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    I just recently noticed that the LCD in my remote is very dark and difficult to read. I first though that the issue is with the ethernet cable but yesterday i noticed that when I slightly tap the display with by finger it goes back to normal.

    Has someone had similar issues? Could the problem be with the display itself or the wiring? To me this sounds like bad connection but I'm not an electrician...

    I guess its driven by why to you want 2 Kabs? Is it for stereo? If so you only have 2 options, 2 powred Kabs or a stereo power amp.

    If you don;t want stereo, why not swap your unpowered for powered Rack/Toaster ?

    I bought the powered rack and drive 2 Kabinets....very happy.

    To have stereos setup, for sure! Like said, not really surprised that this is not possible with the new powered cab, but would have been nice to have as many of us have unpowered Kempers and passible kemper cab. Probably the powered toaster would be the way to go. It's just that the unpowered toaster has nice empty compartment on the back to store my wireless receiver :)

    I wish this powered cab would have included the possibility to drive additional passive Kemper Cab with the same integrated amp. It's not that there would have been any indications for this option, but I was just hoping for that. :D

    I don't really know what to do, should I get rid of the passive cab + SD Powerstage 170 and buy this active cab instead? Or keep this current setup and buy active cab to have stereo setup? Anyway, I'm not a fan of this passive cab + external amp so I guess I have to think about that again.. :/


    I use morph function to increase the rig volume level (+2db-3db) and possibly increase gain and mids if necessary. I activate the morph by pressing the performance slot button while that same slot is being active as don't have pedal assigned for morph.

    Before the morphing feature was available, I used to have clean boost located in X-slot after stack, which also did the trick for me. Nowadays I prefer to use morph as by doing that I can free this X-slot to be used for something else.

    I just picked SD Power Stage 170 from local private market for 220 EUR (retail price here 380-400 EUR). Seems to work well with my Marshall 4x12 and I'm really looking forward to test that with Kemper Kabinet which should arrive tomorrow.

    IMHO the SD price is quite high and personally I would have probably bought Camplifier if I would have not been lucky finding this SD preowned.

    Hi! I’m controlling my Kemper with midi track played with Cymatic lp-16. Mainly program changes but also few cc commands to switch on/off in some songs.

    I’ve had this setup for few years now on I would never go back to manual switching as this gives freedom to move on the stage ??

    Just updated. First installed new beta for the RM end then new kaos.bin to KPA with USB. So far so good, installation went like before and connection between KPA and RM seems to work fine for me. I'm using Mac El Capitan.

    I also have the DXR10 and I'm very pleased with it. It is easily loud enough for any application I could imagine, sound is transparent enough and what's best in this thing IMO, it is very handy to carry around due to its compact size and sturdy handles. :thumbup:

    I usually have the Low cut set at 100Hz when using it on stage to get rid of any excess low end.