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    I don't know - why don't you tell me, since you alluded to this very point yourself multiple times?

    So now your putting me under the radar here? For what? Because you think I'm "mean" for coming on the third party list and giving my review of profiles that have been on the market for months like im the one that should've caught this? Come on man... I was trying to keep it civil and give the seller the benefit of the doubt here...

    What I didn't like about the post is that it is posted as a review rather than a potential technical issue; "these sound bad" rather than "there must be something wrong with these".

    I guess that's fair judgment, but with how many profiles do sound like absolute garbage and aren't related to technical issues, how am I supposed to know? After all, this is a commercial profiler selling profiles at what is presumed to be a somewhat professional system of sort. Why would I assume someone who is selling profiles, and has had these particular profiles for sale for sometime, and given the fact the studio ones sound fine, hadn't caught this and/or there was some mind of technical issue?

    Thanks for the quick help... actually quite honestly if I'm being totally honest, your soundclip you posted sounds about 100 times better still than the direct profiles haha! And I mean that with trying to be funny to show you how bad they sound and to prove something is definitely wrong. But yes, that is very much what I'm experiencing, except they are much much flubbier, much more undefined and far away more "distant" and muffled sounding. I'm glad to see the issue is a simple one to pinpoint, however unfortunately I'm sure it causes a financial burden to fix in one way shape or form.

    I think you find most people don't post negative reviews here so as not to come off as mean. Even some of the worst profiles shared on here I scantly say anything while others compliment them. I don't know if they just work better for their guitars/pickups/tastes or they're just being polite. I offer constructive criticism when I think it's close or feel someone is genuinely seeking it.

    But you're right in that there are a lot of profilers out there, even most of the commercial ones I've tried, that I just really, really, really hated.

    Sure, and I completely get that. I'm not trying to be "mean", I mean people are trying to run a business here, and quite honestly, with how vastly different These are from the studio to the direct profiles, i feel it's not fair to the consumer to not be heard in a sense. So many people are pumping out profile after profile, I find it in bad taste to let something like this slip through the cracks, it's almost as if these were just done with no thought, not checked, thrown in a package and put up for sale. This isn't an issue about maybe settings being used that I don't care for, there is generally something wrong that I can't fathom how went unnoticed with these profiles. The studio profiles for the most part are fine. To my taste or not is debatable and up for opinion, they sound and behave like any other profile I've tried. The directs are the problem here. You don't have such complete desparity between direct and studio problems to this extreme unless something was done completely wrong.

    Have not, I'm not sure what difference it would make. I'm not asking for my money back or anything like that, simply stating my review. I find it strange there isn't any reviews about this either. It seems most just don't say anything when they don't like a certain profile pack, and I just don't believe that's fair either. To have nothing but glowing reviews or bad reviews is equally unfair. This isn't a question of using the rigs appropriately, this just just complete desparity between the studio and direct rigs. For what it's worth I have other packs from reamp and haven't had this issue.

    Huge buyers remorse here, but I feel with just how unusable these direct profiles are, and how vastly different they are from the studio profiles, I felt the need to post...

    The studio rigs, sound and react fine for what they are... these sound and feel like a mark V should. Namely, the definition is high on these profiles (7-9 range) boosted or unboosted- inline with what you would expect in profiling this amp and similar high gainers.

    The directs however, are a completely different story. every one of them is completely unusable through my cabs in my room, or my cabs on my Kemper, including my very best merged cabs from lasse, tonehammer, and a few from other high profile studios not available commercially. Every single profile sounds as if I'm in the neck position with the tone knob rolled off, absolutely no definition, completely unnatural sounding, with weird clicks and nastiness, by far the most unusable set of directs I've ever used. The kick here is, almost every profile has the definition set around 2-4, completely unlike anything you would get out of a mark V. When adding cabs, they are the most distant and boomy unusable profiles I've ever used, even with the brightest cabs I have, it sounds like listening to an amp through a wall. There is definitely something wrong here. I even tried reloading them multiple times to make sure there was no issue.

    Sorry for the frank review, but with as much difference between the studio and direct profiles here, and with so many people putting up high quality direct and merged profiles, I felt the need to review and hope others don't fall victim to the buyers remorse I feel as well.

    Guys these profiles are scary good... I do admit I bought 5 merged profiles and I used my own personal favorite cabs ( tonehammer/deadlight studios) but I can without a doubt say some of these are my favorite high gain profiles of all time. For those with a low tuned guitar you will be in love. Boosted with the green scream yields some of the most brutal and punishingly tight profiles I've heard in awhile. Check out deadlight studios Marshall 1960AV cab on axis with a single 57 with some of these and prepare to be floored. That grinds midrange that is in Dino's tone especially demanufacture era is there, I can see why he thinks this head sounds a lot like his. And jerry was nice enough to send me a few freebies! I'll post my favorites tomorrow, but absolutely worth the buy. Make sure to check out the profiles with bass boost.

    Ironically I made a statement about this in another thread...

    I think it honestly comes down to this... it seems like those who have to push their profiles at every thread and Facebook post are doing so because quite frankly their stuff isn't nearly as talked about/liked.. sorry if that sounds direct, but some of the most successful profilers don't have to do that, and let their work speak for itself...this isn't always the case, and of course, this is my opinion only and is based of course on my taste in profiles. I admit though, with so many more commercial profilers than there were last year ( and especially in the years before that), it is much tougher to do than in the early days when there were just a few ( amp factory and soundside come to my mind)... but, like everything in life with business and competition, it is what it is. Newer profilers just have to work much harder than those who paved the way it seems,but in my opinion, spamming on everything and anything and any social media site, especially in today's market, turns me off completely from the get go... if your work is really good by today's tough standards, it will shine through in some way.

    Good luck getting any unbiased answers around here initially: it seems the new trend is for people to come in and immediately spam their own personal profiles: happening a lot more lately, so I'm just calling it like I see it...

    Problem is, you often can't really judge what an amp really sounds like that you've never played, because basing your opinion on profiles is like 30 people looking at the same thing from different directions and backgrounds: and the mic placement, settings, outboard gear, people's ears and what pleases them and turns them off, the mix they are trying to fit into etc are the "different backgrounds and viewpoints" in that situation, make sense?

    You really need to find a profiler that you enjoy what they do more than others, and probably stick with what they release: this has been the best luck for me, as well as many others who gravitate towards their favorite commercial profilers. There are many times I will see profiles released of an amp that I'm a huge fan of, but may not be at all a fan of who is actually doing the profiling. This is also vice versa: sometimes there is an amp I'm apathetic about or not super interested in, but I'll pick it up because I know the profiler gets great tones out of everything ( according to my ear)and it will be usable and probably better than I think... this is a good starting point for you in my opinion... find profilers you really enjoy most of their stuff and their " flavor" if you will... there's a bunch of them out there now, it's gonna take some time to get through the majority nowadays...

    Time and time again I reccomend tonehammer for darn near everything... his JVM pack is easily my favorite and I believe he has an AFD pack as well... he just released an official pack with Kemper for free including rigs he sells, I highly suggest you check it out. His profiles always sound the most real and "normal" to me and what I want out of a recorded or live tone, I also use his cabs on just about everything.

    Hopefully the majority of your profiles are not with eq all at noon? Eq at noon on the 5153 is by no means "flat" or "neutral" as far as eq spectrum is concerned on that amp, and I've never seen anyone rave about those settings??? Surely not a setting I've ever used on my 5153 that I've had for years...

    For some reason, I can't get this to work right. Amp effects send to Kemper send, Amp return to Kemper return/alternate input ( there's two connections back there I think). I've tried putting the mono and the stereo loop in the X slot, and I get nothing, not sure what I am doing wrong here. I just want to use post amp effects some times with my "real" amp, not interested in 4cm or anything like that here, thanks!

    Not bashing profilers, but I found TJ's the absolute worst sounding merged profiles that I've ever used, without a doubt, for whatever reason. They simply do not sound right at all through my real speaker cabinet, every pack I've had of his had this problem with the merged profiles. While the best sounding merged I've used are tonehammers far and away for me personally.

    Just wanted to point out, I wouldn't judge all merged profiles by one profilers examples, just my opinion...

    The EQ in the X spot is damn near perfect on every profile... talk about polishing up a profile and making it studio and live ready immediately just by engaging the EQ they have in the profiles... wow... loving them all... try the EMS 3 profile with a tubescreamer upfront and the EQ engaged... could be my favorite lead tone in years.