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    Thank you both. I hope I never stop learning.

    I think I will do another profiling session with the UNLEASH so that I can do it in my home. Just in order to learn as much as I can about the procedure. And then, later, I will organize a session in a studio. There is so much knowledge about profiling, that the studio engineers cannot help me because it is different than recording.

    Especially EQing the profile before the refinement step seems to be crucial. And this is difficult to do when you are in the same room with the reference amp. At home I have a hole in the wall between my kitchen and the livingroom. But I have to tame the amp with the UNLEACH. That's not ideal, but good for a start. My last profiling I did in the rehearsal room of a friend. The amp runs free (without attenuator) but EQing was only through noise-cancelling headphones. (BOSE quiet comfort 35) Now all those profiles are a bit too bright.

    Ah! Thank you. I think I see the point.

    Maybe later I will try to follow the exact merging procedure. Just wondering if I will be able to use the Studio Profile where I now took the CAB module from. As this was from an earlier session with the same amp.

    But until then I am already happy with what it sounds like now.

    I have made new profiles of my favourite amp. I like merged profiles best, so I also did a DI profile. And later, at home I made a "merged" profile like this:

    1) I brought up the Studio profile and stored the cabinet as a CAB module.

    2) I brought up the DI profile, dialled in the new CAB module and saved it.

    It sounds great through my guitar speaker and through my studio monitors too. "Monitor Cab off" ticked in the Output section page 3/7. I am only irritated because during what I did there was never coming up the soft switch "merge Cabinet". Is this important?

    And looking it up in the manual now I read that they recommend a completely different method using Copy/Paste:

    From earlier times I remember that merged profiles were marked by an "M" somewhere. I can't find it. Or I don't remember well and there never was this "M".

    I mean it sounds awesome right now. But I just want to be shure that I won't face any problems during next soundcheck on a larger stage.

    Thanks for all your kind recommendations and help!

    I only now discovered the softswitch POWERAMP OFF in the on page 7 of the Output Menue. Does it really help a lot to switch off the poweramp in terms of

    1) hardware wearout?
    2) saving electricity?
    3) heat reduction?

    I guess yes, but with 1) I am not so shure. Does it? I know my tube amp was always grateful to have a rest when I made a pause of playing, but is it similar with class D power amps?

    I will faithfully try to switch it off just to safe the planet, but I am shure there will come the day when I turn the KPA on and I am totally terrified because the loudspeaker is dead because I forgot to switch on this softswitch again.

    Hello Kemperers,

    I didn't have time to update for a while, so my KPA is still on Version It runs flawless and I don't miss anything but now I would have some time so I am asking myself if I should install Ver 6 or if it would not be better to wait until Version 7 will be out soonish.

    Is it necessary to allways update incrementally from one Version to the next release or can I skip Version 6?

    best greetings

    How can I inverse the morph pedal so that the original sound is on toe down (not heel down as it is now) and the morph sound is heel down?
    I use a Zoom FP1 into the KPA´s Pedal 2 jack. Output Setting's Mode pedal2 or pedal1 makes no difference.
    Thank you for any sugestions.

    I once had a KPA head. I need to fly low budget so I checked in my Strat (neck unscrewed inside the suitcase) and took the KPA head into the cabin. Then the rack version came out and I thought: "wow, that´s much more practical!" After two years I sold the KPA for some other reasons and since then I travel again schlepping a small tube-amp with me.

    Now I am decided to buy a KPA again but I am not so shure whether the rack really is the best choice for me. It certainly is ideal for musicians who tour with an equipment truck and a roadie-crew but I am more touring small club-gigs where I myself have to carry all that I need in trains and busses and airplanes. I read the rack KPA needs a 4 unit rack case because of the heat dissipation. (I want the powered version). A 4 unit case might be a problem with finnicky check-in controls, the height exceeds the stupid 55 x 40 x 20 cm rule.

    The head weighs half a kilo more than the rack but if you carry it close to your body it can go inside a simple bag and only needs a little foam to protect the dials. The rack is much more bulky and heavy if you include the case in the equation.

    I am thankful for any hints, advice and reports from your point of view.

    Normally the volume of a single 25W speaker is enough for me, but I also have some bands that go really loud into the Keiji Haino, Peter Brötzmann region of volume.

    Can I divide the control dial into "fractions" of the wattage? That is how I do now with the BadCat Unleash: Unleash has 100W/8Ohms so when I connect a 50 Watt speaker I only go until noon. So far this always was a good guide. That said: noon in maximum, normally I am way lower than that!

    Except the afore mentioned occasion where I killed the Jensen P12R. That was a gig with a larger Freejazz ensemble with many saxes, another electric guitar and electric bass-guitar in a large venue without PA. So it was not really "really" loud in terms of Rockmusic, but just a deadly bit louder than I usually play. It was a 25W Jensen with the 100W Unleash poweramp so I started with the volume dial on 9 o clock (one quater) and in the middle of the gig I dared to go to 10:30 (one third), which was too much.

    I am just a bit worried because wit 600W the KPA has so much more power than my Unleash now. I don‘want to destroy a rented speaker...

    I am thinking about travelling with a KPA (power rack) and plugging into backline guitar cabinets that the venues offer. Very often this will be 4/12 cabinets with enough power-handling to go with the 600 Watts from the KPA‘s amp. But what if there is only a small combo amp with a single 50 Watt speaker or even weaker? Is there a technically reliable way of guessing how much I can turn up the output volume before destroying the speaker? I once had the similar problem with the Bad Cat Unleash killing a cute, innocent 25 Watt Jensen P12R in the heat of a gig.

    The only answer I know is : You can profile an amp (or preamp) but not a guitar.During the profiling process the Kemper produces signals to be analyzed.

    Ahh, yes! Now I remember: the KEMPER does these wobbling UFO-Sounds during the profiling. So no acoustic guitar profiles - what a pity.

    I would wish the Kemper could play guitar, With the existing perfectionism, that would probably be better than my playing. :D

    A while ago I was restoring an old recording of piano music. There were two large gaps of sudden silence from drop-outs in the middle of a dense moment of the music. And the "pattern recognition" algorithm of the software (RX btw.) was able to fill these gaps scaringly perfect!!!

    Has anybody here ever tried to use the KEMPER in a similar way like the Fishman AURA? That means to create a profile that compares the pickup signal of an acoustic guitar with the signal from a good microphone? Could this work by any means?

    Hi there,

    I am late — but thanks for your advice. I took a look at the manual and saw that indeed there is a general output EQ. I don't remember if it was there back then.

    Digitech MC2 looks interesting. From the pictures it seems like the pedal is very short. But I will give it a try If I stumble onto one.

    Hi Kemperists,

    I have been away for quite a while. A few years ago I sold my KEMPER and since then played my own small tube amp with a Bad Cat Unleash. That does the job quite good. But it is awkward to carry and to handle and I am still thinking a lot about buying another Kemper. Especially because in the meantime it comes with built in power amp. Which opens up a lot more options for gigs.

    I don't dare to ask if there is a floorversion planned. Seems to be a problem. Although for me this would be the most interesting.

    But there are other questions where you might be able to give me a hint:

    1) Is there any optical or magnetical controller pedal on the market? I talked to Lehle and they said, they might think about it for the future. I need a smooth running optical pedal for master volume control all at the end of the chain.

    2) I love the Electro Harmonix FREEZE. It is such a nice and handy tool. Like the left pedal on a piano. Very musical. Is there anything similar now in the effects rack of the KEMPER?

    3) Back then there was no master output EQ on the KEMPER. I really would love to have one because it makes adapting to rented backline amps much easier.

    best greetings


    First of all I would buy ear-protectors, if you play with a very loud band.... ;)

    Shure I did! 8)

    It's not that easy to find good FRFR-systems for the Kemper and it's hard to get a similar feel like playing an amp/combo. I've tried out several P.A/monitor-cabs and I found out that special FRFR-cabs like Atomic CLR, Camper CX112 and Matrix Q12a sound much better and give me more of the "real feel".

    I concentrated on active FRFR speakers because carrying a KPA plus a Matrix Q12a (or some other of the sort) is way too much when you travel. Even on trains but certainly in airplanes. I can't afford to pay overweight fees. I never played in a venue that was able to rent one of these "guitar special FRFR cabs" for me. And I don't think it is possible at all to get them from any backline rental company. Also I never understood the need for "guitar-special" FRFR if the idea of FRFR is flat response full range.

    Now I had a gig with with my (very :rolleyes: ) loud band. The setup was:

    my custom made 2x6V6 amp
    >> speaker out back to my amp's JENSEN Blackbird 12"
    >> line out into a Twin
    >> volmepedal (and FREEZE) into the FX loop of the UNLEASH

    An alternative setup could have been this, but I did not test it because we arrived late and the soundcheck was a bit in a
    hurry and I am more convinced that this setup will work fine anyway:

    my custom made 2x6V6 amp
    >> speaker out back to my amp's JENSEN BLACKBIRD 12"
    >> second speaker out connected to only the speakers of the Twin
    >> volmepedal (and FREEZE) into the FX loop of the UNLEASH

    It was a great sound and very good feel to play. In bands with a more reasonable, moderate volume level the little-big-amp setup with the UNLEASH is already clearly my favourite now. This certainly puts my KEMPER a bit closer to ebay. But I will wait until it I see how the UNLEASH works on a gig with airline travel. Guitar and UNLEASH checked in in the suitcase and my Champ as cabin luggage.