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    That's the same retail as the Celestion f12-x200....just sayin' :)

    The guy ( CK) LITERALLY says in like 3 different videos, the speaker is designed for Kemper/in collaboration with/specifically for.... Kemper... he says it like 4 different ways... I don’t see how we are still talking about this...

    Will be curious to see if the Kemper Cone, when using Kemper’s new cab, will be able to switch speaker imprints in real time when switching profiles. So for instance playing a direct profile of a Plexi into the greenback imprint, and then switching to a direct profile of a recto into the V30 imprint: THAT will be cool to me for sure..

    I like the statement that one can purchase the speaker separately. I have a great 1X12 that I can use. One thing that struck me on superficial level was that I have owned my Kemper for about 7 years now and my Kemper looks to have aged better than CK ;):D

    And there it is... ladies and gentleman: the weirdest comment ever made on the Kemper forum.

    I assume that the whole cone thing is quite simple : basics speakers create signals by moving purely on currents flowing and creating magnets to move (cones) , a mic does the opposite , it pics up the moving air from the speaker and turns it into an electrical current again. The maestro found a way to capture that stage instead of the mics job ... I'd say goodbye full blown studio profiles and welcome direct/merged ones !

    this makes sence , CK is a master of thinking out of the box , he looks at sounds instead of components ... true genius and the only one in the industry !


    This was kind of my thought as well. Basically a virtual speaker cab, with “speaker imprints” so to speak, that take out the microphone aspect completely, and basically “models” for lack of a

    Better word, whatever speaker you have selected in the Kemper cone section. Is that what you are saying as well? I could be way off here, only time will tell :)

    Little tip, crank up the master between 1 and 2 o'clock or so when profiling. The amp really opens up with the master pushed that high, similar to what happens when a 5150 hits 3 or so on its volume knob. The amp just comes to life that way. I gigged an ultra lead and a diezel Herbert in stereo for many years, and that's the way I always ran it.

    As is the compression setting in the amp block... it's a great sounding profile, but the same tweaks to any other profile will get you a similar feel to this profile, which is a lot of the appeal I've noticed over the years... not knocking it, just a reality check of what's going on with this particular profile...

    Here's an Andy Sneap inspired Testament 'The Gathering' / 'First Strike Still Deadly' rectifier tone. I think they used a mesa boogie triple rec but this is a dual rectifier.
    Oversized mesa 4x12 and a Maxon OD808

    this is my all time favorite recto tone, and these profiles come SCARY close, I mean scary. These are my personally favorite rectifier profiles, great job, never heard anyone come even remotely close to that tone: that style of recto tone needs more Attention, as no one seems to go for that anymore. Perfect job man, amazing tones in this pack

    Just an observation over the years: the term "mix ready" is kind of a sham, as it means different things to different people. Also, understand that this term is predominantly pointed at heavy distortion tones; these type of tones tend to eat all frequencies from lows to highs, and are harder to make sit in a mix right. Clean tones don't suffer from this nearly as much, and that is what is in this pack, clean to very mildly broken up tones. Example: try placing your fattest snare in a metal mix, then use that Same snare in say, a country mix; much less eqing will be needed in the country mix to get that snare to pop out and sound huge and fill verses the amount that will be needed to make it sit right in the metal mix.

    It's been happening in other forums too now. GearSlutz and Rig Talk spring immediately to mind.

    Seems every time someone starts a Kemper thread, a vendor who shall remain nameless appears spruiking his wares.

    This isn't just annoying (it really is, especially after it had to be taken care of here); it's a distraction from whatever issue/s the thread creators are trying to resolve. In these cases, it's mostly not even threads seeking Profile suggestions, which makes it even-worse IMHO.

    Pretty sure I can guess who you are referring to... still stand by my statement in this thread previously, probabky even more so now... seems that some of these dudes are literally trying to make a living "making profiles" like some of the most successful guys probably have. It's so blatantly apparent who is that desperate on here and on the kemper fb page: getting way out of control.

    Sounds like you know what you're doing, I'd pay good money for more profiles of your wizard and the others especially the fortin, I know I'm not alone either. Would absolutely love some merged and DI profiles as well, again good money would be paid for sure.

    Sounds fantastic... definitely not too bright... sounds like someone who captured all frequencies of the amp, micd it right, and wasn't afraid of high end like so many people are these many muffled profiles out there, I feel like people's ears get used to that. This sounds absolutely fantastic, great job.

    Let's just come back to reality here: sure anyone can charge whatever they want for said product, but these profiles have in no way shape or form lived up to the hype of their marketing or names behind the profiles. Reviews are generally negative, AT BEST.

    Still waiting for something that will even make me remotely consider buying from these guys... the marketing and hype sure doesn't equate to actual buzz on this site or any other for that matter... and no real user clips anywhere? This whole thing is super fishy to me.

    Depends, I could have stayed on C6 or C7 all night for my country gig this past weekend, and in fact I did for the most part. I also like a lot of Jamie's tweaked profiles, or the ones deemed to be "his" with the J next to them on the gain side of the profiles. They literally are all amazing in my opinion, every single one is usable and great, not one "ok" profile in the pack in my opinion. I'm willing to bet the ones I gravitated towards more were the greenback and V30 cabs blended in if I had to guess.

    For what it's worth, the guy running sound for us that night is considered one of the best in the state of Georgia, and owns a sound production company that runs sound (provides production atleast) for just about any major act that comes through the state. However, when I asked our guy what he had on me, he said nothing but a high pass filter around 80hz or so. Most of the profiles I used this weekend were Michael britts new CSR pack, but a few tunes the dumble was absolutely perfect. Our stage volume was so good, literally the best I've ever had, that I didn't even want to run ears for the show, so I didn't... some guys just know what they are doing for what it's worth. These didn't need any tweaking for me, lots of factors here of course, but it was absolutely the best stage sound I've ever had, let alone through the FOH.