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    Hi Andy,

    i´m not sure if I understand everything correctly, but I´ll try an answer. ^^

    So imagine that I always want I, II and III to correspond to stomps A, B and C and IV to Delay (effects)....just for example.

    Can I do that across all performances? So far I can only see how to configure this per slot in a Rig.

    I´d use the LOCK function.

    Next, volume control. Imagine I were to set this to -5 so that the range goes from zero (mute) to maximum. Again, how do I get this behaviour to apply to all performances?

    The Master Volume is global and doesn´t change when changing the rigs. The Rig Volume is (as far as I know) not lock-able and it also wouldn´t make to much sense since most rigs differ in Volume. So balance them out manually and store it. :D

    Finally, slightly stranger. Before getting my remote, I was just using an expression pedal to morph my rigs from zero delay mix to 36% mix....and a change in EQ, volume and gain. Now that I have the remote, but still like the morph feature, can I just set up a separate delay in another position (say C) and turn that on and off via the remote, even though the morph feature controls the delay I have set in my "Delay" in the Effects section? Currently my fave rigs are set with my rhythm sound heel down and lead sound toe down, but there are scenarios where I want to layer delay onto my rhythm sound without the other changes my morph is currently set for.

    You can have Delays in 7 slots ( A,B,C,D, Mod, X, DLY) and the morph should only change the delay you "programmed"

    Sorry if I missunderstood your questions and gave useless answers.... ||

    What about the cumulated latency when using multiple digital devices? G30 (4ms), Kemper (3ms), Digital Mixer like x32 (about 2ms), active PA speakers with dsp (don´t know...maybe 4 ms as well). When does it start to become a problem? Should we use analog wireless systems to cut down the latency a bit?

    Hell Yeah!

    These are the kind of videos I show to my grown up guitar students, when they complain: "Oh, my hands are too small" or "That barre chord hurts my fingers"

    I hope those videos encourage more girls and women to pick up the electric guitar and rock! Still 90% of my guitar students are male.

    It would make my life much easier, if there was a Dropdown Menu (like the "sorted by..." in browser mode) when renaming Slots with:

    Or the user can save his own naming conventions.

    The third button above the screen is not assigned to anything, when your on the renaming page. A nice place for this application. ^^

    Hey Bert,

    sounds cool, too. I found the sound result for a 1000€ guitar pretty nice, although I played lead pretty harsh.

    Did you ever try an electric with piezo through your profiles? Or in a live situation before you had the kemper? I used to have a MusicMan Luke II but the body and frets were confusingly small, when changing from Siggi Braun Signature.

    The Brigde PU on my new Schecter C1 e/a startet to feedback uncontrolleably at fairly low gain settings. "This guitar is not made for metal" was my response from the german schecter distributor. And I know he´s right. But I had my local guitar shop repair man remove the cover. He found chunks of wax but not were it should be. He cleaned the pickup and put some new wax at the right place and left the Pick Up cover in the draw. Well, what can I say: It can metal! :D

    I found in mbritt´s custodian a nice companion for my c1 Humbucker and Bert´s Acoustic Profiles for he piezo sounds are also great.

    1) 69 Marshall 50 G7 (Bridge PU) Strat in 69 Marshall Pack (yeah, i know it´s a surprise)
    2) Marshall solo ++ (Neck and Bridge PU) Strat in Mbritt Pack 1
    3) Dumble CLN $+ ( Neck and inbetween bridge 4 way switched etc) Strat Mbritt Pack 2
    4) Victory VX Kraken (Bea's own profile not MBritt) PRS guitar is Bea´s own profil not MBritt ;)
    5) Matchless SC30 BC6 -PRS coil split middle position + Bridge i think Pack 1 as well

    For natural overtones you should take the ones that are on 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, etc of the stringlength.
    1/2 = octave (12th fret on open strings)
    1/3 = Fifth (7th fret on open strings)
    1/4 = double octave (5th fret)
    1/5 = third over double octave(4th fret)
    1/6 = fifth over double octave (3rd fret)


    But, by any means: go wild on the intervalls

    I use the double octave on (of course) Killing in the name of and set for that song the rise and falltime to minimum.

    So, NAMM is over and a some products made I found to be very nice. Digitechs FREQOUT Pedel for example. You press it and it let´s your note go into what sound like a natural harmonic (5th, 8ve, etc). What I couldn´t replicate was the neverending sustain of the note to make up for an ebow. But the transition from the note to it´s "harmonic" sounds pretty convincing with these settings:

    Put a chromatic Pitch stomp in slot A
    Set Voice Pitch 1 to the desired harmonic (e.g. 12 for octave)
    Engage Formant Shift and set it to a negative amount (e.g. -3.5)
    Set Mix to -50
    EDIT: Don´t forget to set the voice balance to -50!

    Now the the morphing part:
    In the RIG Settings page 5 set Rise Time to 1/2. And enable Tempo on page 2 (80bpm it is at the moment). This way you can change the rise time with the TAP Tempo button of the remote
    Select "Momentary" on said page 5
    Go back to the Chromatic Pitch Stomp page 2. Press and Hold the Switch (1,2,3, 4 or 5 - whereever your current rig is)
    Set Mix to +50. Done

    I raise also the gain when morphing is engaged the prolong the sustain a little.

    Please forgive me for wasting your time, if someone else already made up something like this. :whistling: