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    Sorry, man. I went through all 40k I have and nothing matches that, or really even comes close. Was it a free profile posted to the forums or is it purchased? I know M Britt used that specific cab on many of his profiles, but it doesn't appear to be any of the free ones.

    "I like the intro for 'Sanitarium.'

    "If you listen carefully, you put headphones on, we actually do the guitars in the beginning in mono - it's actually recorded like that.

    "And then when the drums come in I just flick the switch and it goes into stereo."

    Pretty sure it was the JC-120 on this. Also, I believe one side was straight clean and the other side had a tremolo effect. If you can snag the Guitar Hero (or maybe it was Rock Band?) multitracks, you can get a better feel for what's going on in the double-tracked clean intro.


    If you haven't got a chance, do yourself a favor and check out a guitar loaded with Fishman Fluence pickups. They are a new way of thinking about an "active pickup". They have 2-3 different tonal voice offerings per pickup, typically one of which is a more traditional EMG-81 type voicing... particularly on the Fluence Modern Humbuckers. I personally have the Tosin Abasi Signature Set in my customized 7-string and LOVE them. I hope/plan to put a set of Open Core Classic Zebras in my ESP LP Knockoff once things get a little more liquid, cash-wise.


    LOL Jinx yet again, brother.

    balazs It's interesting to me that Reb put EMGs into his Modern Satin. I like the stock (Suhr) pickups but find the bridge humbucker sounds a bit too-woody and "constricted". Maybe EMGs are the answer to this. Hmm... :/

    Thanks for posting Reb. Loved his melodic, "middle-of-the-road" cock-rock playing since I discovered Winger back in the '90s. He had a way of complimenting Kip's tracks perfectly IMHO. 8)

    Yep! Love me some Reb. I've been playing the shit out of the Winger Anthologies CD which has oodles of demo versions of the first 3 Winger records as well as tracks that didn't make the cut. Pretty cool to see the evolution of some of these tracks vs. what they started out to be. And I'm STILL chasing Reb's tone from those first 3 CD's!


    Absolutely LOVED Carl-era Vicious Rumors... and Vinnie Moore is one of my all-time faves.. especially the first 2 solo albums. And I too have spun the crap out of my self-titled Tribal Tech and the Shawn Lane cd. I actually have the original pressing one, not the one where (I believe) they replaced all the programmed drums with a real drummer in some sort of re-issue.

    Lost my job due to COVID and the deplorable state of the oil and gas industry back in May, brother. Rest assured, once things get more financially stable, I will take the plunge. :)