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    Thank you guys.

    I´ve stolen the synth sound idea from Steve Stevens who also played the synth sounds in the bridge of Rebel Yell ("I walked the ward with you, babe A thousand miles with you...") just with a guitar, not with a synth. Key is NOT to use an Amp or Cab, so switch it off. The distortion comes from a
    Muffin (drive: 3.8, Tone 4.7, Mix 100%) in the Stomp section. In he X slot is
    Hyper Chorus (Depth 5.7, Amount 3.0, Mix 100%), which is followed by a
    Chromatic Pitcher (Voice 1 -12, Voice 2 +12, Balance - 30%, Mix -30%) in the MOD slot. You can add a
    Chromatic Pitch in slot B to pitch the sound 1 octave up. I ticked the box "Smooth Chords". You get some digital glitches, which I find great for a more synth like sound.

    As usual: some delay and reverb helps also...

    Have Fun!

    I got myself 2 Seymour Duncan P-Rail Pickups inclusive the ingenius Triple Shot Pick Up Frame with mini switches for Humbucker seriell/parallel and P90/single coil operation mode! :thumbup:

    2nd one is directly in the back of the kemper...right? 8o
    Can you try two octaves up like in KILLING IN THE NAME OF? Right now I´m at home with no pedal....

    Erm, I use these all the time and not seen that noticeably latency? I used to play killing in the I'll re-check it as not used it in that way recently.

    It could be my playing is so sloppy that I don't notice...:)

    Or you move you foot a little earlier than we do....

    Sorry to say, that there is a very noticable lag in the kemper pedal pitcher... i´m using the mission ep1, so i´m quite sure it´s a kemper problem, since you have that problem with an other pedal too. IIRC somebody mentioned, that the latency or lag is smaller, when you connect your pedal directly to the back of the kemper...anyway please contact support.

    I used 9er strings and and a to heavy pick. Other than that the sound is acoustic enough for. Specially in a Live Band setting:

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    Hi Andy,

    i´m not sure if I understand everything correctly, but I´ll try an answer. ^^

    So imagine that I always want I, II and III to correspond to stomps A, B and C and IV to Delay (effects)....just for example.

    Can I do that across all performances? So far I can only see how to configure this per slot in a Rig.

    I´d use the LOCK function.

    Next, volume control. Imagine I were to set this to -5 so that the range goes from zero (mute) to maximum. Again, how do I get this behaviour to apply to all performances?

    The Master Volume is global and doesn´t change when changing the rigs. The Rig Volume is (as far as I know) not lock-able and it also wouldn´t make to much sense since most rigs differ in Volume. So balance them out manually and store it. :D

    Finally, slightly stranger. Before getting my remote, I was just using an expression pedal to morph my rigs from zero delay mix to 36% mix....and a change in EQ, volume and gain. Now that I have the remote, but still like the morph feature, can I just set up a separate delay in another position (say C) and turn that on and off via the remote, even though the morph feature controls the delay I have set in my "Delay" in the Effects section? Currently my fave rigs are set with my rhythm sound heel down and lead sound toe down, but there are scenarios where I want to layer delay onto my rhythm sound without the other changes my morph is currently set for.

    You can have Delays in 7 slots ( A,B,C,D, Mod, X, DLY) and the morph should only change the delay you "programmed"

    Sorry if I missunderstood your questions and gave useless answers.... ||

    What about the cumulated latency when using multiple digital devices? G30 (4ms), Kemper (3ms), Digital Mixer like x32 (about 2ms), active PA speakers with dsp (don´t know...maybe 4 ms as well). When does it start to become a problem? Should we use analog wireless systems to cut down the latency a bit?