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    Bought the Marshall and the driftwood for higher gain stuff.

    The Driftwood surprised my ear. It´s really HIGH gain and the first set of mbritt profiles, where I wanna lower the highs. But otoh it´s one of the few highgain sounds you can use for rhythm AND solo. I found this a pleasing surprise. My new favorite High High High Gain Amp. :D

    And the Marshall: A very good one. Also a first: I added some bass. Now it´s perfect!

    Thanks for the feedback guys. I also wanted to let you know there's a key "hidden" in plain sight at the bottom of most of the pages for a quick reference to what the cryptic amp names are. The Mini Packs use the real names so far, so it'll mainly be for the previous bundle packs.

    Thanks Mike, that´s really helpfull. Just loaded the pdf. Also a great overview of your profiling work.

    I already bought two mini packs and will test them tonight. I like the idea of having some more highgainers profiled with your CL80 cab. That way, they would blend perfectly with my other mbritt profiles.


    Dear Friends,

    i just played an Open Air Gig at the HANSE SAIL at the baltic sea with my Rockband. Yesterday I was brave and loaded 3.1.0. and turned Pure Cab on 5. What can I say? I went flawless an the sound from the sidefills and wedges was loud and outstanding! My main rig is Michael Britts CAE PT100.

    Didn´t have time to try pure cab on 0 and 10. And I didn´t encounter any bugs.

    I´d would love to have that option. We always play set of 30, 40 or 45 min. And to have a quick reference would be great. If I take a look on my remote in perform mode, it could be perfectly placed in the upper right corner opposite to the rig number. It could be, that long rig names would be shortend but that wouldn´t bother me to much!

    Ah ok, in this case you're right and I see what you mean.
    But with a WYSIWYG looper like this FR it doesn't make much sense to me.
    I should know if something is recorded as there is no real possibility to 'prepare' a recording for a song.
    If loops were storable I'd consider your FR a 'must'.

    Hi Ingolf,

    I´m on 3.0.1 and guess what I just spotted on my remote, after having recorded something with the looper and going back to perform mode... :D

    The public beta and the release version of 3.0 are not identical. Please update to the release version.

    Hi hj,
    after some problems during the update process (no new firmware found on stick - imation 4GB -, DSP Errors, not able to format, etc ) i got now the 3.0Release installed. And so far my issues from my OP seem to be solved.

    Thanks and Dankeschön

    Hi Paults,

    I´m on 3.0, but I think it´s the beta. I´m checking back, when I had my 8hours of sleep sliced up in portions of 2hours, thanks to my milk-hungry Mini-Me.
    Didn´t I read, that the beta and the release is identical???

    Might be important: I used only michael britts profiles and I was in performance mode.


    i´ve used my remote this weekend for the first time live. Everything went fine except for two issues:

    1) After reordering my performances, I noticed that, when stepping through my performances the previews where strange. The Remote (and the display on my kemper) showed my AC/DC performance in two different positions (8 and 13). But it´s only on 8! When I stepped on the slot 1 button, it showed the correct performance (mbritts CAA) in position 13. Live I thought, I had accidently erased the CAA perfomance, which I gladly didn´t. I also had that behavior on other performances too. Not finding the right performance is quite problem!!!

    2) When trying to assign fx to the remote via the kemper rig menu, the selected fx slot was sometimes assigned to a different fx button than expected. Example: I held down the X-slot and pressed down the first assign button, the x-slot got then assigned to the third button. I had that on a number of rigs, but I couldn´t find a pattern. Sometimes the assignment work, sometimes not.

    BUT: I really enjoyed useing the remote!!! :thumbup:

    I often want to record a backing track of sorts in the looper - for example a chord progression over which to solo. Typically, I want the rhythm part in the loop to be a different rig than that which I use for the solo. Currently, the looper takes up all the remote buttons for changing rigs. I'd like a way to keep a loop running, but switch the remote back to its normal setting. Here's one way I can see this done: while the looper is playing, make the tuner button a way to switch the remote back to rig selection mode, then another push of tuner to put it back into the current looper mode.

    Hi Zappledan,

    Maybe I get you wrong (might be my poor english), but when you play a loop you can hit the looper button, be back in perform mode change rigs, fx, etc and the loop will continue to play. What is it that you´re asking for?

    Hi Hurricane,

    could you check if you have something in the x and/or mod Slot? I found that the the volumes of These slots had an influence on the Loop Volume. Therefore i percieved a differente in Sound. But it was Volume instand. Try To disable And lock them. See if you still got soundchanges.