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    Not yet I like to sort things if possible so I know how and what causes them, but if the vol. thing gets more regular then maybe a return to base is needed. Still hoping for the foot pedal version to
    appear though, fractal have jumped in to combat the helix so why not kemper, there is lots of space in the remote to fit an o/s system and its the perfect size .

    Well after a day switched off it fired up and sound back to normal , with the exception that for about 20 mins the volume faded to half on its own then came back louder a few times, this has happened before a few times when the master vol knob became ineffective , it took a few re-boots to correct it, been through every connection and set-up protocol but nothing wrong that shows
    up so just got to hope it holds up on next gig.All tests done without remote connected. Will post any developments.

    My Kpa has suddenly lost its natural' sound and feel and gone harsh sounding(to me) I ran it into a house system last week as well as my tech power monitor both running from left main out, sound was
    not good, no o/d sounds just louder cleans and no sustain rather clipped , I set the main outs at -17db
    now playing at home it's the same, :( just not right. I must admit to being un-techie to a degree but it's universal across all my profiles not just the modified ones. You know when it's not right from the feel from the guitar and it's a worry . Any insight welcome.

    Steven ,( followed all the stages to the letter but can't get the EP-1 switch to turn on the wah, .18/2) 19/2- Disregard message all sorted now , I was duplicating the vol set up for wah when in
    stage 3 , incidentally I use 5-6 because I'm right footed and they are closest to the pedal , also put wah in slot B as I like comp. as A default stomp but otherwise fine , thank you again .

    I am starting to program my remote +EP-1 this week after being laid up for a few weeks and reading the instruction posted which advises using A-slot as default for Wah pedal effect universally means that for a lot of my profiles which have effects already programmed and set up in place I have to shift them one slot along to free up A , is there a quick swap function for doing this or do I have to re-build each time, not so tech savvy in old age I'm afraid . :/

    I am going to attempt to set up my remote+EP-1kp this week after using the FC 1010 , a lot of the patches I want to use have already got the effects programmed (mike britt ones) so to put wah in slot one on every patch bank will mean a lot of reorganising as I used mainly 3-4 on the fc. as i understand it the wah f/sw is made universal yes? like the Vol pedal . I have a double nobles" switch I used with a GT100 which will I hope turn on rev and delay so as to free up the on-board effects switches for extras .

    Sound is not the criteria for most guitarists here its FEEL" does the helix feel springy and nice? or its like playing barbed-wire like some of the L6 pedals I've tried, the sounds are close-ish KPA a little more organic in tone but if it don't feel right then no way jose" anyway I have a KPA so maybe GAS can be ignored 8)

    Hey Ralphez greetings from Mazarron, i brought my KPA over with me as its a family member now. I have been on to the team about a stand alone unit for ages as HEAD + FCB is a pain to set up and cart around compared to my old GT-100 to p.a. and sometimes Tech21 power engine, I mean it should be easy to do, there is virtually nothing in the KPA units apart from a single board and the FC is much the same , I am tempted to try Helix but my experience with all L6 units has been bad so far , the harshness and non-feel was awful in fact i used my Vox S.E for years as preferred to
    them, The KPA has that amazing spongy" connection with you fingers that makes you play above your weight , it all comes down to what gigs you do mainly and small bar,club,restaurant stuff needs compact gear, the profiles available for it also kill the competition, I'm loving those mike britt ones, but the Bad Kitty" set is also superb and that ACE 03 is pure brian may , so maybe ???

    You need the latest version of the uno to get the full benefit,i had an early one and it wouldn't do stomp mode so i had to buy the latest one , now its up to speed, until they add more stuff to the kpa
    just can't justify the price of the FC plus a vol/wah pedal when the FC1010 does all that and has built in pedals, now if they make a kpa , all in one :thumbsup: to compete with the Helix I'm on board
    right away . :P

    I've had my noise gate pot shaft shear-off while being put into its box for moving, the plastic is very soft and won't glue or bond, I've drilled and screwed it now , bit of a pain but do take care with these
    controls as those pot shafts aren't that strong .

    Don't panic Whatever can go wrong will go wrong ! Murphy's law , but reboot fixed so no harm done, I had a similar thing with my unpowered Kpa a while back which turned out to be a faulty power lead which was sparking and causing the unit to go crazy. I've had valve amps blow on gigs, one time I had been given the NEW Yamaha DG 75 to try out with its moving pots and new tech sounds, it lasted 10 mins and broke down, finished using miked mini fender twin belt amp The Kpa is the most reliable thing per unit gigged ever built

    How many of us out here have been begging for a floorboard unit for ages?? its the ideal tool for the majority of players { forget the touring pros } most of us are space-poor in our setting
    up environments and frankly dont need dozens of different patches on mega-boards but DO need built in pedals in a robust unit, the KP floor controller with a wah and vol pedal built on,
    containing the sound engine would be if you have seen Tony Mckenzie's u-tube strip downs of his KPA units you will know that inside them is ?? lots of empty space!! so
    fitting the main board into a floor unit should be a doddle for C.K and the team .Come on guys ! listen to the customers and take the market from L6 and Roland, :thumbsup:

    As L6 are releasing the Helix" multi-pedal soon, how about a floor unit based on the KPR" unit ? this would kill the pod"/GT market as its what most of us would love, I loved my Vox S.E. unit because it had two built in pedals and was built like a tank, and all I needed (at the time) I mean how many different sounds do most of us small-time giggers need at a time? a good
    single unit without wires trailing around from remotes to heads would be ideal, and I would be first in line to buy and leave my profiler at home wired in to my studio. :thumbsup:

    I have one of the early units but it is bang up there with the latest due to up-dates,how many amps do this? that's right none.
    With the KPA you can have any amp there is and modify it to be what you want,it feels and sounds like the amp so it's a no brainer buy, Axe-fx came and went (nightmare experience) mine is at the heart of home studio and all the guys who come in to use it leave determined to get one, my first amp was a Watkins Dominator 15w valve, delta shape? yes I am that old! and since that every vox,marshall,mesa,Kustom (dalek model) Fender,Yamaha I could get my hands on, nothing comes near the joy of the
    KPA it's my NBFF, should you get one ? do the russians invade, is China big? ???? :thumbsup: