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    Please make so that the selected rig always stay in focus, this way it is easy to just select the collum you want to sorter, and everything stays in focus.

    Eks. Stand on a rig from autor xxx and Press collum autor then you have all the rigs from that autor. But as it is now you have to scroll like 10 page to find the selected rig again becorse everything jump around

    Just my 2 cent :)

    +666 :)

    I follow you on this, it is a pain to erase rigs.

    Why not make the ondo botton so you press and hold to delete, and also keep the existing way of deleting.

    This way it is easy to quick delete.

    Just ny 2 cent :D

    I could use the mod slot for a boost, but then I'd lose the ability to use a mod effect there. I also use to have a g-system, which I sold to afford the Kemper. I loved having a boost switch, so I could simply boost whatever patch I was using. Perhaps global settings for a boost could allow the user to set pre or post amp or whatever? I'd prefer to be able to do more with fewer rigs, which is why I don't want to give up my mod slot for a simple solo boost. The more rigs I have to worry about managing, the more annoying things are. The ability to save an eq and a boost without giving up a slot would be a huge upgrade in terms of the flexibility of this product. I have no idea if such a change would be a feasible request, as I understand next to nothing about how this thing works. In addition, to be worthwhile, it would have to be something that would need to be compatible with the upcoming dedicated controller.

    +1 :D

    I would like to not have to copy the name of the cab before saving it. The save function does not re-use the name of the tag.
    The field should be populated automatically with the cab's name.[/quote]

    This +1000