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    Thanks for the review....I appreciate you taking the time to be specific! It really helps other people determine if this pack is for them or not...

    You have my gratitude!

    Thanks to You for letting us try these profiles. I would recommend this set to anyone looking for early 70's crunch sounds, as reference I could easily get a tone which reminds me of Rolling Stone's Get Her Ya-Ya's out.

    Thanks for sending the profiles. I tested them with my Les Paul and I have found them very interesting, my favourite are the ones with Vox cab and low/mid gain. They have something special on the high frequencies which I liked a lot... classy '70's cruchy sound!

    The profiles seem to be very sensitive to Clarity parameter, that I rised to around 4 to attenuate fizz frequencies, and I also lowened to -0,1 the high shift parameter on the cab to get a fuller sound.

    Very good job, thank you again! ;-)

    Hi, a quick question... Is it possible to connect the monitor out of Kemper to the input of my tube amp (Orange ad30 TC combo) which has no effect loop? Do I risk to damage the amp?

    I know it's not an ideal situation (impedance mismatching + orange preamp), it's just a curiosity for testing purposes.

    Any suggestion?

    Increasing the feedback is not problemi, I cando it with the "infinite" function in the delay optional. A real time delay time control would be useful in some specifical situations.

    Hello, I tried morphing but it's not the same effect. Controlling delay time You can hear the repetitions ramping up, that's what I like.

    I downloaded the midi documentation but I cannot find the NRPN controlling the delay time... Can You tell me the parameters please?

    I think it should be possible to do it... I just need to know the values. Thank You!

    Hi, could somebody help me to find the NRPN to control delay time? I like the weird sounds of an analog delay oscillating but I need to control delay time with my midi footswitch... and tap tempo does not work for me. Thank You! :)

    Did You download Franz Plasa rig pack? There is a profile of a SUNN T amp. The rig pack is available on Kemper web site

    It would be great but I think the problem is that presets are not identified by any number...
    Do You have free slots in the "X" or "MOD" effect sections? If so You could save a couple of delay presets to recall when You need them.

    If I understood You propose to change the desidered paramaters via NRPN keeping the same delay model.... and that's a great idea to create presets! I will try for sure.
    Only one point in Your message is not clear to me: I don't think it is necessary to sent the 0 value for the parameter You don't want to change... it should be enough to send the correct value for th parameter You intend to modify, according to the values stated in the Kemper midi documentation.
    You can also use 3 cc instead of 4 sending cc119 replacing cc06 and cc38: in this case You will send a 7 bit value NRPN.

    Thank You for Your reply! My idea was to recall the different delay types with NRPN, obviously this will not be possible untill each delay will have his own value nr. assigned. I know the alternative would be to duplicate a rig with different delay models, even if I don't like that much this solution.

    You could just save one Rig for each song? Or you could organize this in performance mode - but messing with the locking from MIDI during program changes etc. sounds like a recipe for mess.

    Really? It does not seem a messy solution to me... at least if the user knows what he's doing.
    Using a rig per song or performance mode does not give the same results; I don't know if this request is feasible technically, but I still think that the profiler would benefit a lot in terms of flexibility from this solution.