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    The search for the perfect pick is ongoing. Thanks for the tips and picks, @guenterhaas !
    My current faves are Dawman Picks (the see-through neon green in the top row and the black and red immediately to the left of it). Who'd have thought I'd enjoy 3 mm thick picks? :-D

    Very interesting, because the Dawman-picks are my favorite picks now, I like the same picks (Shredline red + black and UFO neon green),

    Thanks for the information, I didn't know that endorsement also can mean testimonial, normally here in Germany it's used if you endorse products and you get them cheaper or -very rarely- for free. ;)

    I just don't understand the reason for this thread, like I said all electronic devices can be damaged (f.e. via rude transport) and the Kemper-support will change a damaged unit immediately, especially if it's still on warranty.

    A lot of my equipment has been "killed" on long tours in different countries, although guitars and amps are always transported safely in flight cases. But f.e. Russian "streets" can destroy nearly everything..... Tube-amps hate touring (tubes...) and guitars can fall apart after a while, but until now the KPA never had any problems and is working totally reliable for years. :)

    Awesome endorsement, Guenter! 8o

    It's no endorsement at all, I bought my 2 Kempers for the regular price at the Thomann-store here in Germany. I just wanted to make clear that the Kemper ist an outstanding and very reliable product. If one unit maybe is broken or not properly working, doesn't mean that the whole product isn't good.

    There's no reason to "wave goodbye" like the author here posted. Just contact the support and get a new one.

    Generally all electronic gear is not made for eternal life. But compared to other electronic devices, the Kemper is a very solid and reliable product, that's my personal experience since I've bought the KPA. By the way, I never needed my spare-Kemper, on the tours before I used Line 6-products and i would have been lost without spares many times.

    If you think that my personal experience is endorsement, it's simply a compliment for CK and his company. ;)

    If a KPA-unit is broken or not working properly, you should contact the support and send it back immediately. It's all electronic gear, so damages can happen everywhere. I'm playing my 2 Kempers (one is spare) since the Kemper came on the market and I just had one problem with the first one (dying LEDs). Kemper's support changed it immediately.

    Until now I played the Kemper on 5 big venues-tour, just from spring 2016 to spring 2017 I played more than a 100 shows in more than 20 countries (all over Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, Israel and more) and spent about 45.000 km in the tourbus (plane and ship). I'm also using the Kemper constantly for recording-sessions and producing music and -besides the dying LEDS- there was not one single problem in all these years, no crashes, sound-changes ect., the KPA is one of the most reliable guitar-gear I've owned and played in the last 30 years.

    0.5 mm ??? Wow, I couldn't play at all with a thin pick like that, maybe some soft acoustic strummings. For me the 2.75 mm of the V-Pick Tradition doesn't feel too thick, but it's all very subjective.

    Billy Gibbons is playing 007 gauge strings, so what.... ;)

    You can order V-Picks in the EU:

    Keuringsdienst van Snaren

    They have plenty of V-Picks and other Boutique-picks, the website is in Dutch, but I didn't have troubles to order several times and the delivery is fast.

    Yes, the "Mummy" is great, too, very sharp and aggressive sound, it's terrific how picks can change the whole guitar-sound. Tradition Standard and Euro 2 are great for general use and my favourite ones, The Tradition UL is great for strumming on acoustic guitars. I'm glad that Bert posted his favourite picks. :thumbup:

    P.S.: My name is Guenter (actually Günter), Haas is my family name and guenterhaas is just my id here.

    Since I'm using the 2 packs from Bert I'm not longer searching for more profiles, there's actually all I need. I'm using some other profiles, too (MBritt, Andy, Armin, Guido, RE, my own ones), but most of the profiles I'm using right now are from Bert, he did a more than excellent job.

    Biggest plus: Bert's profiles are very well pre-selected, they are ready to use out of the box. You don't have to listen to hundreds of profiles to find a few good ones. And they are very versatile, too.

    I'll be using them on the upcoming Gregorian-tour very soon:

    Thanks Lindsay, it's always great to get a positive response for your own music.

    This forum is really unique and I'm finding many interesting topics all the time. And it's not a smartass-forum with endless Kemper vs. this and that-discussions.

    BTT: I'm still trying new picks and I have to say that I really love the V-picks. In the beginning the Tradition Lite was my favourite one, now it's the thicker Tradition-standard (2.75 mm), a great allround-pick and also -despite the thickness- great for picking and strumming on acoustic guitars. Nevertheless I also like the Euro 2 and Bullseye very much, even the very thick Diamond is useful for fast runs and jazz-stuff.

    This thread really enlarged my horizon, Bert's comment using V-picks started it all. :thumbup:

    Patrick Hufschmid seems to build very interesting stuff, I like guys like him a lot. To start something innovative is always anything else but easy. Many guitar-players tend to be very conservative, I'm still hearing a lot of nonsense, because I'm using the Kemper.... One guitar-player said to me f.e. "why shall I use a plastic-doll (Kemper), when I'm able to have a real woman (tube-amp)"... Another one said: "I don't like the sound of the Kemper, especially the mids", my explanation of the KPA's concept (the profiles are responsible for the sound ect.) was useless, just 2 examples.

    If I have a chance to test Patrick's guitars and picks, I will do it of course. But I can't order something with the high risk of wasting a lot of money and I don't use picks for decoration. ;)

    He can make pretty much whatever shape you want. The big ones are really surprisingly comfortable. Depends what you play.
    These picks are really expensive, they are equivalent of custom shop guitars which are made for collectors. I personally don't use them day by day, but they are just fun to have :)

    I'm sure that there are a lot of great picks out there, but the problem ist the testing. I'm owning expensive vintage guitars ('54 Telecaster, '58 Stratocaster and more), but I could play them for hours (or days) before I spent the money. I've never seen the Swiss picks in any music-stores, how shall I test them and find the right one?

    That's the main problem, boutique-picks are hard to find and there's hardly a chance to test them.

    No, of course nobody has my exact preferences :) But I think @guenterhaas is coming close ;)

    Yes, I haven't met Bert until now, but we have a similar taste, experience as session-players, favourite guitars, amps ect., so I didn't wonder that he'd chosen similar favourite V-picks.

    I think 5 or 6 EUR for one pick is quite expensive, but 50 EUR or more for one pick is just absurd. And I'm really happy with the V-picks.

    The plectrum-picks from Switzerland seems to be very exotic and very expensive, too. Unfortunately you have to spend a fortune just to test a few. I need a pick I can use for most guitars and music-styles, the V-pick Euro 2 seems the one right now and I can afford a few spares, too. ;) But I also like a lot of the other V-Picks like Gladiator, Bullseye, Chicken Picker, Tradition Lite, Red Rocker and even the funny Memphis, Tradition Ultra Lite is great for acoustic guitars.

    Hi Bert, thanks for the advice.... I'm not interested in testing the BlueChip-pick anyway, 50 EUR or more for 1 guitar-pick is just ridiculous... The Euro 2 is the one at the moment, followed by Bullseye and Tradition Lite. The standard Euro is great, too, but a little too small for me. I don't have any problems with the grip and the holes in the Euro 2 are very helpful, too.

    I've never heard of Michel Wegen-picks, they seem to be very rare, but I will search for it on the net. I ordered the Diamond just out of curiosity, the Dimension I didn't find here in Germany.

    Anyway, the V-Picks are a big improvement and much better than the Dunlops I used for decades..... thanks for the info !!!

    P.S.: There's a store close to Hamburg, they sell V-picks and Michel Wegen-picks. ;)

    I just ordered the V-Pick Diamond, until now the V-Pick Euro 2 is my favourite one. After getting used to the holes (good grip), the Euro 2 seems to be a very versatile pick that I can use for most guitars, even acoustics. The standard Euro-pick is a bit too small for me, goodbye Dunlop Delrin 1.5 mm.... 8)