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    I presume that's the default. If you don't have a pedal set up for volume then it won't matter anyway.

    If you choose Input and turn from -5 to +5 the gain (or volume) definitely increases. I dont know if its a good thing? I'm in my small apartment, cant test at gig volume. But I imagine a higher setting can make it easier to get desirable feedback ? Have you tried to do as suggest, what is you opinion?

    It's the volume pedal range.

    Thanks for the reply:) I have no volume pedal connected, should I leave the settning at -5 or what? -Just discovered you can select input, pre stack, post stack and output. For some reason mine was set to input -5, perhaps default? Is this ment to let you adjust the input signal when plying single- coil or humbucker?

    In Rig manager / Rig menu, there is a knob labled Range. Default set to -5. Seems to increase gain, or volume if you turn the value up, max is +5. Can someone explain this? I looked at the latest manual 7.5, cant find anything labled "Range" nor any description what this does or when to use it.

    Hi and thanks. Have you tried playing trough monitor out and Kemper Kone? I cant seem to get at good sound that way.

    I'm aware that speaker imprints require storing. Been using the individual imprint/rig since that feuture was made availible . We can continue via support as we already are speaking that way.

    Anyone try Isp stealth ultra lite or Orange pedal baby 100 amps

    I've got the ISP in the back of my taoster. No complaints about the sound, more then enogh power. -Get a late or updated version, early ones as mine, had capasitors that failed. ISP sent me instuktions and a tech easily replaced the faulty ones. No problems the last 3years.

    Hi. Fantastic reverbs.

    Noticed that looper button assingnment-reverb on/off stoped working. Would be nice if this could be fixed, and led on/off would be even better:)

    /Hans j

    I had experience with latency, took me a very long time to solve. I only use KPA as guitar-cable-KPA with ISP Stelth-guitar cab. Never used wireless, never recorded, never trough FRFR. There was definetly a problem with latency. It was driving crazy, i tride "every thing" I Bought my KPA from Thomann, i guess it was at returned item or so. Finaly I realised the Constant latency box was checked. Unchecked and that solved my problems.

    Way not someting like the latest delays. Imagine a platform where you can make presets och dist/od/fuzz. Choose waveform, even or odd harmonics, Place eq before or after, hopefully ad a way to set volume after the amp module and so on. DIY platform for dist/od/fuzz.

    This video is good exampel to what I'm refering to. What if you could build your own dist/o/fuzz, creating presets to your liking.

    /Hans J

    What are you all referring to, recorded sounds or the sound coming from a "monitor out -to guitar cab"? I always use my KPA monitor out-cab and I must say, I have problems sounding like the sounds on videos from commercial sellers.

    I find that distorted rigs have to much compression. I don't refer to just extremely high gain rigs. There are thousands of really god sounding rigs with various gain, but I struggle to find ones that give me distorted sounds and a minimum of compression. I often end up choosing Rig by playability, not the sound quality. Has anyone come up with a way to reduce compression?
    -I mostly use guitars with PAF style humbucker or P 90. Montor out-ISP Stelth- Guitar cab
    /Hans J Umea Sweden

    Hi. Lately I've been trying to get a good live sound, as you describe it. Using different types off guitar cabs. Usually I find the sound to Sharp. My solution is to go to output/ montor eq. Turn down the two high freq values, quit a bit actualy. Hi volume makes big positive difference off course.

    Hi. I assume it wont be ideal, anyhow, is there anybody who has tried a 2x12 with one coaxial flat respons speaker and one regular guitar speaker? Flat respons connected to main out and the other one to monitor out (cab off)

    Hans Jakobsson Umeå Sweden