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    I think I learned a useful trick from Burkhard. It’s easy enough to implement. I had been missing the ability to disable all stomps on the Stage and now I know I can simply toggle them on and off with an external switch.

    I’m probably very nit-picky with my tone but I think external pedals sound slightly better into the input with stomps disabled. Thanks again!

    Hi Burkhard,

    Sorry for the delay in my reply, but I just got some time to try your fix. You are a genius - problem solved!

    For the benefit of others, I simply plugged in a boss FS-5L switch and followed Burkhard's instructions. voilà

    Thank you!


    Hi Burkhard,

    Thanks for the reply. Ok, I now realize the problem only impacts a few profiles. Specifically, these are profiles I haven't loaded since I sold my old rack version. I do remember occasionally disabling the stomp section. Is that the issue?

    Restarting my stage hasn't helped. I am running the latest OS build that was release (8.6.6).

    Any other thoughts on how to recover these profiles...they are fantastic and I'd hate to not be able to use the stomp section!



    I'm running into a very odd problem with my stage. It's telling me the entire stomp section is disabled and there doesn't seem to be a way to turn it back on. Does anyone know how? Any theories on why this would happen in the first place?

    Picture below:


    This! I think that‘s usually the issue. Problem is that in my experience the studio monitors are much closer the PA/FOH sound than what comes out of the Kabinet (kinda self evident since you get the sound of mic‘ed cab). So I don‘t see much reason to „tune“ the profiles to the Kabinet, unless you use it as your main sound source on stage/rehearsal.

    I dont do much tweaking to my HS8 monitors. I tend to leave profiles as-is in that respect. Having shuffled through more than a hundred quality commercial profiles, the average profile sounds multiples better through my monitors vs the Kab, even in FRFR mode. To my ears anyway. A good profile is created with the intention of sounding like an amp would on a recording, or otherwise hitting the listeners ears directly in a live situation. So I’ve come to expect great amp tones at my desk…just puzzled as to why I dont get seem to get that same sound quality in FRFR mode…


    I'm struggling to get a good sound and good feel out of my powered cab. I'm very accustomed to playing through my studio monitors and getting nearly (subjectively) perfect tone. I thought the Kabinet would be a logical extension of my setup for getting amp in the room and for personal monitoring in gig settings. I though it would be at least as good as the sound out of my monitors. But I'm just getting, well, comparatively very crappy tone out of it. Its not even close to the quality I get out of my studio monitors, even in FR mode. And it doesn't feel nearly as good to play. I think I must be doing something "wrong." I tend to trust the wisdom of the Kemper crowd and it seems like just about everyone else loves it. I'm on the verge of sending of it back...

    Has anyone else had this experience? Also, wondering - the manual says to use an instrument cable for the powered kab. Is that actually correct, or should it be a speaker cable, or perhaps a microphone cable? Has anyone found that the type of cabling matters?


    Hello routing experts,

    My goal is to be able to send only my main/monitor output signal to my Apollo twin and monitors (or any other monitor set up, like my soon to be delivered Kemper Kab) together with an external looper and a drum machine, capturing my fully processed guitar sound in an external looper (e.g., play it back via Aux). The reason is simply for the expanded functionality over the onboard looper, especially quantization. I'm trying to avoid the two alternatives that I know will work which include either using a stereo effects loop (hence giving up an effects slot), or sending my main/monitor output to the looper and drum machine, and from the external gear on to my monitoring system. Again, my goal is to keep everything in the Kemper and send both my on the fly loops and other sounds, like a drum machine, through the KPA to my external listening system.

    So far, I'm not having any luck. Well, I can get sound back for certain, but not without a lot of phasing and excess volume. Here's my current attempted routing:

    1/4" Main output (also tried monitor outputs) to a Ditto Looper, Ditto Looper to Returns 1 and 2; Aux In --> Main

    XLR Main output to Apollo

    Is there a way this can be accomplished?


    Interesting and sick! I am especially surprised about all the pre stuff. How do you use the EQ and what are your experiences? How does the pre boost behave, especially in comparison to the internal boosts of the Kemper?

    As for the fm3... wow, I don't think there are many human beings who use it only for Revebs and delays :D.

    Thanks! Its actually a bit more versatile than I originally described. I have a couple of amps that I run through a reactive load into the FM3 when I want that sound, although I'm always left feeling like I should just sell the amps because the Kemper sounds the same (or better)! The FM3 can run stereo IRs which sound incredible and also eq, compression, chorus, trem, etc., and I also use it for acoustic guitar.

    The main advantage of the Fromel EQ, aside from its simplicity and perfect frequency selection is that it has a super high quality buffer. Hence I can run a bunch of extra cabling through pedals and not experience any appreciable tone loss, or loss of feel. I don't fault the Kemper's EQs or boosts at all. They sound fantastic and on some profiles I do use the parametric EQ after the stack for a bit of volume boost and tone shaping (especially the 'cut the mix' preset). I think the Kemper takes external boosts and drives just like an amp as long as you understand how the amp as profiled would naturally respond to boosts and drives...which is perfect for me because my drives and boosts each do something special.

    I recently swapped out the POG for a Jackson Broken Arrow drive. I have found that the Kemper's pitch shifter is actually very, very good and mostly does what I want from the POG.

    My biggest learning from years of experimentation as mentioned in my original posts is that the Kemper's reverbs don't work for me. For lack of a better way of putting it, its almost like they "smoosh" the amp profile and degrade the original tone and feel of the amp capture. And also the stereo and mono loops similarly mess with the feel too much adding a kind of unnatural digital stiffness. All my perception of course, others may disagree, but this is what I've found. My results with the Kemper are so incredibly satisfying set up this way that I would recommend anyone to give it a shot, e.g., put your time based effects and modulations all post-Kemper and see if you don't love it even more!

    And I would add, it's actually not so crazy to have something like the FM3 dedicated to effects. I mean, if you own a Timeline and a Big Sky you're basically into the cost of the FM3 anyway, but the FM3 does WAY more, and it also probably sounds just as good, or better...

    Since you already have 2 devices (Profiler & FM3), try dual amp setup with what you have and see if you like it. Personally, I absolutely love it but I'm sure it depends on what you like. For example, I like a brighter cleanish amp (just at the edge of breakup) combined with a warmer, slightly darker amp with some crunch. Adds loads of "depth" to the sound and is fun to play with finger dynamics and guitar volume knob.

    As I said above, just try it. :)

    Ha, that is true! Actually I used to own the FX3 and played around with dual amps. It was cool, but in comparison to the Kemper, it could never keep up in terms of tone and feel/dynamics. Hence and forevermore the FM3 is strictly relegated to effects only. I'm really just curious specifically about the dual Kemper concept, but thanks for your reply!

    I'm currently a Stage owner, thinking about picking up a Toaster for use at home (possibly at church) to experiment with dual amp sounds. It seems like it'd be super cool to run a '63 AC30 on one side and a 60's Twin on the other side and blend them together. For reference I run my KPA out into an FM3 for effects, so presumably I just feed left from one Kemper and right from the other into the FM3 and do the mixing in the FM3.

    Any thoughts from the folks who have tried a dual Kemper set up? Pros, cons? I'd certainly be a customer of a dual KPA v2 if it were on the horizon. Wondering if the Kemper is going this direction. Any hints? Should I wait and see?

    Thanks All!

    Proudly presenting board version number seventy thousand million! I think I'm finally done! Well, we'll see, but I have definitely reached a pinnacle setup. All the tone shaping I ever wanted, and the KPA has never sound better than it does now connected to FM3, bypassing KPA's onboard reverb and delay. Reverb makes all the difference to my ears (and may playing). My ONLY frustration over the years (5 years to be exact) with the Kemper is that the reverbs just don't sound right. Yesterday I turned a reverb block back on just to see if I was crazy, and I'm not. The delays are OK, but the reverb sounds actually degrade the very high quality, reference amp integrity, and feel the amp section produces, in my opinion. My advice - free up your Kemper by relieving it of its reverb responsibility and run something stand alone. It could be anything. Also, in my opinion, and after extensive tweaking and testing, the best results do not come from using the stereo effects return but from the main out. I can never match the levels precisely in the effects loop, and the overall feel changes negatively (kinda stiffens up like a harsh buffer or something). All of this my opinion, your mileage may vary of course, but I would encourage anyone to try out my approach and let us know what you find out!

    I've never loved my Kemper more than I do now. Quad Cortex??? Please! You can't beat the Kemper! Its just to damn good, too addictive, too versatile, and my experience with it keeps getting better and making me happier and happier. And believe me, I've been down every rabbit trail know to guitarists, and even sold and repurchased multiple Kempers along the way. The Kemper always wins and by a large margin. ckemper is a pure genious. He built the greatest device in the history of guitar amplifiers, after the amplifier itself, of course. He runs his company with great integrity by building products that truly last, and he updates it for free too! :)

    Here's how I set it up:

    Signal Chain:

    Guitar --> Origin Effects Cali76 --> Fromel Shape EQ --> Earthquaker Palisades --> Seafoam Lowtide --> Jetter Red2 --> ChaseBliss Brothers --> EP Booster --> Profiler Stage

    EH Pog2 in a mono effects loop before the "stack"

    Main Out Left/Right --> Axe FX FM3 (runs all my reverbs and delays) --> XLR Output --> Apollo Twin --> Yamaha HS8's

    The Kemper switches presets on the FM3, and I also use the FM3 buttons to switch scenes. I run one or two expression pedals off the FM3 including volume (I like it post amp, pre effects).

    Under the board: I made a three way IEC plug that feeds the KPA, the FM3, and Cioks power supply to feed my pedals so I only need one power cord to the board (its Rockboard with patch bay)

    I am a little over two weeks into the Kemper. I am blow away, it's my end all in amps. I have already came to that conclusion. Very simple to use in reality and the ease to edit any profile to YOUR tone fantastic. I like your setup. Very clean and streamlined. I don't have the pedalboard as of yet but I have setup the HX Effects via midi. I am currently waiting for my two expression pedals to come tomorrow from FedEx. one pedal for the HX Effects and the other for the Kemper. I haven't used either units wahs or whammy's as of yet. I want to be as streamlined as possible too.

    Are you planning to run the HX Stomp 4CM? I had that setup once upon a time with the Axe FX8. It worked really well. Since then, Kemper has caught up or surpassed other brands on delay and reverb, so I'm finding a rich pallet of unique drives to be my only functional need these days.

    I agree - it is slightly different. I find the mono loop is the best, but sometimes I have to normalize the volume level. I have solved it by running out the loop switcher in the front of the KPA AND into the loop. So a slight modification to what I posted above. Some presets run drives/comp/pog/etc into the front, and others through the loop. I tend to use whatever works best for the particular song.