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    I have a KPA, an AxeFX Ultra & a VG-99. I also use Amplitube & Guitar Rig; Cool sounds abound- Part of the key is workflow; if you're a tweaker, then you can make almost any combo work if you have the time & patience. I find the KPA much faster to get a sound up that works for me. Since getting the KPA, I'm a little less interested in getting an AXE-FXII to replace the Ultra, especially now that KPA Performance Mode has been implemented. The secret sauce are the Kemper's effects which are really quite unique- great mod effects, etc-I LOVE the Strymon & Eventide stuff- a Timeline or an H9 in the KPA FX loop would work great

    I've got a prob that has me Baffled Like A Newb; On tour, using a combo of VG-99/FC300 and KPA going out to separate amps. Was starting to use midi to match/contrast patches-I assigned ch7 on the VG & KPA, & set a patch on the Kemper to prog#1, browsed to another patch, hit pedal1 on the FC, & the KPA switched. Beautiful! Didn't have time to program more, as I was at soundcheck, so I thought, I've got a day off in Seattle, I'll do it all then; the KPA has stopped responding- everything is set EXACTLY as before- I've checked I/O, swapped cables, restarted, & no go. Any help or ideas would be appreciated-Thanks :|

    The KPA in it's current form, with all it's limitations, is an extraordinary technological accomplishment; it's obviously been released in a very advanced beta state-Performance Mode hasn't even been implemented yet! I for one, are really glad that It's "In The Wild", so that it's issues can be ironed out, with users like us- the KPA is already changing the course of guitar technological history; I can't wait to see where this extremely innovative & disruptive breakthrough goes!