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    Thanks for the additional points, hope to be able to do some more tests this weekend. Results using just the Boss TAE are pretty good in fairness, but was hoping that the Kemper DI would do what i need given its the Kemper DI;-) but if what you say is correct and going out to a cab while profiling fixes the issue then i should be ok as i should be able to find times as you suggest where i can do it... will report back what my results are,

    thanks again for your help

    yeah I’ll try that over the weekend when I get some time, I can’t crank my amps at home so unfortunately won’t be able to see if I can get better profiles from pushed amps that way but should at least be able to compare Di profiles made with both setups to see if there’s a difference. I had assumed that as the load was the end of the through that it couldn’t impact as the linout to the kemper the line outwould be before that.

    got on to support also, they think it’s because im pushing poweramp even and preamp gain and the kemper is struggling with it.. which would kinda suck as that’s some if my fav amp settings.

    Hi, Wondering if anyone has any ideas,

    When using the Kemper DI to make profiles, they sounds off when the master volume on the amp is pushed.

    When in Profile mode, the amp sounds good (am going Kemper into UAD Twin using Mikko IR to dial in the amp) - but when i profile the high end is off, sounds like there's a blanket over the amp profile. No amount of refining helps. When i profile using settings on the amp where the master volume is lower there is no major issue. This is with several amps (AFD100, Marshall SC20 and Marshall Vintage Modern)

    If i use the amp into Boss Tube Amp Expander, out from that into the Kemper the profiles sound much closer so don't think its how its set up -

    I use an XLS to TRS cable from Kemper DI into Kemper state as the Stage doesnt have an XLR input..

    But i have also tried using XLR out of Kemper DI in Axe FX, Axe FX into Kemper stage with same results to try rule out the cable...

    Any ideas?


    tried lots of frfr solutions, I like them, but when I get the right profile through a real cab that’s it for me. Playing mostly through a real cab at the moment. Going through the effects return of a blu guitar amp1 for poweramp. I have the powerstage 170 also but prefer using the amp1 at the moment.

    Zilla cabs made me a 112 with one of these in it. Haven’t tried with a kemper (have one arriving Saturday) but sounds great using amps through a load box and two notes cab. Effectively revamping I guess but best at home tone I’ve had with a speaker. Sounds great. Have owned and sold clr, asm12, matrix q12.

    Thanks for the response - If i ever get my hands on that Fletcher-Munson guy!

    Hi, anyone played kenper through powered head and tried through a SD power stage. Looking to get a kemper. Already own the power stage.

    Powered head is tempting as it’s all in one solution but wondering if it would effectively be redundant when I own the power stage.

    Quality in sound is my main priority.

    Thinking of getting another kemper. Had one before years ago but didn’t actually own any amps at the time. Had some profiles I really liked at the time but felt like I was missing a big part of the kemper by not being able to profile myself.

    Fast forward and I have a few Amps which I really like. Don’t have microphones and don’t have a decent space where I think I could do good profiles anyway.

    So for those that dondorect profiles, obviously going direct or using other cabinet blocks, how good is the direct profiling process? What do you do to get the best results.


    If you can afford to buy the Kemper before selling the AXE FX, id recomend buy one from somewhere with a decent return policy, then spend that time working with the Kemper to see if it works for you better than the AXE FX, im doing that at the moment - i have an AX8, had a blast over the weekend with the Kemper (which arrived Friday) but last night went back to Ax8 for comparitives, selected a blank preset, added an amp, cab, some plate reverb and was very happy noodling away for a couple of hours. I have until next week to see if i send the kemper back, keep both or choose the kemper over the axe - currently my mind is keep both or the ax8.. but who knows where i will be next week!


    Am about to buy a kemper and trying to decide between the power head or regular. I'll play mostly through frfr but will also use a guitar cab. I have a Freyette so was planning to use that as a power amp for when I, using a guitar cab, although the idea of having a built i powers amp is appealing as less gear to cart around.

    So anyone used a kemper through a guitar cab tried both the powered version and a powerstation? Was there any noticeable difference? Did either give a better feel of playing through a real guitar amp?

    Lucky you, am on my third Kemper and absolutely love it. Why I didn't the previous two, I've no idea but seems to have clicked with me now how to quickly edit profiles to work really well for me. Still use my pedal board for effects, mainly cause I can, I like them and don't feel the need to spend the time to try get as good results with the Kempers. Not saying they are bad, more that I'm lazy;-)