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    You’re probably right. I still see the Tonex as something that could stir things up. Imagine you just have to have a midi floorboard connected to a pc/Mac. A cheap live setup and equals a Kemper with a floor controller. I used to run my Kemper with the Behringer midi controller 10 years ago. Same setup….just cheaper. The Tonex will probably be accessible through different products live. I see it as a thing, that really could change things, because of the price tag.

    The ToneX-Pedal has been released yesterday !!

    When will the "Kemper-Player" be available ??:P

    Kemper Player? I’m not sure I understand. They released a pedal for their Tonex platform. Kemper has the Stage unit. What is it exactly you “need”? I just saw videos about it and it’s just a trimmed down version of a Kemper Stage with lots of fewer options. I’m confused 🥴

    I was through the exact same thing with my RME Babyface Pro fs. I think I mentioned that as well. A process of hours. Never did this before, so it was a bit challenging to me on my first ever Mac. But I don’t think, that this is the problem. Then everyone on a Mac would have to do this, because the Mac is locked by default.

    One thing I have noticed on mine (M1 air) is that with new macs/usb-c, you want to start up RM, then first plug only the usbA to usb-C adapter into the mac first, then run the usb cable from the kemper (usb-B) to the (already plugged in) adapter. If you connect the adapter to the usb cable first then to the mac, sometimes the mac wont recognize it properly. I've had that same issue with some DACs as well.

    Weird. I always start my Kemper up first. I never disconnect anything at all. It never failed on me regarding my Air M1.

    Later model MacBook Pro's do not have USB 2 ports. They only have USB 3 and Thunderbolt ports. There are no such ports on the Profiler. I had to get adapters and/or cables that would fit the computer and the Kemper. I was never able to connect and update the software or, do anything else with a cable connection. I tried many.

    The only way I was able to update the firmware/software was to us a memory stick and an adapter for the computer.

    Kemper never offered to take the amp in for evaluations. I wasted a lot of time trying to get it to work.

    I thought it was of less importance, but I see now, that it of course is very important. I run everything through a Caldigit Thunderbolt Station 2 (or 3). Not the newest one. It works like a charm….the Kemper RM, my external monitor, midi devices, RME Babyface Pro fs, my external SSD and so forth. Cable is still 10 years old at least.

    Have you tried on a different Mac and on a pc? Mine is working on pc and my Mac with the latest Ventura and the previous Monterey. No issues at all.

    If it doesn’t work on other devices at all, I would think that it would have to be the Kemper. But if it works on other Macs and pc’s, I would think that it would be the Mac (settings of some sort). When I was installing my RME Babyface Pro fs, it was a pain in the butt. I had to go deep into the Mac’s safety settings and turn off the safety settings, that don’t allow certain non-accepted apps to be installed. It’s a M1 thing and they all have to do this. I don’t know if that is something, you would need to do. I wouldn’t think so 🤔

    If your Kemper doesn’t connect to ANY computer, I would open a support ticket at Kemper again and ask, if it is possible to let their people handle it. It’s in Germany though. I don’t know where, you’re located. I just know that my Kemper has traveled to Germany and back to get new LEDs/screen. It took 8 days or so from Denmark from when I sent it till I had it in my possession again. Very fast and reliable. I love the Kemper company. I would think that they would help you out. I don’t know what you have been corresponding with them though and why a suggestion hasn’t been brought up.

    Yep, went back and forth with Kemper Support for over a month. Issue was never resolved. Same question to you, what cable are you using?

    Just a regular cheap cable I’ve been using forever. I’ve only used this and not used other cables. It was just lying around. Don’t know where I got it from.

    But it was never discussed, that you could send the unit to Kempers workshop, so they could try to identify the problem first hand instead of emailing back and forth?

    I’m also running a MacBook M1 with RM. It’s not a Pro but an Air though. My Kemper is from the first batch of green/black toasters. Never had a problem regarding connection on any computer. So it’s pretty weird. Have you tried to send it to Kemper and let them try?

    I don’t see the IK Tonex being mentioned much as a new player in the field. That could potentially change everything actually. I’ve not seen or tried it myself though, but if profiling can be done with a reamp-box and software, the need for a new physical Kemper MKII might become close to obsolete. The Kemper Stage might have its place still as a complete solution for touring and recording artists. But as I see it the Tonex can change the game.

    I remember asking about this once. Whether or not it would be possible to use the computer to profile amps, because they have more power and such and now the answer is actually here. Less than a year after my question. Whether or not it’s going to be a success and change the game, it’s hard to say. But to me it surely would be something I would be very aware of, being a producer of expensive physical units.

    One would have to wonder if “reality” has caught up to you and if there are valid reasons to put out new physical versions now. What would be the such valid reasons if the Tonex happens to be as good at capturing profiles as the Kemper?

    It’s very interesting. It just opened my eyes….that’s for sure. As much as I love my Kemper and the company and the value it has given me over ten years, the fact that a new company presents a cheaper and “easier” solution and possible equally as good makes ME wonder, what reason of existence a new physical Kemper will have.

    It would have to be a seriously crazy unit, because the Tonex opens up brand new possibilities using the computer. The computer you’re using already to record and stuff. Easier reamping just by changing amp in the plugin (like all other plugins of course). It’s definitely interesting and very convenient. Maybe this is the way, Kemper needs to go? 🤔 Probably not since they do not do what others do.

    I love my Kemper and will not jump ship as long as it keeps working like a charm. At least not right now. But what will happen in a year or two from now? No one knows. I just know that if buying a Kemper MKII, it has to be a very huge upgrade. Otherwise I will doubt its reasons of relevance in the future and I cannot justify a purchase. Not when an easier, cheaper and probably equally as good alternative is there.

    Again….the Kemper Stage is a different thing and might be “future proof” as it fulfills other stuff than profiling.


    Hey man. Thanx again 🙏🏻 I know you already told me that, a noise gate would be bad. I just thought that a second opinion would be good 🙂 But your references to the manual is all the proof, I need. Again….thanx.

    Hiss or hum? Just a lot of loud noise from extreme distortion.

    Not a direct A/B comparison, no. I have my original HM-2 Japan model and this Grindstein clone to get two different hissing buzzsaw tones to compliment each other. But I didn’t as such do an A/B. The both of them are noisy though and when using them on an already existing profile, I have to turn the pedals off, when not playing. That’s normal. The buzzsaw sound is famous for its insane and uncomfortable distortion and noise.

    I could do that, indeed. But that kinda makes the whole idea of profiling obsolete for me, since there aren’t many profiles that take the pedals convincingly. I found 1 or 2. I doubt that this will either once profiled, so I wanted to do my own profiles, so I didn’t need to plug in a pedal. But it seems like there’s no real possibility to this, but to reamp in the studio using real amps, when the Kemper can’t solve this.

    Who would have thought that, one was locked on using real amps 🤣 Not the end of the world. But I guess it’s just not happening, the way I wanted it to.

    I’ve tried three guitar. Same result. I’ve tried to turn off lights. Same result.

    The pedal is extreme and creates very loud noise when not played. That is normal. That’s where the noise gate comes in. But that’s when playing.

    I’ve seen others do profiles of this type of pedal in front of the amp.

    I think I need to create a new topic for this.

    When I try to profile a distorted amp, the profiling process stops and states, that it’s too noisy to make a profile. What do I do? I am doing a profile with a very heavy amount of distortion. A Boss HM-2 type profile. The amp itself is pretty quiet, but the pedal on the amp’s lead channel makes a lot of noise.

    Can I put a noise gate in the chain?

    So I can’t do profiling? The profiling process stops and the Kemper states, that there’s too much noise. No way around that? I need to do profiles with the extreme Boss HM-2 buzzsaw tone. That is generating a lot more noise, than a typical distortion pedal.

    A Grindstein distortion pedal. VERY audible from the amp. But switching the pedal on/off cannot be heard in my monitors/headphones. It should be VERY easy to hear a clean amp turn into a distortion hell 🙂 It stays clean though even the amp in the room is bursting out a distortion sound. It’s weird.

    Hey good people. I've tried to search for posts about this, but didn't get closer to the fix the problem.

    I'm trying for the first time ever, since I got my toaster 10 years ago, to profile an amp/setup again. This time I'm trying to profile a Peavey Bandit 112 Red Stripe with a stomp box. There is connection between my guitar and the amp and I can engage the amp and the stomp box. I don't hear the stomp box coming back though. When I play the clean or slightly driven amp and engage the stomp box, the amp responds and I can hear It coming from the amp, but it's not being engaged in my monitor or headphones connected to the Kemper. Why am I only hearing the amp returning? I am trying to listen trough my monitors to get the sound, I'm looking for. Shouldn't that be possible? I am definitely doing something wrong here.

    My connections:

    Guitar -> Kemper front input

    Direct Output/send -> stomp box in

    Stomp box out -> amp input

    Shure SM58 microphone -> Kemper return input

    Kemper L/R out -> RME Babyface Pro input

    My setup:

    Macbook Air M1 2020

    RME Babyface Pro

    ADAM A7X

    Best wishes from Brian