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    Dear mbrown3

    I completely understeand You. I have made the same choice before the appearance of Kemper.

    ....I also had to grow up from Axe FX Ultra maniac to Kemper Profiling Amp maniac! :)

    Years ago I was masked the poor tones of digital amp sims (from Line6 to Roland) behind a lot of effects from Eventides to TCs Rolands and other rack monsters on almost all recordings. I have tryed all Rolands from GPs to VGs, all Line6 products, Roger Linns products, Sansamps and all plugins (but these are not realy my teritory, because of the latency. Unfortunatelly I like to feel that immediate responding attack of the sound of guitars.

    After this era I have discovered the Axe FX Ultra which was very convincing on both sides: the amp simps and the effects, and suddenly I have noticed, that I,m using mostly the dry amp sims tones with a very little effects or completely without them. It was more easier to work in the studio, but live it was uncomparable with my amps in feeling and responding. (You must to know that I don,t use any special in the amp domain: some Fender Twins, some Crates, one very old Marshall, and the little Kasha Rockmod). I,m an almost satisfied Kemper user in the studio and on stage.... and I don,t want to change it with anything else, including my real amps or the newest Axe or others.
    Why? Because it,s incredible real responding to my playing at every nuance. It,s true that the effects scale are not too wide and the midi communication is much poorer than in the cheapest boss floor effect processor, but in the studio I have all that professional plugins and rack effects, and on the stage (from the arenas to small clubs) who cares about the effects natural sounding?
    At the beginnings with my KPA I carried with me big racks with studio reverbs, pitch shifters, delays.
    After this I have worked with the KPAs internal effects and I discovered that they are amazing with some missing effects. After this I have buyed the Eventide EH9 to make up this inconvenience, but now I don,t need it anymore.

    Now , the only thing what I don,t like in my Kemper is the poor midi cc palette and the Behringer 1010 foot controller :)...., but the responding and the amp tones are purely uncomparable with anything else!!!!

    So this is my little Kemper vs. Axe FX story.
    Sorry for my bad english.

    ...and succes with Your Axe, before You buy finally the Kemper!!!

    As you know, the FCB1010 UnO4Kemper firmware was introduced some time ago with the specific target to "bridge the gap" until the real thing came along - and as you most definitely know that moment has now come :-)
    I'm sure there will be many many UnO4Kemper users who will happily switch to using the Kemper Remote as soon as they can, and will get rid of the old FCB1010. But when looking at the Remote layout, some of you might consider yet another scenario ( only in case you don't mind a pretty large and heavy pedalboard ... ) : the UnO4Kemper FCB might well serve as a companion to the Remote, in order to give you direct access to everything you need and more :
    - instead of toggling between rig selection and looper control, you could keep the Remote with its high quality switches in Looper mode constantly, and use the Slot1->Slot5 switches of the companion FCB1010.
    - instead of (or next to) combining multiple effects in one effect switch, you might extend the 4 Remote effect switches with 5 more FCB1010 effect switches
    - instead of buying external expression pedals, you might reuse the 2 FCB1010 expr.pedals (if you can live with how they feel and behave of course - we all know that the quality of those pedals varies heavily from unit to unit)

    Just to put my post in the correct perspective : I'm very excited with the release of the Kemper Remote, because it looks like a very high quality well thought of product. Knowing that UnO4Kemper was just an intermediate solution, and that the resale value of an FCB1010 is not very high, I thought I'd suggest an alternative for just throwing it away. I might even look into a new firmware version which fully supports such a "Kemper Remote Extension" scenario, if possible. For instance, when the Remote display gives you all visual feedback you need, we might get rid of the 2-way-communication for the FCB1010, and run a single MIDI cable only. We'll see. For now consider it just a heads up to the upgrading masses not to rush into throwing away your old gear... ;-)

    +11111 for this excellent ideea