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    I just picked SD Power Stage 170 from local private market for 220 EUR (retail price here 380-400 EUR). Seems to work well with my Marshall 4x12 and I'm really looking forward to test that with Kemper Kabinet which should arrive tomorrow.

    IMHO the SD price is quite high and personally I would have probably bought Camplifier if I would have not been lucky finding this SD preowned.

    Hi! I’m controlling my Kemper with midi track played with Cymatic lp-16. Mainly program changes but also few cc commands to switch on/off in some songs.

    I’ve had this setup for few years now on I would never go back to manual switching as this gives freedom to move on the stage 👍🏻

    Just updated. First installed new beta for the RM end then new kaos.bin to KPA with USB. So far so good, installation went like before and connection between KPA and RM seems to work fine for me. I'm using Mac El Capitan.

    I also have the DXR10 and I'm very pleased with it. It is easily loud enough for any application I could imagine, sound is transparent enough and what's best in this thing IMO, it is very handy to carry around due to its compact size and sturdy handles. :thumbup:

    I usually have the Low cut set at 100Hz when using it on stage to get rid of any excess low end.

    Well, if this enables recording of MIDI-wah streams, generated by analogue pedals connected to the Kemper, alongside DI tracks, it'll be what I've been asking for for 2 years, and I'll be absolutely-stoked.
    For those who haven't thought about it, it means one would be able to re-amp whilst also sending the original wah movements made during recording of the DI track.

    In addition to the re-amping process, this would also help creating MIDI backing tracks controlling Kemper. I'm using Cymatic LP-16 backing track player to switch present along with the click track. If I understood correctly this new feature, you could record e.g. volume swell and lowpass pedal movements home and send that data from MIDI device to Kemper live. Earlier such volume/wah curves were needed to be created manually in DAW.

    I faced this issue yesterday when trying to dial presets for my old cover band which we are playing again after few years. I need one preset which has really hard, like shutter type tremolo with max depth running on 16th notes. I noticed that it is almost impossible to get the tempo right. After some tries I can get it right, but I don't have time for that during the show. Also, if I don't get the tempo right, that hard tremolo will sound horrible :(

    I never had that issue when I was using similar sound with Line 6 M13 some years ago.

    I watched your live broadcast in Facebook regarding profile sample recordings and since that I have been pressing F5 on your profile web page for a to see if the 5150 pack would show up. :D Any timeline for that? I can't wait!

    I also had a volume drop (felt like input volume drop, because the guitar signal became very weak) during couple of shows after updating to 5 final release. I could not repeat the issue at home, which left with quite uncomfortable feeling to play live next time, becauce I'm not sure if it happens again or not.

    It's very hard to describe the problem, when it happens during live show. I rebooted my KPA and disconnected the MIDI-signal, which comes from Cymatic LP-16 (changing presets with backing track), but I'm not sure which one of these removed the problem. When I played the set through at home with identical setup, everything worked perfectly...