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    Another thing, when I click "OK", it goes back to the import/export screen but stays frozen there. I can't exit or anything. It won't even power off...I have to pull the power cord to shut it down. After it restarts, it seems normal but the new rigs were not added. Anyone?

    Just got an error trying to import some new rigs. I've done this already a handful of times with no issues. Just downloaded some new ones from the exchange today...saved them to the Shared folder on my Kemper formatted USB stick...selected external storage -> import... and after about 5 minutes there was an X on the screen with a message that reads: "An unknown error has occurred". There are additional words underneath that but it is cut off and I can't make it out.

    Tried twice so far with the same result. Has anyone experienced this before? And if so, what is causing it and what can I do to fix it?

    BTW, I'm on if that matters.

    Thanks for the info, Guitartone. I'll try that tonight.

    JoeBlob - I know how to turn the cab off, I was looking to try different cabs in the rig. I'm playing through Yamaha HS80's so I want to leave the cab on.

    Hey guys, new user here trying to wrap my head around a couple things. Up until now, I've been thoroughly enjoying playing through the various profiles posted on the Rig Exchange. I love what I'm hearing, but now I'm ready to experiment.

    I keep hearing about people switching out the cabinets, but for the life of me I cannot figure it out. I read through the manual and did not see anything about how to do this (although reading comprehension is not my strong suit).

    Can someone explain in pretty simple terms how this is accomplished? Thanks!

    Mitch, great to have you here. I actually have your first cd in my collection. Brings back good memories.

    Thanks for sharing the profiles and looking forward to more in the future!

    Still not a bass amp per se, but bottomline is whatever suits someone ;)

    I am not a bass player, but I play the bass to my recordings, so I am really interested in any new ones and build a nice bass profiles set. Looking forward to the profiles!

    Not entirely true, but I guess it's a matter of semantics. Fender originally introduced the Bassman as a bass amp. It just so happens to work better as a guitar amp.