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    I tested a lot of speakers and cabs for the Kemper (different Celestions, EVoice ect.) and I never was really satisfied with the sound. I have to say that I don't use FRFR-cabs anymore, for me a guitar-cab with Kemper's cab-sim off is the better choice.

    Now I found a really good and not very expensive speaker: WGS ET-65

    I even don't have to change settinges/eq and can use my profiles optimized for studio and tours (direct to desk). If you're looking for a good speaker, try it out. ;)

    Excellent profiles !!!! Both packs actually offer a whole universe of great guitar-tones. I'm using pack 1 all the time, on my last tour with Gregorian and just this afternoon for a studio-session (and on every studio-session before). Now pack 2 will complete my profile-collection.

    Don't hesitate, just buy it, it's worth every cent. :thumbup:

    Wow, high praise from you, Guenter. Dang, too bad I'm on holiday at the moment. I won't be near either of my KPAs til next Tuesday/Wednesday.

    It's amazing how close these profiles are, I'm knowing that amp very well and Guido captured it a 100%. If you're into modern Marshalls, this is a must.

    For me the JVM410H is one of the best sounding amps around, unfortunately it's not build very solid and I never would take this amp on a tour. And 24 (!) potis are about 20 too much for me.... Putting Guido's 410H-profiles on a KPA is the best solution you can get. ;)

    Because I'm using 80% of the profiles from pack 1, I would prefer a 2nd pack !!! No need for single amps for me.

    I'm waiting for a Plexi, SLO 100 ect. from Bert and maybe some -really- clean Fender profiles? Clean and "sparkly" profiles are still hard to find. The most clean profiles are tweaked with the KPA-compressor, which is by far not the the best one... It's an easy way to get a reasonable result, but I prefer clean profiles with the nice Fender "sparkle" without any compression from the KPA-effects.

    I have just been on a long tour (63 shows in 14 countries) and I played everything with the Kemper. Most of the profiles I used are from Bert, and I already had an awesome collection of profiles before I bought his pack. His profiles are really outstanding and ready to use, no tweaking or scrolling through hundreds of useless ones.... Kemper did the right thing to feature some of the profiles now as factory-presets, congrats Bert !!!!

    The profiles I'm using most are the MP-1, CA 3+, B.E.C., Gainman and Shower '62, simply fantastic.

    As I can see I'm not the only one who thinks that Bert's profile-pack is outstanding. It's already a big part of my basic KPA-setup, I could have saved so much money if Bert would have been around earlier..... :whistling:

    I'm working with the UAD Apollo Twin for quite a while now, it's a great audio-interface and I never had any troubles. I don't need a lot of inputs and outputs, so I don't need the bigger brother. All the years before I worked exclusively with RME, from Hammerfall to Fireface 400.

    db9091 already mentioned all the features and advantages of the Twin Duo, I really like the UAD-Plugins, I bought some stuff like the Studer tape machine, softube amps and more, awesome stuff. But even the basic plugins coming with the interface are a great enrichment. I never bought a UAS-plugin for the regular price, UAD always offers some specials or coupons.

    Big plus: With 2 SHARCS and Thunderbolt it's much faster and much more stable than other interfaces, I did recording sessions in hotel rooms during a tour using my little Macbook Air (Cubase) and it worked really fine. At home I'm using a 27" iMac with SSDs for audio.

    One big factor of all guitar-sounds are the guitars, like I said I'm using the same profile without any additional eqs or compressors. But my '58 strat with maple neck (all original except new frets) is very different from an American standard-strat or a custom shop-strat. From 20 custom shop-strats I've chosen the best one ('56 reissue), compared to the original '58 the custom-shop doesn't have the nice and shiny brilliance, although it's a great guitar. Even my '66 strat doesn't have that brilliance, but it's an awesome guitar, too. The difference might be the guitar, of course there are also really bad vintage guitars existing, but I was lucky to get a very good one.

    Hi Frank,

    I usually don't tweak profiles much, either I like them or not. Some of Bert's profiles didn't have enough bass for my taste, so I added just a little bit of bass from the main eq. That's all, there is no additional eq or compressor added. For reverb and delay I normally use my plugins, the reverb is from Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate (RC 48) and I've used some delay to spread the guitar a little bit, just to get a good stereo-mix.

    Basically the used profiles from Bert are right out of the box, they sound great the way they are.

    The clean guitar-track is picked with fingers, that makes a big difference and a warmer tone. Of course I mainly use plecs, but sometimes it's better to use the fingers like Mark Knopfler and Jeff Beck do it all the time. I studied classical guitar, so I'm used to pick with fingers. During a solo I also switch from plec to fingers quite often.

    Strats and Teles are THE guitars for great clean sounds, with Bert's profiles from B.E.C., CA3+ and Showman you already have top clean profiles. I also would recommend the '59 Bassman from Andy, '57 Deluxe from Armin and of course the "famous" Morgan AC20 from rmpacheco (Rig Exchange). Often a compressor is very helpful for clean sounds, I used Bert's KPA-compressor right out of the box and didn't add any hardware compressors (f.e. DBX 160x) or plugins (UAD & Waves).

    Over the years I found it much harder to get good clean profiles, seems to be more difficult to profile clean amp-settings. There are thousands of high gain and metal-profiles available, but just a few really great clean ones. Of course it's a matter of taste, too, I'm definitively a big fan of old Fender and Vox-amps with that nice shiny "sparkle".

    Very funny how different we are and this makes the world colorful. ;)

    A clear vision, a clear starting point, waiting for a certain mood or any pressure to deliver would kill my creativity totally, especially when I'm composing. Very often I start to play guitar and I will end up composing a new song. For me making music is more like an exciting journey with an undefined end. But there's not THE one and only method, everybody has to find his way. I'm also not into analyzing too much about my playing and music, probably this is important if you're a teacher.

    My musical life is a mixture of many different things, composing and releasing my own music, composing and producing with/for other artists, playing studio-sessions and going on tour as a guitar-player or/and musical director.

    We all are very different persons with very different lives. Some are playing guitar without composing music, some are more on the composing/production-side, some are teachers, some play mainly musicals, top 40, live-shows or tours, some are session-players without playing live, some are working mainly on the technical side (mixing, editing ect.), some are pros, some are not, one may play for just 1 year, another one for 50 years. Everybody has a different background and personality, but we have one thing in common: a nice little green (or white) box. 8)

    In my pack from Bert I don't have a lead "A+" CA profile, just an "A". Am I missing one? Did you also use Bert's profile for the trumpet I hear? ;)

    Yes, I had one "+" too much, it's like Bert said the "CA 3+ ch3 A"-profile.

    The trumpet is coming from the keyboards, no guitars and no profiles used for that. Usually I start with the drums (normally Addictive Drums, Spectrasonics Stylus RMX, Loops ect.), then I play the rest (electric bass, keyboards and guitars). Sometimes I'm using Spectrasonocs Trillian instead of an electric bass, I'm trying not to quantize anything I'm playing into the computer. For my keyboads I'm using Spectrasonics Omnisphere and Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate with some additional libraries like Ethno World (Best Service).

    Thanks Harry, that's exactly what I want to achieve. There's enough "impressive" material from guitarists for guitarists on the market, it's not my cup of tea.

    I'm trying to compose and produce music everybody can enjoy, very often virtuosic musicians end up in playing too technically with a lack of emotion, I had to learn my lessons, too. Now I'm trying to create a certain mood and atmosphere and my guitar is just one (important) instrument, but the whole arrangement has to fit together.

    The reactions I get from people all over the world listening to my music is very inspiring and keeps me rolling... ^^

    I just finished my first instrumental track with Bert's fantastic profiles, it's a slow ballad called "Black Rose".

    Here's the link to Soundcloud.

    Guenter Haas - guitars, bass, keyboards and drum programming, produced and mixed with Cubase Pro 8.5.

    Equipment used: Fender '58 Strat (neck-pickup) and 2 profiles from Bert's pack, Bogner (B.E.C. ch1 mgain) for the clean rhythm-guitar and Custom Audio (CA 3+ ch3 A#) for the lead-guitar.