense. What is true for one is not necessary true for everyone. There's not only one way to make music and if manufactures do propose several form factor for decades now, it's probably for a good reason. That's all I'm saying...

    Now talking about personal experience, if you have a bunch of gear you carry yourself (just like I do), you will definitely love to have hardcase you can bang, slam and roll without much care when you over-tired at the end of the night when all you want is to go home and sleep. That's why I have everything in hardcase, including stomp pedals (that are controlled by a G-System).

    When I need to install them, I don't spend hours for that... Just open the rack, plug the power and plug the in/out cables and it's ready to play. It also avoid any trouble with some routing cables to be destroyed over the time, bad power plugs, and any kind of time issues that would waste your time every single time you have a gig. There's dozen and dozen reasons why I could prefer hardcase... but again, that's just MY experience.

    Well, I'm currently using several guitar racks (Eleven Rack, 1101, Art, Boss, and other old stuff...) and I can definitely and easily use them in my rack, where it would just be impossible with the toaster that I need to find a place that I can't easily reach, etc... (that's why I didn't buy it).

    So, I think it just depends your personal environment, habits, etc... and now it's good for everyone there's both versions to choose from.
    But nobody can make any generic conclusion like yours because there's no generic usage.

    If racks wouldn't be good layout design, nobody would buy Axe, Eleven Rack, Pod HD Pro, 1101, TC electronic, etc...etc...

    PS: And I would NEVER EVER transport any gear that is not in a hardcase. All my stuff is on hardcase (on wheels) to easily load everything in the truck. Soft travel bags are not an option to me. But that's just me ;)

    The lunchbox/toaster version is fantastic.

    I predict that the Toaster will still outsell the Rack unit.

    Once people finally realise how much better ergonomically the Toaster is and logistically easier to manage rack unit sales
    will diminish.

    I do believe both versions will sell pretty well and will make both users happy. But your argument doesn't make any sense.

    The Toaster and the Rack version share the exact same layout, screen, buttons, etc...

    The only differences? The rack is missing two knobs for the Modulation rate and intensity and has the USB port in front. For all the rest, it's just the same at barely the same place, etc... so not a big deal that would drastically change the usability.

    Now it just gives the choice to users to buy the format they like the most, not in regard of any layout design (or ergonomics), but in regard of their needs. That's it. Inside it's still the same unit and that's all that really matters.

    Coming myself from ProTools and Eleven Rack, I also like the Ideascale better.

    People can comment on a feature request, can easily vote, and we can see progression of the features (in progress, complete, top features, feature by software version, etc...).

    On a forum, some post can be forgotten after few months, the search isn't as efficient as the Ideascale model, etc...
    (it's one of the reason why I haven't participate anymore).

    I do believe Forum is great for chitchat, but not the best form for real feature request and project managing/following.

    My 2 cents...

    Definitely the Rack... That's what I'm waiting for a while.

    There's a toaster version at the studio because we couldn't wait, but personally I've been waiting for the Rack for over a year now.
    So I finally could buy it and use all profiles done at the studio :)