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    Dankeschön! :thumbsup:
    Glad to hear it works good for you too. Yes, I "designed" it for SC.

    By the way: I guess all the acoustic-sims out there work just with an EQ set to specific settings. I just made my preset up through learning by burning. Do you know which frequencies exactly have to be pulled or pushed to get the best results regarding acoustic sounds on an electric???

    Greetings and on more Danke for your "I like"

    Hi everyone,

    I just uploaded a Rig called "Acoustic Dream". It´s my first upload and I hope somebody will like it :S .

    Comp - Studio EQ - Stack EQ (Bass -1.4) - Graph EQ - AirChorus - TapDly - Hall

    I get the best results, when using the single coil of my splitted Bridge HB (Harry Häussel).

    Comments welcome!


    What do you think? Should we collect the, lets say, 5 most sought after efx/Features from our forum and have everybody vote for their number one? Maybe:

    A Pitch Shifter :thumbsup:
    Foot Controller
    Two Rigs at the same time
    Studio EQ in the Output Section
    Perform Mode :P

    Something like: click on on your favorite item, and a counter counts (what else should it do) automatically the votes.

    That way, CK would get a more precise picture of what we would like to have. Don´t get me wrong, I´m sure CK knows what´s to do to make the KPA better and better. It´s just another mean of support.


    Thanks for your welcomes! Seems that we have a ton of seriously friendly and dedicated "Dauer-Kemper" in here. :thumbsup:
    By the way: Recorded the first few tracks: Guitar -> KPA -> Motu via two XLR -> Mac. And again: BIG :D !!! Two different Amps panned hard left&right. Nice, indeed!
    Can´t wait for the next gig to try some more Ampsounds on Saturday live through our PA. Next up: the Andertons Black Terror with TillS 006 Cab and with 058 for the mellower tones!
    Found the "Breath"-Patch very nice for the intro of "Pull me under" of Dream Theater or "Pretender" by the FooFighters. Is it discussed somewhere, which Factory-Rig matches which "real" song best? If not, what do you think?

    Greetings and :)

    Hi there,

    I bought my KPA a week ago incl. a case, profiled, rehearsed and giged with it! Everything´s :thumbsup: ! I´d like to know, if anybody could tell me something about the quality of the Profiling Amplifier Protection Bag???

    Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany

    Hi everybody,

    I got my KPA a week ago. Can´t tell you, how happy I am. I love it when you try out new gear and everything works out better than expected :thumbsup: !!!! What can I say? The Presets sound cool. The User-Rigs are great. Changing the cabs is amazing! Last Saturday i tried it live. My main distorted sounds are Andertons Tiny Terror Profile and the "High Way" - Preset. I tried some of TillS Cabs on the Tiny Terror - unbelievable how chameleonesk one single amp can be. For the clean sounds I used a twin and I made up a preset WITHOUT cab and amp. Just EQ, Reverb and chorus to make my guitar sound as acoustic as possible - very nice!!! :D Everything is controlled via a Roland FC300. And all sounds cut through the bandsound very well.
    A lot of our gigs we are mixing on stage. How much easier it is now to get a good balanced mix without my (beloved) Engl SE blasting in my ears from behind! The only thing, that I found to be strange, is that the stereo widener stomp has just one page although my KPA tells me I´m page 3/3. But i guess that has been noticed somewhere else in the forum. Man, I really try to read a lot, but there are so many informations... ^^

    Greetings from a happy Guitar-Fellow!