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    I “believe” chris plays a fender brownface Princeton almost exclusively, I could be wrong though, I believe so though, been awhile since I’ve seen chris. Not many brownface Princeton profiles running around, but there is a few killer Tyler amps profiles on the exchange that would work. Any of Michael britts fender edge of breakup profiles will get you that with Ease as well.

    Kemper powered rack and footswitch for sale! Lived in a rack it’s entire life, footswitch has spent a ton of time inside a case, extremely clean, bordering on mint. Pics available, will post ASAP. Just about every commercial pack made included. $2500 obo shipped from Orlando, FL. pm me, thanks!


    also I think it’s worth noting, the reason you are “probably” getting push back on ir’s compared to other digital platforms, is because of what the Kemper does in the first place. The Kemper, in layman’s terms, was Introduced and marketed in such a way, that the whole point was that you didn’t NEED ir’s, because you are making “profiles” of the Amp chain. Not saying you are wrong, just giving an explanation really.

    Ok, I’m With ya... “trying” to be more open minded here because I love using IR’s with the Kemper, and often have better results using direct profiles with ownhammer ( preference) IR’s as a whole verses using other merged cabs with direct profiles... so I do like the concept. So your saying your profiles, the impedance etc stays with the amp section of the profile, the amp part of the “merged” profile you make correct? What about the ir though? Obviously you need an amp to shoot an an ir?

    When capturing direct amp profiles, the connected cab / speakers / impedance has an influence to the sound of the amp part. That is why Kemper does not recommend using a speaker load - it does not give the best (authentic) result.

    So in "theory" we now have direct amp profiles that have the flavour of the used cab (interaction) baked in to a certain degree. If you now use another cab part or IR it is not a "perfect" fit anymore.

    Ahh yes, I totally forgot about this, had a dumb dumb moment, my apologies. Guess a load box is the way to go from now on.

    I guess, what I don’t understand is, how could there be a problem with the amp portion of a merged profile, as in theory it shouldn’t matter and should be fine with an IR? The problem would lie within the cabinet section. And a dIrect amp profile/amp portion of a merged profile should have nothing to do with it, as it is the “cleanest” part of the profile, no? Yes

    I answered the two clear questions you had. I must've missed this third one. All the demos we put out are the presets loaded up in the units, I thought that would go without saying. Even the real amps in the comparison are actually the real cabinet miked up. No IR loaders anywhere. Like I said before, cab modeling is the ML IR converted. I measure just a little bit of low end missing in the conversion process so there's an EQ after the amp section correcting it. It's a very subtle difference though and actually if you could link me to the analysis of the Cab Maker conversion being bad I'd love to have a read because it's really not "that bad". Once again I would make the statement that the reason IR's in general may sound bad is because the separation between an amp and cab has not been completely successful.

    The other profile maker's cab comparison is proving exactly what I'm trying to explain here. There were "merged profiles" involved. If they were truly authentically separating the amp and cabinet they should sound authentic. They just don't and I know those profiles sound really good with the correct amp profile. IMO things can be done in a much better way so that people don't need separate profiles for different use cases because things can be done in such a way where the same profile will work with a powered Kemper and a real cabinet, SS power amp + real cabinet, SS power amp + FRFR cabinet or a powered FRFR speaker and obviously in the studio as well.

    I’m sorry what? Could you link me to the analysis that the Kemper CANT actually separate amp and cab part appropriately? Or is that kinda... like... maybe... your opinion? You want a link “to analysis” of the cab maker being bad, almost mocking the poster, yet when someone calls you out because you think, 8 years after the Kemper is released that you somehow can do a BETTER job than CK ( and claiming it’s not actually that good of separation years after 3.0 was released), you are offended? AND because you “assumed” everyone would know your work here? Lol... this gets better and better every post.

    There’s no right answer here... it’s really quite simple: if you want to hear the “true” representation of the profile, you use FRFR: whether it be a ground monitor or in ears. If you want to hear your Direct/merged profiles through your cabinet because you like the way that “virtual” amp sounds on a cab, then use your favorites 4x12 or whatever traditional speaker cab. Merged profiles have the added benefit of being able to send the full profile direct out to the FOH, while still enjoying the “real amp” onstage sound with a cab experience. It’s all what you want to do in reality. Some guys even mic their cabs on stage while using direct amp profiles for a very traditional rig, being able to have “virtual amp heads” at their disposal to mic through their cab at any time... again, all in what you want to do...

    For what it’s worth, I have the profile used on vengeance. It was a profile done by Colin Richardson and Andy sneap: 5153 into a krank 4x12 with a db112 and an AT 250DE I believe. That is the tone on vengeance, and was the profile they were using live for the last few years. The tone by itself was a bit dark for Corey’s taste, so he has done some EQ to boost some of the higher frequencies and cut some low mids. It works well with Matt’s tone because of his 81s being brighter than Corey’s blackouts. They are now using a well known profilers profiles live. I won’t Say whose, But he does tons of amps, mostly high gain, and they are all merged format :). However live, no cabs are used on stage by trivium

    It’s not even the price thing... and for starters, you are definitely open to scrutiny in this forum as far as pricing, people are free to do that as they please. Especially since, once again we have another “ commercial profiler” here, claiming they have, once again, a “secret” technique to profiling: and a bold new claim that I haven’t seen said before: the new cab separation isn’t not that good, but fear not, WE have developed a secret technique. Basically implying you can do a better job than CK can..... do you see what that looks like from our point of view alittle now?

    Big hairy is legit... he’s been a staple on here for a few years, his stuff could definitely use more praise no doubt around here though for sure, dude has a great ear ( obviously given his credentials)