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    just to add two cents: furman power conditioner protects from surges and provides plug strip, while furman power regulator provides a solid and constant 230 (besides the plug strips. The first mentioned has the famous two light bulbs that can be pulled out, while the other has not them.

    I own the furman power regulator, used mainly for mesa boogie power amp to supply the tubes with a nice fixed voltage. Read in the past that the team said the kemper is able to handle several voltage fluctuations due to its wide valtage range.

    hope this helps we go: just a couple of notes with the latest presence out test

    the guitar is a very standard charvel with two humbucker pickups. In the test I did try a hard pan tremolo with couple of notes with neck pickup splitted to make it a bit thinner. All the distortion level are done with the guitar volume. Except for the very last heavy part which is with volume at max.

    let me know how it sounds in your speaker/headphones

    thanks Frank and Benvigil: nice info here! Basically, though, the presence cut thing was used by me in virtually all the amps I owned, especially marshalls. I remember this was very sensible in my last amp owned which was the triaxis. But I guess triaxis had the eq in the pre position, as you said Benvigil, since the distortion was very affected by the lack of treble dialing...

    Overall, I have been playing this profile with the presence almost all cut for some months and I have to say that even if the main tone is still there, the notes are way easier to play compare to before, at least I feel this in my fingers. As soon as possible I will try to post a clip of this tone, all right?


    OK, that one's easy to fix - just don't make any mistakes :whistling:

    Glad to hear you are getting closer to what you are looking for. I don't have that 78 Marshall profile but just tried playing with a JTM45 profile from another profiler. The interesting thing is just how different the effect is depending on where the EQ is situated.

    You mentioned that someone told you turning down the Treble would reduce the amount of distortion. That is true if the EQ is in the PRE position. It doesn't really work that way in POST. Turning the Presence in POST can be pretty radical. Full UP becomes like a swarm of bees at your ears and turning it all the way DOWN can be very muddy (on the particular profile I was playing around with). Moving the EQ to PRE tames the Presence control and makes it very usable wile also changing the impact of the other tone controls too. If you haven't tried switching the EQ position I would suggest giving it a try.

    hi again Alan...I'm playing right now the profile I dug with the presence almost totally out. Found out the eq is in post position. Isn't it strange? so, a dumb one: in an amp, the eq, the one connected to the potentiometer, is in pre or post position?

    Alan, I did experiment quite a bit in these days.

    as said in my first post, my timbres (all commercial profiles) cut the mix so easily and the guitar, both solo and rhythm, is there: crisp, definite, and all the rest.

    Only, this crispness makes me pay super attention when I play solos. In other words, kemper timbres I use don't forgive any tiny mistake. I guess everyone have had the experience with amps that seems so easy to play solo with. Right? I wanted to achieve the same thing with the kemper.

    So, back to the experiments...

    The best results I achieved were lowering the presence potentiometer almost to nothing. This might sound outrageous, but this is something that was used with amps.

    I was using amps, and the timbre was too thin and high in tone, instead of lowering the trebles (which can modify the amount of distortion) I lowered the presence. Someone told me they even put it to 0 and add trebles to make it suitable.

    I tried the same with the kemper: put the presence at something close to 0 and compensate the lack of high with the trebles.

    I don't know why but now the solo notes in my hands are a lot easier to play and am starting to achieve what I was looking for.

    So, I ask you to double check this experiment to see if this is me only or do you reckon the same thing.

    FYI I achieved my best result with a Top Jimi 78 Marshall.

    On a side note, it is strange to see that the presence leds are all the way (or almost all the way) to the right, but since I have the tone, who cares, right?

    Let me know your comment

    clearly this is not the same issue since I plug the kemper directly in a usb port of the laptop. I have two 2.0 port and one 3.0. I cannot use the 3.0 since it doesn't even see the kemper plugged.

    The 2.0 works ok but after some minutes the freezing, no matter the port used.

    I have few time now, but as soon as possible I will try to clean the laptop of every kemper entry to check if a totally fresh installation of RM can solve the issue...o maybe a new release can cure the thing.

    happy to know you have achieved a solution :)

    hi reedly, no...the support couldn't help me. They told me that I sould have checked the cable (done) and to get rid, while using kemper hooked to laptop, of any other usb things plugged (done).

    nothing have changed! I have uninstalled it and reinstalled but no results.

    Now I have only two things to do: 1) uninstall RM completely trying to cancel everything on the pc with RM on it, maybe even the registry and 2) wait for an update hoping it'll cure the problem. I know there is a beta version now. As soon as the release comes out I'll try and will let you know. Please do the same if you have any ew solution that gave you success with it, ok?

    let's keep in touch

    I have questions for all of you who can’t get the same sound as the you hear in the demo (assuming the demo Is a single guitar, not double tracked, and not a full mix):

    Are you playing a similar kind of guitar?

    Have you tried playing the exact same chords/riffs with the same physical approach?

    If you are getting too much gain with a similar guitar, have you tried turning the guitar volume down?

    asnwers are:

    1) yes, similar guitar, meaning standard (not pumped) humbuckers, similar string gauge, even same type of guitar body, meaning not a Gibson vs a Strat, but sometimes charvel vs charvel

    2) yes, most of the time I play the same thing listened

    3) no because it is not necessary since the picups are, as mentioned, standard one

    never tried modification of dist sens thought since I thought it was ok at present setting, which is 0

    it would be curious to make a global comparison, something like this: a bunch of guys (maybe 10) take the very same profile on their kemper, play as it is, right out of the box, record a clip and compare. I think the results would be a surprise. I still thnk there is something going on because of the, sometimes, huge discrepancies between results. Don't know what it is but I would like to include the team in this investigation.

    maybe we can create a failsafe test to check it out one and for all this difference thing