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    I'll continue to predict that we will eventually get the ability to morph between 2 rigs or at least amps. It will require no more memory, as all of the rigs in a performance are already in memory so that the switching is near instantaneous.

    So, since there is already a crossfade between rigs in the same performance, when can we expect to see Morphing between rigs in the same performance? It sounds like a variable crossfade time parameter assigned to the morph position of a footswitch, or a morph pedal should be easily achievable? ?

    Don't all those adverts scrolling across the screen and the interruptions to your playing for those "messages from our sponsors" drive you nuts?

    Actually, those don't bother me as much as ones telling me that "Your car's warranty is expiring soon...." =O

    Short answer; you could be right, you could be wrong I really don’t know enough about what goes on under the hood to know if it is technically possible but it seems unlike.

    long answer: as ckemper and Burkhard are fond of saying “what problem would it solve?” The difficulty I would foresee is how to morph between two amp blocks that need to occupy the same slot simultaneously in order to morph smoothly between them. I don’t believe this is currently possible with the hardware (but who knows except the developers). Therefore, if you can’t morph the amp blocks all that would be possible would be to morph between the FX in each rig. However, in the vast majority of cases I would think that could be achieved with the current morph features within the same rig slot.

    Am I missing something? Or is that bear going to be heading my way ?

    Hopefully no bears are heading your way. If so, I don't have to run faster than it, I just have to get past you. :huh:^^

    Time will tell......

    i predict it won’t ?

    seriously though, it don’t think it is possible with the current hardware as it would presumably need the ability to have both slots (therefore two rigs) loaded simultaneously. If the hardware was capable of that there would be nothing to stop dual amp rigs either.

    Dual amp rigs are a little different, as they would both have to occupy the same memory slot (I suppose).

    Morphing between two performance slots should be much easier (apart from the coding) since both rigs are already in memory - which is why the switching between rigs in a performance is virtually instantaneous.

    We already have delay spillover from slot-to-slot, so there is currently some cross-pollination now....just saying.

    I'll bet you a beer on it. ;)

    The advantage can also be a disadvantage, depends on the perspective. Writing efficient C code which scales and has no memory issues is way more difficult than in C++. You really have to know what you are doing. C++ makes a lot of things easier and you can incorporate C code into a C++ project. So from my perspective, it is not an "either / or" but complements each other. One has to find to find the sweet spot where to draw the line. Typically, there's a C interface with a C++ wrapper. So you can call the functions implemented close to the hardware with a high-level interface. I would assume that Kemper did it similar or even like this. :)

    From my conversation with Christoph, he did all of the programming in assembly language.

    I also have a Silver Sky. It's a wonderful Strat replacement. I Have owned Callaham, Fender Custom Shop and D'Pergo Strat style guitars. The quality, fretwork, finish, and play-ability are all right up there with the best. I believe that it's a much better value than the Fender Custom Shop Guitars.

    Another thing: it has a very useful tone control. I don't believe you can overestimate the value of a tone control that actually works and is nuanced with subtle tone variations - not just too bright -> muffled. John Mayer has great ears and spent 2+ years picking all of the prototypes apart before he put his name on it.

    I don't think you'll be disappointed.

    I suspect that there is some sort of mis-wiring in the output jack. Have you tried both speakers as the first in line, feeding the other?

    Do you have a powered Kemper?

    Thanks Mats! Even after having gone to the same NAMM show you have, I read your report. It seems that I don't have the same level of concentration or curiosity you do.......that, and I prefer to play golf in the morning and just swing by the show in the afternoon. :/:D