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    Yes, I do have the same delay for all 5 of the slots but when I go from slot 1 to slot 2 the delay turns off unless I have it locked. I know I can store the delay to all slots as saved but I don’t want that. What I want is to engage delay at will on any slot, and when it’s on, it’s on for all 5 slots and when it’s off, it’s off on all 5 slots. Then if I bank up/down to another Performance, I want to have the option of completely different effects. I can do that now but NOT with but only if effects are locked.

    What you propose here is not possible right now. What you could do, is for example program slot 1 with the delay off. Then during the song you switch the delay on. If you want to keep that delay, program slot 2 with the delay on. Repeat this workflow for all the slots you use during a song.

    Locking is global for all performances, and not what you want in your situation. Programming the slots in the way you’ll be using them is the best solution, I think.

    I would really like a powered Kabinet. I thought they spoke about this product before, and said it was on the way?

    1. This could be, but I don't now how much production they have at the moment. Maybe they are struggling to deliver enough Kones and passive Kabinets, that the production of an active Kabinet is delayed?
    2. This confusion is already there, for example on the Stage through a power amp and Kone
    3. This is quite the pricey Kombination (pun intended), I doubt if there is a market for this. Most of use (at least me) use the Kemper not only with a speaker, but a lot to record with. With a powered Kabinet attached, this would be quite the hassle.

    The KPA does not function as an audio interface. It has usb, but this is only there to communicate with Rig Manager.

    So, what you do is as follows:

    1. You connect the outputs of your Kemper into your audio interface (Quad Capture input 1 (and 2))

    2. You select this interface as the input for MIKKO Player

    3. You connect a monitoring system (headphones, active speakers) to the outputs of the Quad Capture

    4. You select this interface as the output for MIKKO Player (Output 1 and 2)

    5. Disable the cabinet section on the KPA, or use direct profiles

    6. Make some noise!

    Hope this helps.

    It would be a major issue, if you can’t see sharp.

    But the problem with a flat minor, is the question of to be or not to be. See? Don’t ask me what a flat minor is, or who...

    If tone is indeed a 0 to 10 scale, and it is set at 1, then there is a lot of hi-cutting involved. This could also explain the loss in volume. So if the Green Scream is lowering the volume of the rig, raise it until you get unity gain again, as is suggested in the post above. You could also raise the tone, but this would (of course) alter... the tone. A pure booster would be another solution, but this would cost you an extra slot.

    When you have a new Kemper, you have two options. I have an old one, which only functions as slave: Kemper is master, the Focusrite clock is synced via SPDIF. You could also choose the other option, where the Kemper is slave (auto?) and the Focusrite clock is internal.

    Make sure the frequencies match (for example both are 44.1 kHz) and you should be good to go! Check the output settings to see what the Kemper is sending over SPDIF, there are a lot of options there.

    Yes, it's about the position, not the effect itself. Now look at your KPA to see how these positions are called: yes indeed: delay and reverb. Can we let it go, please? The forum is a nice place with nice people. You made your point, in that there is a difference between the effect reverb and the position reverb. Can everybody now go on with their lives and have a happy new year?

    As much as I want you to have a great tone, I don’t get this question. Of course different guitars sound different. As they should: why would you buy different guitars anyway?

    A Strat sounds different through a Plexi then an LP would. And this should be the case. This is not sounding ‘good’ or ‘bad’, just different. I am glad I’m hearing the difference, that the KPA let’s my guitars shine through.

    So, I don’t want to adjust the input section. I want a humbucker equipped guitar to be hotter than a single coil guitar. I want a Tele to be brighter than an ES. I use different profiles with different guitars for different purposes. As I would, when using a ‘real’ tube amp. If I would adjust the input section to make the guitars sound the same, why switch guitars?