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    I'm about to put up some low to mid gain profiles from an AC15 hand wired anniversary Vox amp. I made these profiles using both channels and three different mics pretty much straight on and close to the grill. I've become very fond of Mr Petty's sound lately for some reason. I used a 60's tele to dial in the sound and also G&L 500 so they may be a bit bright for anyone using a hum bucker. I tried some other amps and got some good sounds but this little amp got the closest to my ears. I hope someone can use them.

    I put up several profiles tonight that have two kinda unusual cabinets. One is a 1965 Marshall 4-10. Its on the dark side and has a greenback vibe. The other is a homemade cabinet with some original 1965 Jensen 10Q speakers that a buddy gave me. Included are some merged profiles so you can get the cabs as I profiled them. Just putting these up hoping that someone can use them. They both have their place. Someone into the old original fender speakers should be able to use the Jensen profiles. The Marshall cab may be of use to someone looking for a darker sound.

    I'm enjoying the new 6.0 and as usual I need to play more.

    I just acquired a Genz Benz El Diablo 60/30 combo. This is my second Benz Benz. Built like a tank and almost as heavy as one. Two channel, one clean and one high gain. The amp has active EQ on both channels, a vintage/modern switch, a compression/boost switch, a tube contour control and a global attack switch. it also has reverb on both channels and an overall master. I have the Black Pearl from Benz and this is a totally different thing. The clean channel is very nice and it can be dialed up a bit for a slight crunch. The high gain channel is very Mesa like in most respects. But with all the controls, it has a lot of sounds. At lower gain settings is has a Fender sound to me and then it switches to Mesa Recti sound as the gain goes up. Not many Marshall sounds to my ears, but with the active EQ, this thing has a ton of sounds. I also added in a few new Marshall SLX profiles that are a bit on the dark side.

    I'm also working on a set of Zeppelin profiles. I've got couple and when I get a few more done, I'll put them up here. They will be from what ever amp I can find that gets close to the tone. I'm also going to try and use the correct guitar on these, some Tele, Some LP, etc. In the process I'm learning a few more Zep tunes!

    These will be under Hays on the exchange.

    To add a little flavor to my Pumpkins experience. I spent the later part of the 90's and into the 2000's immersed in bluegrass and the banjo. During that time I did not listen much outside of bluegrass, so I missed the Pumpkins. Literally, a few weeks ago I saw Corgan on a podcast with Joe Rogan. I'm always looking for new music and during the podcast I downloaded the greatest hits. The next day I drove to the coast and listened. Now, I had heard bits of a few of the songs but not much. For the last few weeks, I've had a few of the songs stuck in my head, so I went up a few days ago to see if I could find the sound.

    I'm often late on things and sometimes its a good thing.

    I went up today to make a Cherub Rock profile. I had not played in a while and had it on my mind to try and make one. But first I logged on to check out new profiles and low and behold, there it was. I like it very much, thanks!

    I've uploaded some 5153 profiles from a 50 watt. I know there are already quite a few profiles of this series of amps on the exchange but I decided to go ahead and put some up anyway. I've got two clean and around 5-6 each of the three different channels. I used an old Marshall 8412 cab as well as a Marshall JCM 900-1960. I merged a few other cabs in as well for some different sounds. They sound good with my Sportscaster.

    [Blocked Image:]DSC07994 by crhfish, on Flickr

    I just added to the exchange 5 rigs, all with familiar VH names, each a bit different. I made these with a 5 watt Hotone micro amp, the purple wind. I had done some before but did them direct. I did all of these using a mic and then changing the cabs to get a sound I like. These are weird in that they behave like a Plexi behaves. The guitar and in particular the pickups can really sound different from guitar to guitar. I also find the brown sound to be a bit different to everyone and when you go back and listen close it is a bit different song to song. If you are interested in this sound play with these a bit and change cabs. You can make these darker or brighter fairly easily and the gain needs to be adjusted for your setup.

    Bottoms Up!

    I put up a few profiles today. Two sets from the Black Pearl using an SM57, each set is different gain, a few Blues jr profiles and a few more from my Vox hand wired AC15. It was to cold here to do anything else. The AC15 is tricky, if you set it up using a Strat, it can sound not so good on a humbucker based guitar and vise versa. While its true that the guitar is not in the loop when the profile is made, it is very much in the loop when you set the amp up and find a sound you like. I hope these are OK, my ears are fried.

    Thanks for including me in your digest. I meant for the full name to be China Grove. I found that amp In Alabama where my dad lives and brought it back to Texas. I'm not sure what they used to record that song but in playing around with it after I did the profile I thought it sounded allot like the song China Grove.

    One more thing, I live in that little town down around San Antone, China Grove.

    Thats a Deluxe I built and blew up a few times. Its hard to profile for some reason. I'll try again soon. I'm actually able to play some today. All the relatives have gone home. Its hard to play much when the babies are using your music room for naps.

    Here is the Black Pearl amp. Its a 30 Watt class A EL84 amp. Switchable from triode to pentode with a voicing switch (5 voicings) and a boost mode. I don't know how to do the math but that gives you 100 plus settings for different sounds and the EQ is really done right. It has a direct out thats designed to mimic their red fang speakers. The profiles I have done are mostly through that onboard direct out.

    [Blocked Image:]

    I really appreciate the comments. Its been a tough month here at the hays house. I had the flu for a week, cut one of my fingers for another week, then we had family in for Thanksgiving and this last week my little sister is staying with us while she is getting a divorce. She came to town to look for work. I have not been able to play anything but an acoustic for a month and then only for a few minutes. I really do plan on trying to do some more profiles, I hope soon......

    Man, thanks for the comments. I'm glad someone can use them. I hope to do some more over the next few weeks. I actually have a few that I have not uploaded from a Black Pearl Genz Benz that is just a killer amp. I also want to do some more AC15 profiles and mess around with the new Delays. All this stuff to do. I can't complain, I just spent two weeks in the mountains and feel refreshed.

    I noticed Vaisatchatrucci put up some pretty good Carr Rambler profiles on the exchange. I remember him from the old eleven rack forum. Check these out when you get a chance. Its good to see he migrated over to the dark side. I also added some more Black Pearl profiles.


    So I'm home sick with the crud, all by myself and decide to go play around a bit. Saying I was really bored is an understatement. I'm cleaning out a drawer and find this old thing that I purchased new in the 80's. Its an Ibanez Rock and Play cassette deck for practice. Back in the day you could play through this to songs and slow the speed down a bit to learn things. It has two sounds, distortion and distortion plus chorus. thats it, two switches. I decided to try and profile it. Here it is by the way between Geddy and Alex on top of the Champ.

    [Blocked Image:]

    This gets a surprisingly good Boston sound to my ears. Its very sensitive to the Cab thats used. Its just for fun. I put up a couple of profiles called Boston.

    I guess I'm on a roll. I make my weekly stop at a few pawn shops. The second one has an amp made by Genz Benz. I though they made bass amps, but this one is a gem and I got it for basically lunch money. I don't think they knew anything about it either. I looked it up on my phone and found a few very glowing reviews. Its a single channel with a switchable boost, 30/15 watts with a compensated unbalanced line out.

    I have tried using line outs before with mixed results, this one is done right. It sounds great and I would guess they tried to compensate it to the redfang speakers that originally came with this setup. The reviews are correct about this amp. The tone controls are perfect and very usable, the boost basically give you a two channel thing if you want it. Its loud and built like a tank. The sounds options on this amp are numerous as if also has a voicing switch that turns it into five different sounding versions and they work. I'm really impressed. It also has the triode pentode switch but I have not even messed with that yet.

    I put up a few profiles, I will probably add some more later. Look for Pearl.