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    FIXED: I wasn't even familiar with the "Panorama" function until my KPA started glitching on me as I was making preset adjustments with headphones on. 3 different presets suddenly went to "panned hard left", without me doing anything. I finally located the panorama feature, which was mysteriously set to -5 (hard left). I set it back to zero and saved the preset. 2 minutes later, same thing. Appears to be a glitch.

    UPDATE: I was running TRS cables into the Kemper Switch/Pedal inputs. The Roland FC-300 that I am using sends a CC#10 signal out of the #1 pedal output. CC#10 is what Kemper has routed to control the Panorama function. Unplug the TRS, problem solved! Was not aware that I could utilize all of the FC-300's functionality via the midi cable alone.

    I think the subject line pretty much covers the idea. Cab 1 for Main Out Right, Cab 2 for Main Out Left. I understand it would be difficult to run 2 profiles at the same time (a feature I would love to see someday) but I wonder if 2 cabs at the same time would be doable, utilizing the Main Outputs. Would really open up some tonal possibilities!

    Forgive me as I'm sure this exists somewhere in the Forum. I would like to know where there is a collection of cab profiles (other than the obvious cabs attached to existing profiles). Would like to experiment with different/multiple cabs. Forum search for "Cab Profiles" brought up multiple pages but nothing directly addressing Cabs on their own. Any help would be much appreciated!

    She is fantastic!! Don't let the quirkiness fool you. Saw her live a year or so ago. She is very much in touch with tone, technique and textures. She's exploring odd sounding things but she can most definitely play her ass off. Definitely one to keep an eye on!

    Issue with the 4.0.0 update: System Settings>Page 11/18>Pedal assignment not retained upon restart. Running an FC-300 (2 expression pedals). Current settings; MorphPedal>Wah and MorphPedal>Pitch. Upon restarting the KPA, the pedal assignment boxes are unchecked. Prior to the update the settings page retained all of my previous settings. Any input/ideas?

    With the FC-300 plugged up, I was able to get the looper functioning by setting and resetting the pedal function modes manually (the polarity) but not able to get the controller to do it. I could run standard cables out of the FC-300 but this would negate my expression pedal and every other function other than standard on/off commands. I'm thinking there is a way, I just have not quite found it....

    Using a Roland FC-300, highest CC# available is 95. Anyone know of a workaround (without using an additional plugin or any additional gear)? The FC-300 is a great foot controller, built like a tank with (2) expression pedals attached. Looper is not necessary for my needs but would certainly like to have it available.

    What I see in this short vid is the Gain parameter appears to be controlled by an expression pedal. This hits both my happy and sad receptors. Happy, because I spent a good deal of time developing a stand-alone pedal (gain/distortion type) that could migrate from pristine clean to over the top distortion in by simply engaging the pedal in the same manner as a volume pedal. Sad because it kind of negates the need for my pedal research. Think Boston's "Foreplay/Long Time" build-up and you can start to imaging how useful this can be. Or, think of how Jeff Beck so masterfully uses his volume knob. Jeff's rig is set up with gobs of gain but he rarely goes flat out, instead preferring to use the gain to help punctuate the mood of his solos. Using the expression pedal to control the gain allows for a HUGE amount of variable in a single preset. Rather than switching from a clean preset to high gain preset, we would now be able to gain the full range from one profile. Pretty useful stuff!

    I've been using the FC-300 for some time now. For my needs it is perfect. Did not want to have to carry around/set up additional expression pedals. Also don't have a song in my setlist that exceeds 5 presets. I assign a midi preset to every profile I use. If i want a specific effect I will set up a specific profile. The front row of 5 buttons make it very easy to navigate while playing without having to concentrate on the pedal board. Ex: Song 1 may use presets 1-4. If I am switching to another amp profile and different effects for the next song I may program that song to 6-10, etc.