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    This is how I do it:

    • For each song in BandHeper I have added the song tempo under the Tempo field (Ex: 88)
    • I have my Midi device configured at Channel 1 in BandHelper, and added it to the current Project
    • My Kemper is set to Midi channel 1, and I have selected "Use Perf. Tempo"
    • I have created 128 Midi Presets in BandHelper, each one calling up the right bank on my Kemper
      (I have decided to use Performance Mode, and also configured 5 rigs pr song - Clean, Crunch, Rythm, Boost and Solo) just to make it neat
    • In the Midi Preset, I use the Program Changes to enter (Bank MSP, Bank LSB, Program) the values for my Midi Device (Ex: 0.0.2)
      Make sure the Midi Preset have the current Project selected, and are set to Active
    • Under each song, I have configured it to use the corresponding Midi Preset (Ex: Midi 1)
    • In BandHelper - under the Repertoire, Choose Layouts
    • Select the Layout you want to use and select "Edit Details"
    • Make sure that you have the current Project selected, and also your own user.
    • Under "Actions" - "Send MIDI", choose "Song Selection"
    • Save changes to your Layout and give it another try...

    Switching slots takes longer when Rig Manager is connected. The reason behind this is, that all changes need to be stored when switching to another slot. This didn't happen before and for obviously reasons, it troubled loads of users. We assume that when you have Rig Manager connected, you want to edit things and keep you edits.

    If you want the slots to switch fast (and not store changes) then you need to disconnect Rig Manager.

    I also have the same lag after the last update.
    I didn't have the Rig Manager connected either...
    It started out fine, but it was almost as things started solwing down more and more over time until the unit seemed to freeze.
    I tried to restart it (powered Rack unit), things were still slow but working. But, as before, the unit got more and more sluggish over time until it became useless again.
    After these two restarts, I created a backup, shut down and did the init flash routine.
    Haven't tested it after that.

    I've uploaded a profile of a Ceriatone YETI 100.
    The profile were made using my trusty old Celestion G12T/75 speakers from 1984.
    I profiled the amp in Plexi mode, both bright switches set to the left position.
    Mic used was a Telefunken M80-SH off axis thru a Focusrite Clarett 8PreX (with the "Air" option set to "on"), and a SSL channel strip plugin.
    Any feedback are welcome :)

    Just search for YETI Plexi SSL in the Rig Exchange...

    Starting to get somewhere. Step 1 was to discover the "Space" setting for headphones, which has made them way better to listen to. Most of my playing is late at night with a toddler in the next room, and everything sounded fairly dry and lifeless through headphones until I found that setting.
    A couple of your profiles are pretty solid starting points. There's also a nice Ceriatone Steel String Singer (and Ceriatone SSS SRV) profile by Einar Nysted that I'm toying around with. I have my own variant that I've been tweaking.

    Nothing bang on yet, nor will I ever achieve the perfect SRV tone because I'm not him. I had a pretty solid Axe-FX II profile (really a few) that I'm trying to get someone to profile for me to see how well it translates into the Kemper. I profiled a few Helix tones and those sound exactly as fake on the Kemper as the Helix... so the Kemper did a great job of profiling them rather accurately. :P

    I realized that one of the sources of the darkness I've been getting out of the neck is the DiMarzio Heavy Blues 2 pickup I have in there right now. It's a bit darker/duller sounding than I'd prefer, so I'm going to swap it out for something.

    Have you tried this one:…4-Bluesy-SRV-Hendrix-rig/

    Can sound pretty SRV like at times...


    I put up some rigs today of my Plexi & D-style amps, hope you like them...

    They should work with both Humbucker and Singlecoils although you might adjust the gain to your taste.

    The D-style amps are extremely dynamic I think.

    The amps are:
    Ceriatone Yeti 100W (Hot Rodded Plexi, Jose style)
    Ceriatone HRM 100W (His Royal Majesty, D-style clone)
    Ceriatone SSS (Steel String Singer, D-style clone)


    Have you tried to plug it in before turning on the KPA?
    I had a similar thing with my first floorboard (white led's) a while ago...

    Turned out that if I connected the ethernet cable after the KPA was running, the lcd display were dim like yours.
    If i plugged the remote and the KPA together before turning on, everything was okay.

    Remedy in my case: Send the remote back for repair (still under warranty, mine was).

    Since I needed the remote I ordered another one, and got one with the green leads. Kemper people stated that they had switched from white to green led's...

    Hope this can aid you in the troubleshooting, but do contact support 8)

    Having an issue with this. On my performances, reverb is getting added. If i remove it, then store it, it gets added straight back. Not to all, usually the first slot. Reverb isn't locked.

    Actually I had the opposite problem.
    I lost reverb on some of my performances when modifying parameters (Amp section etc).
    Tried to save performance where Reverb was turned off (as a part of troubleshooting), but the KPA kept turning it back on again.
    The Reverb light were on, but no reverb, -until I turned the reverb knobs.

    I ended up copying the 1st performance slot to another free slot, modifying the reverb there, and then save the performance.
    After that, I moved the modified performance slot to the 1st slot and saved the whole performance.
    Then I deleted the original 1st perf. slot and resaved...

    At least this workaround solved my issue for now...

    As I said earlier, (bear in mind that English isn't my mother language) I found the Friedman to color the actual sound. But, to the positive for use at rehearsal without running thru the PA. It gives me a fuller, thicker sound that sits well together with my bandmate's tube amp/4x12 setup.
    In the past my rehearsal sound has been criticized for being thin sounding compared with his.
    This due to the fact that the other band members are more used to the famous "amp in the room" sound than what a miced cabinet sounds like...
    well, the Friedman gives me back that feeling at rehearsal.
    But, when I've struggled finding the right PA sound in the past, I'm now confident that my CLR will deliver the correct sound for my performances.
    It's pretty much identical sounding compared to how the KPA comes thru the PA...

    So, for me, they are both excellent monitors. I just choose to use them for different purposes that's all..,

    I just spent the entire weekend auditing different PA systems with my band.
    Since I have both a CLR and the ASM12, I spent some time comparing the two...
    what I ended up with were the following:

    CLR: most neutral sounding, comparable to the sound I got from the PA system.

    ASM-12: sounded more like a real guitar cabinet, not as neutral. More bassy.

    i decided to use the Friedman at rehearsal since I do not run the KPA thru the PA there.
    the CLR are perfect at home when I need to adjust my profiles for PA use.
    Just my 2 cents though...

    Do you try to plug/unplug the cable while the KPA are running, or do you connect it before turning on?
    I had a similar issue with my rack unit, but not the toaster.
    If I connected the remote before turning the rack on, everything was fine.
    But, if I connected the remote while the rack was running the remote LED's and display were dimmed...

    I had to send the remote in for repair/replace according to support.