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    I don’t think that’s necessarily correct. If I understand what CK is saying the imprints will sound like the original speaker in that cabinet. For example, a V30 in a Mesa Thiele will sound Duffy to a V30 in a Marshall or Fender cab. Therefore, a V30 imprint will sound like a V30 in the same cabinet. Rather than the Konrad needing a specific style of cabinet to sound like a V30.

    That seems to be the idea but how it works in practice remains to be seen. Given Kemper’s track record though I have high hopes for this 😁

    I agree with you. However few Oxford, Celestion Blue, or other iconic speakers are used in a ported cabinet. So, as I mentioned, they would not necessarily sound bad. Rather, different than intended. Since the speaker makes more difference in the overall sound than the amp driving it, changing the response will affect the way the profile is presented.

    In other words, don't expect that a great profile of an old Fender tweed amp will sound as authentic with the Kone in a ported cabinet, as opposed to a sealed Kabinet.

    As I understand your explanations, it's no Problem to Change from the EVM12L in my Thiele-1x12"-cabinet to the Kemper-Kone. It will be very interesting for me to compare the result to a Kemper-Kabinett.

    I think that due to the port in the cabinet, the speaker response will be different than what the Imprint was designed for. As a result, the sound will differ from the ideal that Kemper designed to. This does not mean that it would sound bad, per se, but less like the chosen speaker.

    I have stated before, and remain convinced that the ability to morph between 2-rigs will become a reality with the current hardware.

    I actually think it could be done....whether it would infringe on the Tone Dexter patents is another matter.

    The tone Dexter uses a microphone input from an external mic as it's reference, not noise as the Kemper does, so I don't think it would be *that* difficult for the Kemper to do.

    I think I would like to see morphing between 2 different amps 😉

    That would provide a fine solution for 80% of us.

    I’m unaware of the impact.

    But, let’s be fair. The kemper release is a major release adding brand new reverbs that we’re not contemplated when those patches were released. In fact, some of them were profiles released when they were “hacking” things together to try to achieve the tones you now can by default.

    Line 6 would break stuff just because they were unbreaking something somewhere else. Minor releases would render whole workflows useless and it would be unrelated to net new functionality.

    For reference, I also asked the same question on another group. There are indeed issues with the update.…malink&id=552583978584308

    ckemper , Burkhard

    So, I'm confused. I have read a number of instances where updating to the most recent release version has destroyed morphing in rigs and/or performances. I've also read where the reverbs in every rig/performance have been rendered useless with regard to their settings. Is this indeed the case?

    Will, for example, Brian Carl's "Together" performances need to be updated to be fully functional? How about the Tone Junky performances, Dan Lombardi's swells, shimmer and Freeze, all of Troy Trahan's performances, etc? I'm not trying to be overly dramatic - I just want to understand what I'm up against going forward with the new 5.7 release version.

    Thanks in advance!

    Incidentally, That's why I only install "Release Versions". Also, this is why I gave up on Line 6 and didn't buy an AxeFx....I don't want to have to update every stinkin' patch every time they issue a firmware/software update.