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    at the end of day it doesn't matter which gear you use, the point is.

    If you know your gear and can handle it, there's no upgrade or change to an other newer item necessary. I use my kemper now 10 years and could dial in every possible soundpatches for my need. With an new gear, you'll have to dial in your sounds you prefer and start from zero. This means a lot of time where you tweak and tweak. Instead of this i practise and play guitar to get a better player. It's all in the fingers not in the gear. If you're an advaced player you can use an old pod and it will still sounds great in my opinion.

    Verkaufe mein powered kemper kabinet, genau 1 Jahr alt, von kemper sowieso 36 Monate Garantie. In Top Zustand. Bei Interesse bitte auf schauen, da steht die ganze Beschreibung mit zahlreichen IST Fotos und Rechnung etc.

    Stören tut mich der dünnschrille sound, die schlechte ortung, wenn du nicht genau im richtigen winkel zur box stehst, ist der sound deutlich schlechter hörbar, also wenn du die stage entlang gehst zB.

    Die vielen imprintoptionen haben mich nicht überzeugt, mehr fluch als segen. Spiele die box am liebsten frfr modus, da im imprintmodus der sound schneidend dünn ist, und ich nutze wirklich gute profiles.

    Die yamaha dxr10 mit den richtigen settings klingt deutlich amtlicher, erlicher.

    Sie war mir auch anfangs zu höhenlastig. Hab kurze Zeit ein Tuch über den hochtöner gegeben, hilft ungemein gut.

    Danach hab ich mich mit dem monitor output EQ am KPA gewidmet und bass, middle erhöht, treble und presence zurück genommen und vola keine beißenden höhen, kein fizzy. Hab die gleichen output settings für das powered cabinet probiert mit der Akustik Gitarre und musste wiederum erkennen, das klingt auch gut.

    Morgen geht das Projekt weiter, da werd ich die powered cab mit den modifizierten outputsetting testen. Danach bin ich schlauer.

    for the dxr10 user try following settings in monitor output menu:

    Bass +5

    Middle +2

    Treble - 2

    Presence -2,5

    Kone setting on without imprint

    Bass boost off

    Tried too get the Original profile sound from my studio monitors and headphones.

    Tell me your experience.

    yeah it's sad but true. So many possibility in the settings, but in the end, it's a no brainer for me. Tried it in different rehearsal, we play rock cover like guns n roses, rhcp etc.

    I was so exhausted as i get it, but to keep it and not use it anymore it's too expensive to collect dust.

    ich werde das powered cabinet wieder verkaufen, hat nicht annähernd meine Erwartungen erfüllt. Verwende wieder die Yamaha dxr10. Hat einen deutlich besseren sound mit mehr eiern

    i have my powered kabinet 1 year now and think i will sale it, cause it doesn't work for my Coverband. My Yamaha dxr10 does the job better with more balls.

    Reason 1: the sound is harsh without enough bottom end. Tried all possible Options in frfr and with the speaker imprints.

    It sounds thin and weak and too harsh.

    Reason 2: if i change my angle to the speaker or the Position on the stage, the sound get lost.

    I m so sorry that i will sell it, but my expectations were not fulfills.

    it depends on your guitar and your pickup system. There are so many different systems out there. You have to try out a bunch of different profiles. I have in a e-guitar a lr baggs tune o matic bridge and in my acoustic lr baggs anthem, which are two different systems. The profile that works with the guitar1 doesn't work with guitar2. You have to find out what works best for your guitar and System.

    for alexkemp86.

    sorry I didn't want to be rude, the reason for my post is just, every time a slash profile is offered, I am very excited because I am a big slash fan and am disappointed after I bought and tested the profiles then mostly again after extensive testing. most of the time they sound either too harsh or unusable in the mix. There are good and bad profiles, it is always a question of personal taste and usability.

    there are so many cool gn ́r songs, sweet child may no longer be played in many guitar stores, because they have been played too often. it would be cool to demonstrate other riffs to get an idea of whether your profiles are more the AFD or UYI Era.

    the possibility to download a profile from each package for free and to test is a real cool feature.


    I'm sorry, it wasn't my intention to offend anyone, so keep on rockin

    it would be cool if Thomas Dill make a real or video Workshop to explain the most important Features in a practical way, like the Videos on YouTube. Or a Workshop seminar for paying users.

    Wäre echt cool eine Frage-Antwort Runde zu machen für einen Erfahrungsaustausch.