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    I have questions for all of you who can’t get the same sound as the you hear in the demo (assuming the demo Is a single guitar, not double tracked, and not a full mix):

    Are you playing a similar kind of guitar?

    Have you tried playing the exact same chords/riffs with the same physical approach?

    If you are getting too much gain with a similar guitar, have you tried turning the guitar volume down?

    asnwers are:

    1) yes, similar guitar, meaning standard (not pumped) humbuckers, similar string gauge, even same type of guitar body, meaning not a Gibson vs a Strat, but sometimes charvel vs charvel

    2) yes, most of the time I play the same thing listened

    3) no because it is not necessary since the picups are, as mentioned, standard one

    never tried modification of dist sens thought since I thought it was ok at present setting, which is 0

    it would be curious to make a global comparison, something like this: a bunch of guys (maybe 10) take the very same profile on their kemper, play as it is, right out of the box, record a clip and compare. I think the results would be a surprise. I still thnk there is something going on because of the, sometimes, huge discrepancies between results. Don't know what it is but I would like to include the team in this investigation.

    maybe we can create a failsafe test to check it out one and for all this difference thing

    Ok...I have to apologize with Matt (Mattfig). I have used the wrong words and really want to correct them.

    I have written that "The sound he was selling was not the one I recorded".

    Instead I wanted to say that I didn't achieve the same tone. Sorry again I did choose those words: it wasn't my intention to underestimate Matt's job which is fantastic and is really trying hard to get this thing fixed.

    The profiles he sold me are genuine and for sure stunning.

    As a matter of fact I've been Matt's client even with his first BE profiles.

    hope this helps in my intention to correct the bad statement

    ok, Julai, what about this test I made: took a seller BE100 profile, did a recording with my daw (sonar8) through a FireWire audioboard. Sent the take to the seller which had to recognize the huge difference. The sound he was selling was not the one I recorded.
    So, no controversial playback things here.

    And so, even if we have playback things going on, as you mentioned, we are back at the beginning with an unsolved issue. There must be a reason for this so that we can work it out

    ok JuLai and Musicmad, I see your point...

    Nevertheless one firm point remains, and that is the incontrovertible fact that most of the times a profile doesn't sound as expected...and not by a small difference. Several times we are talking about huge difference.

    Anyone can ascribe this to whatever he thinks it is the cause.

    But at the end of the day we will get back to square one with a problem which, it is my opinion, the sellers should sort out with just some simple and feasible moves like the one I mentioned in one of my last post.

    C'mon guys, let's face it: we are not talking about, here, about people who use their 50 bucks home stereo to be used with a member. The people claiming huge differences have pro equipment so that, apart minor differences, they should get it.

    I think we should figure this thing out so that we can understand what's going on.

    If you think you have some sort of answer, we will be glad to read sarcasm here, but contribution requested. For instance...all the profiles you have bought have played exactly as advertised?

    thanks is safe to say that the difference in how a profile sometimes plays is not at all dependent from the way we listen to it. It is a certainty that this is what happens. At first I thought to be one rare case but I have seen it is a large number of people haveng the same experience I had.

    I will post some new demo soon. I think we will have plenty to figure things out

    Hi guys, I might ask you something dumb since I have owned the kpa since 6 years but never got straight on this.

    I think I have great tones with it but I need a smoother sound in solos because my solo note are now excellent, cutting through the mix easily and singing a lot. The only thing is that I don't feel them easy on my fingers. It is difficult to describe the feeling on my hand but they are sort of too crisp while instead I like them a bit too smooth.

    what kpa parameter do you guys use for getting a less crisp tone and a smoother one?

    most of the times I do a lowering of the treble and the presence know which gets me going ok but it is not perfect. Maybe getting down the definition?

    all opinions are welcome...

    I thank you because with your tests and the one of the others I really could get an exaustive examination of the story.

    I didn't think this matter could have been so common, but as mentioned, talking among us really can make things straighten up, even the most controversial like this one.

    Apart some rare accidents of some very insatiable users (I'm not thinking at someone in particularof course), this forum is the best joint I have ever taken part of...

    While waiting for some others to add their comments, I really hope that commercial profiles sellers will keep this thread in mind in order to take into their consideration that several of their clients struggle to get the purchased tone and that struggle is not of just tiny tweaking the eq.

    regards what did I start! I'm really glad you jumped in to share your experiences.

    and I'm sure I can be spokesman of all of you when I say that my thread has only one goal: to always get the most out of our kpa machine.

    since the beginning I have firmly stated that my intention was not to denigrate any fine profiling job of all the sellers. And I think you and they (the profilers) trust me on that.

    this said, in the next hours I intend to perform other tests even thouh I have listened to various test in this thread: thank you Frank for this...and the others as well! the end of 5 pages of thread contribution I think it is fair to say the following - at least fair for me - that could serve as an answer to various questions I read here:

    - the matter here is NOT to achieve a perfect identical timbre so that everyone that buys that profile is a clone of someone else. What I'm looking for is to achieve the ESSENCE (essence means you can clearly recognize that sound heard) of the sound I'm listening when checking out a demo of a profile seller. Sometimes the essence is there...sometimes it is not and we are far, as many have stated.

    - the istening to the demos posted by the profiles sellers is for sure necessary for the buyers or we are facing a blind purchase. I understand when many say that the demo should not be taken into account. Then how do I check what I'm about to purchase? Is there some one who would dare to sell a profile of an amp just by mentioning the amp name? c'mon!
    So I would advice the sellers, from now on, to make sure the sound they are selling is achievable in many different situation. This could be done by maybe selecting some beta testers and get the results. I know this could be some added work for them. But at least the product sold would be somewhat bulletproof!

    - I would advice the sellers to give potential customer a free sample of the profile they are selling. Some sellers do this (Rigbusters, GoldLion, and maybe others), while many don't do it, deliberately. As far as I'm concern, from now on I will never purchase a pack anymore unless I can test a sample.

    - I don't know if already done, but I would advice the sellers to warn potential customer that the result they showcase in the demo may vary, and vary by very much, from what the customer will have

    - since I started this thread and similar on other location (Facebook) I go on reading about how much a guitar affects the timbre we are about to achieve from a profile. One of the culprit main item is pickups. The first test Frank posted at page three of this thread (

    Moderator Notice:

    In most cases, Soundcloud uses a bandwidth of only 128 kbps. As a result, what you hear isn't free of artefacts, especially the high end. For critical listening and also product comparison, please keep that in mind. Users who setup a comparison should use linear wave files and supply dropbox links.

    ) declares the end of the nonsense of "different pickup changes radically the sound". Frank has used different guitars listed on his post with quite different pickups and the result is quite identical. Of course some little tiny things can be heard that we can call differences (I would call the tendencies towards certains frequencies), but the sound is there for all the guitars test in that demo original single coil pickup of a telecaster will definitely sound different from a dimarzio humbucker. But as you know, we are not talking about our need to have with a single coil pickup the same timbre with a profile done with a humbucker pickup. Al least we would like to have, with a fairly decent humbucker the same thing we heard on a humbucker guitar demo.

    Just some considerations...

    Thanks Frank for your from now on all commercial profile seller will add, to the profile, a guitar for us to buy. I.e.: want this profile sound? 10 euros for the profiles and 1000 for the guitar that will make the profile sound as you hear :)
    Just kidding...of course.

    But I don't agree that a guitar is a gamechanger. Of course: a 100 euros junk piece compared to a les paul is the deal. But frankly, Frank: do youo really think here in theforum someone has a 100 euros junk...with a 1600+ euros profiler? doesn't add!!

    and so I go back to my joke: if I have to buy a guitar to have the sound showcased from a seller, than it is not a gamechanger but a game over.

    But honestly I really don't think this is my case...

    a hug...

    In addition to the great comments so far. Guitar setup is really important. String gauge, tuning, bridge height, etc.

    If I recommend a profile that works with my C tuning and 13 gauge strings. It's going to sound completely different on someone else's guitar with standard tuning and 9s.

    don't agree...or to say it better: of course there is a difference if tuning down but this is only in the bottom, so to say, of a chord. But the timbre must be it! Yes, obviously the guitar would sound bigger but not different, a.k.a. a whole different timbre. Do you agree with that?