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    Clips tonight maybe, but until then...
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    Hey Sam, I'm not usually a fan of eclectically shaped guitars.....but, I will make an exception for that one! And, it has my favorite pickup combination.

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!

    Now, tell me about that bridge - I'm not familiar with those. What are it's unique attributes?

    My humble guess is that there are some significant changes on the horizon for the KPA. Rather than have to re-work an editor (and the inherent issues of a first release) to accommodate a software release that has foundational changes, they've decided to wait until the software/firmware has stabilized with the new features and then release the editor.

    As it is, they have to track changes in the Kemper and the Rig Manager. Adding a third "moving target" (the editor) would only increase support overhead and customer dissatisfaction.

    Let's say, for argument's sake, that they announce a floorboard version (i.e. Helix). Any editor would have to support both hardware platforms. And, if they announce that, it would likely have a different processor, AD/DA, etc. to keep the chips from being obsoleted by the supplier into the future.

    From conversations at NAMM 2016, I think many will be stunned at some of the things in the pipeline (the fertile mind of CK). I won't say more than that - not trying to be clever or exclusive, just wanting to be respectful of things said in confidence (and which may have changed drastically in the last 2-years).

    Ok, I checked the tuner switch configuration and it is marked correctly. I am at a loss here. It's like the switch has become defective....but that would be very surprising considering how little use it's had compared to the other switches.

    I haven't used mu KPA in about a month. The last time I used it, the tuner footswitch functioned perfectly. Now, it doesn't do anything. I can turn the chicken head knob on the Profiler, and I can still tune....but the switch on the remote has become non responsive. Interestingly, the little tuning LEDs below the switch do seem to function correctly.

    BTW, all of the other functions seem to work just fine, and I did try reseating the connectors.

    The KPA isn't at home now - it's at church - so I can't look to see which firmware is loaded. However, its an older release version....probably the first full release after the new delays.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Merry Christmas!

    So, a number of posts back:

    I tried this last Sunday, and BINGO! What a wonderful improvement. I just kept my guitar centered and panned the other instruments and voices. I had always know that this could be done on the AH ME-1, but never bothered to try it...lazy, I guess. Anyway, I have high quality in-ears, 64Audio, and now I am really happy with the whole IEM experience. So, Thank you @JohnL1974!

    @ winter NAMM 2016 CK mentioned several really cool things he was working on. He was already well along with the reverbs, and it sounded like he would have them out before now. So they are definitely coming. Two other things are on many wishlists. A few other things will be surprising.

    He doesn't like to emulate what other people have already done....he likes to approach familiar solutions/ideas from totally different directions.

    I have no current information, but I think that 2018 will be a fun year for Kemper owners.

    They will have just may not come in your time-frame. I would not be surprised to see one announced at NAMM in January. But, considering the long wait for the new reverbs, it could be announced later.

    I bet that they are looking to have some (or all) of the fabrication done overseas. There is no way they could be cost competitive with Line 6 by building it in Germany. However, choosing a manufacturer, getting CE and UL certifications, having samples made, alpha/beta testing,scheduling production, etc. takes a while. Line 6 had been working on the Helix for 5 years before they released it.


    Honestly I dont know..chances are high for that if quality and playability are indeed what I am looking for..and the sound is at least just a little bit more than "good"..I need a "high quality tool".I dont expect love at the first least not when it comes to tone.My 70s Strat set a very high standard (for me)..

    btw..I am not a big TA fan..great quality but indeed (IMO) to "cold"..same reason I never bought me a PRS.

    I feel the same way about the sound of the Suhrs I've played, YMMV.

    You could pick up a nice used Fender Custom Shop Strat off of eBay in your price range. They are very nice instruments, IMO.

    Actually, before (not instead of) the editor, I would like to have them eliminate the need to scroll through all of the effects to get to the one I want to use.

    I think they have some big new enhancements on their plate (getting ready for release), and have been reluctant to have to live with the same kind of bugs and complaints that they've had to with the Rig Manager as the core product evolves. It's one thing supporting a hardware product - and they do superbly well at that - it's an entirely different thing providing software support...Think about the number of questions that our little community fields, on a daily basis, that can quite easily be answered in the manual.

    From what I've seen, many of the hardware issues have a common origin and can be fixed with a firmware update. It seems like about 20% of the overall complaints are about Rig Manager. Those complaints are often related to someone's specific computer hardware a result, they can be more labor intensive to solve.

    Now, imagine the increase in support required for an's no surprise to me that CK has resisted to this point. I would imagine that the increase in sales would barely offset the increase in support costs.