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    Just started using it and it’s great! Hard to say how much more I’d use it over the kpa front thing that would be nice is to have the option to put the editor controls on top rather than at the bottom of the window, or is that already possible?

    Has anyone done silent profiling with ox amp top? I did some direct profiles of my Herbert and with some minor tweaking and adding a Mesa cab from a merged orofile I made it sounds pretty good...however if I try a studio profile using a cab model in the ox it sounds terrible and unusable...I have no post processing fix reverb either, just cab and mic model...anyone had luck with this!? I’m selling my herbie and would love to get some profiles before she goes, but mic’ing a live cab is not possible as we have a 4 week old at home!

    hi, I have some great dual recto profiles from reampzone and deadlight studio, but there are very few non boosted ch2 and ch3 tones. I remember loving some good ch2 vintage mode non boosted sounds and wonder if anyone can point me in the direction of rig exchange or commercial profiles that can help me find something like that?


    awesome, great to hear it's simpler than I thought! I bought a Kemper DI box 3 months ago and literally got baby brain and had no idea where it was until my wife found it in the most random of location!

    Hi! I just gotta powerrack and did lineout from my be100 into the kemper for a direct profile and was amazed how it sounded soooo good!

    Now I’d like to make tons of direct profiles and maybe even merged profiles. But I haven’t the slightest idea how to mic a cab...I’m sure it’s a very subjective thing but any starting point would be helpful...and also I have a mackie mixer with preamp that enough?


    hi! I am a Kemper fanboy but I do like being able to create sounds on my axe fx iii. I have a great Diezel vh4 sound that I'd like to put on the Kemper, but wondering what's the best way to get an accurate profile? I assume guitar to Kemper input, direct send to axe fx, output axe fx to Kemper I have my dxr10 on and at stage volume? anything else I should do?


    I rarely chime in but I feel I should here! I literally have bought the axe fx iii twice. Both times I bought it for its amazing features, such large selection of inputs and outputs, huge number of effects, usb audio interface...pretty screen etc....both times I sold it because I felt the spent more time tweaking, choosing cabinets, changing amp settings etc and not playing.

    So what I do now is play me Kemper and avoid fractal’s forum because so many people love it there and rave about it and sucks me in again and again...but I love my sounds great through headphones, great front of house, great through monitors with easy and quick tweaking...let alone it sounds like an amp much more to me than axe fx...I’m sure the ace fx is amazing if you’re patient to create those tones you want but with work and kids, I just want to play ;-)

    Lastly, for less than the price of the axe fx iii you can get a Kemper unpowered rack or head plus remote and even less money for a good used one which still has a transferable warranty I believe...while the axe fx warranty isn’t transferable and the foot controller isn’t out yet and isn’t cheap.

    I hope it doesn’t sound like I’m whining but having Been there over and over again..I know what “the grass is greener” effect can do and thought I’d let you know my story. Either way, rock on!

    Thanks! I'm doing the monitor out and direct out method and it's neat... I do notice that I have the volumes in direct 4db higher to achieve equal volume. Is that normal or can dxr10 levels vary slightly (I have the level on the dxr10 at the same level on each on the back.) or should I be concerned?

    Another option:- Connect the Adams to the stereo Main Outputs
    - Connect the Yamaha's to the Monitor and Direct Outputs, and set these to "Master Left" and "Master Right".

    Now you can set the volumes independently on the Kemper (or keeper :D ).

    You gotta love autocorrect! I like that idea of separate volume control, there way to control monitor and direct outputs with one single control?

    Hi! I'm trying to set up my keeper with my home studio. I'd love to have stereo output to 2 Adam a7x and stereo output to two dxr10 speakers (for when I just want to have some fun!) is it ok to connect the main output xlr and 1/4" of the kemper at the same time?


    anyone have thoughts on these two in comparison for the Kemper? I definitely feel the dxr10 gets louder, and they both sound good, but I'm wondering what other people's opinions are that have tried both with their Kemper? thanks!