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    I think I would like to see morphing between 2 different amps 😉

    That would provide a fine solution for 80% of us.

    I’m unaware of the impact.

    But, let’s be fair. The kemper release is a major release adding brand new reverbs that we’re not contemplated when those patches were released. In fact, some of them were profiles released when they were “hacking” things together to try to achieve the tones you now can by default.

    Line 6 would break stuff just because they were unbreaking something somewhere else. Minor releases would render whole workflows useless and it would be unrelated to net new functionality.

    For reference, I also asked the same question on another group. There are indeed issues with the update.…malink&id=552583978584308

    ckemper , Burkhard

    So, I'm confused. I have read a number of instances where updating to the most recent release version has destroyed morphing in rigs and/or performances. I've also read where the reverbs in every rig/performance have been rendered useless with regard to their settings. Is this indeed the case?

    Will, for example, Brian Carl's "Together" performances need to be updated to be fully functional? How about the Tone Junky performances, Dan Lombardi's swells, shimmer and Freeze, all of Troy Trahan's performances, etc? I'm not trying to be overly dramatic - I just want to understand what I'm up against going forward with the new 5.7 release version.

    Thanks in advance!

    Incidentally, That's why I only install "Release Versions". Also, this is why I gave up on Line 6 and didn't buy an AxeFx....I don't want to have to update every stinkin' patch every time they issue a firmware/software update.

    Here’s the thing, after reading an article on the architecture of the Virus synth and the KPA (both invented by Christoph), it’s apparent that the processing concept of both is built on specific DSP chips created for processing audio. There are effects possibilities on these chips that are hardware coded. The CPU probably only deals with file and data handling, as per the basic functions of any operating system. It is my belief that the Kemper Profiling Amp was conceived with the DSP chips and their fully-exploited potential in mind, with the roadmap for FW and feature updates already laid out, limited only by the chips’ processing features, the timescale limited by the programmers’ ability to machine code their way around them. This is why I think we won’t see a Kemper 2 soon. One, because the roadmap of potential features hasn’t been explored to its end, two, because there hasn’t been an upgrade in that line of DSP processors since the KPA’s release. Kemper 2 would have to move away from dedicated DSP processors, which is a whole different skill set as a programmer, and would need raw processing specs akin to the Axe Fx III just to get up to where we are right now.

    I could easily be mistaken, but it is my understanding that the DSP chip Kemper is using is reaching end of life .