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    Stupid me. I’ve looked all over for it and there it was all along. It’s perfect. Thanx.

    hafi19>>>> I understand that you keep things organized in folders. I do too. But I also have the folder with all the downloads from prior to RM where it’s all one big pile of profiles. And I’ve bought profile packs with hundreds of profiles as well, which is in separate folders. I really don’t see why you would prefer to scroll through a folder to find the marker if you could just see the profile in use right away. What happens if you have 10 folders with 100 profiles each and you need to find out which profile is in use and you have been messing around inside RM? Then what? You cannot remember the specific folder the profile came from. Then what? I stated in my first post, I might have overlooked something. And I have. It’s present all the time. I do think that Kemper has done this because it makes sense.

    Yes....but you still need to scroll to find it. When scrolling through about 600 profiles or whatever it just takes time to find exactly what you are talking about. That’s what I mean. Why do I have to search for it when in the bottom of the RM, the profile name could be written?

    I ask for an easy way to see the name of the profile in use so I don’t have to search for it, if I have been scrolling around in RM. What is difficult to comprehend? When you’ve selected a profile, you never go through different folders or anything to get you away from the particular folder where it is highlighted? I ask because I find it annoying to spend time to go over the folder to find the profile in use. It would be awesome to just be able to see the name all the time. Like on the screen of the Kemper.

    Where do I find the name of the profile in use in RM? I can’t seem to see the name anywhere in RM. I have to scroll through profiles to find the one with a little icon by it’s side. It would be nice to be able to just see the name of the profile in use. I have to add, that my Kemper is on tuner mode.....always. So I cannot just look at the Kemper. I can just switch the Kemper away from tuning mode. But my Kemper is placed a bit away from my work space and I find it annoying to have to switch just to switch back again. I know.....1. world problems ;). I just find it really cool to always have the tuner right there to glance at when using the tuner to tune between each recording. And sometimes I work in different projects or have been away for a few days and can get confused about which profile I hear. And if I audition new profiles back and forth and scroll away and have to get back to the next profile in line to audition. If I cannot remember which profile I stopped at I will have to kinda guess where I got to on the list and scroll to find the icon.....or of course switch the Kemper away from tuner mode. It would just be far more convenient for me to be able to see the profile name somewhere. I might have overlooked something.

    I am a Cubase and Windows guy.

    - But have you added and configured the s/pdif inputs in Logic? I’ve had a lot of issues myself.

    - Have you selected the right output from the Kemper? Which output do you use?

    - Have you selected s/pdif instead of internal on the software of the Saffire Pro 14?

    - Have you selected the same sync clock on the Kemper and in the software of the Saffire Pro 14?

    And if you manage to get the sound through, you have to lower the level coming from the clean channel of the Kemper, so you don’t hear both at the same time. You do that in the software of the Saffire Pro 14. Two channels will be playing. One side is the dry signal and the other is the wet signal. Thun down the volume of the dry signal.

    That’s pretty much all the controbution I’m able to deliver. Hope you get it fixed.

    I only solo the selected DI track and the track for the reamped signal. But yes....some of the other DI tracks still have S/pdif assigned as in/out, but they are muted. I guess that S/pdif is active anyway on those tracks and therefore send all DI tracks (those with S/pdif still assigned as output) to the Kemper and mess up my reamped signal.

    I’ve tried them all :) They sound bad with both my guitars. That does not mean, that they suck. Just for my guitars :).

    Ingo>>> I for sure will have to try to put the stomp box between the guitar and the Kemper. But that means that S/pdif is going to have to replaced by XLR cables. But that’s a very very tiny sacrifice if it works.

    Jeff>>> Got any direct links?

    Hallo good people.

    This is just to be sure, that I'm on the right path here. Using S/pdif for reamping sometimes causes a weird and buzzy (really really bad quality and noisy mp3) sound. I use Cubase 9 and when reamping I select S/pdif 1 as output on the DI signal. And I select S/pdif 2 as the input on the reamped track. Cables are connected correctly. I experience that sometimes the reamped signal sounds like it should and sometimes it's bad.

    Has this something to do with making sure that the S/pdif input/output in Cubase only must be in use on the specific tracks (the specific DI track and the reamped track). I've got a lot of tracks that has been reamped and therefore a lot of DI tracks as well. Sometimes when I'm done with a certain DI track/reamping, I don't turn of the S/pdif input/output. I just mute the channels. But does this mean that the buzzy sound I get is, because the Kemper and the S/pdif work around the mute button, so all DI tracks that has the output set to S/pdif 1 will be routed to the Kemper?

    Hallo fellow Kempers.

    I hope it's okay to request profiles here. I'm pretty much stuck within the options, I have available at the moment. I've been tweaking for 7 days straight without an acceptable outcome. I haven't even touched my guitar in this period. What I'm after is profiles which includes the Boss HM-2 stomp box. I recently started to dig down memory lane regarding the old Swedish buzzsaw sound from the 90's metal acts such as Entombed, Dismember, Necrophobic etc. (when they were in their prime...imho).

    What I've tried so far:

    - Found some profiles that included some Boss HM-2 clone pedals. Tried them all and swapped the cabs.

    - I rolled off the gain on the above mentioned profiles and put my MIJ Boss HM-2 stomp box in the loop (AND...swapped cabs).

    - I pretty much tried all of the amps on Rig Exchange. Started from the top and went down amp by amp. (It's exaggerated…. I know. But hundreds of amps have been tested).

    - I searched for amps. Be it amps for metal, combos and brand specific amps as well.

    - I experimented with eq, gain, cabs, definition etc. on all the above mentioned tryouts.

    I somehow sometimes get a hint of the buzzsaw sound. I can feel it's there on some profiles, but they all sound bad. My guitars are an Ibanex RGD2127Z and an Ormsby Goliath 8 (easy now...I don't use the eight string for the buzzsaw sound....not a good combination ;)). I know that using this stomp box requires a hell of a lot of tweaking to get it right.

    Is it possible for some good hearted Kemper users out there to make some profiles with the Boss HM-2 stomp box included (or one of the clones). As for now I cannot make profiles myself, as I haven't got the place for it or any amps.

    Pretty pleeeeaaaase ;):*8o

    Kemper is Master.
    Audio interface is Focusrite Saffire Pro 14.

    But I kinda solved it. But not. Out of the blue it started to work, there a different problem.

    The reamped signal when recorded sounds like a very very bad mp3 file. Not just bad. Very very bad and unbearable to listen to. There’s also a digital buzz on top. Sounds really crazy.

    When I demo the sound and only listen to the DI track when demoing the sound, it sounds fine. The problem occurs when recorded.

    Sample rate is 44.1 both in the Kemper and the audio interface.

    Going crazy here :wacko:

    I thought I had it down regarding reamping through S/pdif. Some months ago I asked here and got the help I needed to fix the issue. Didn’t use the reamping since then, because I only just recorded dry and wet signal. Now I wanted to reamp the dry signal, and there’s no signal going to the Kemper or no signal coming from the Kemper to Cubase.

    What I’ve done:

    - Input = S/pdif input reamp

    - S/pdif Output = Git/Master mono

    - Sample rate is 44,1 on audio interface and the Kemper

    - Sync source is S/pdif

    - DI track is set to S/pdif left OUT

    - Reamped track is set to S/pdif right IN

    - Reamped track is set to master/stereo OUT

    All other recordings can be heard. What am I missing?

    Yes....I record both dry (for reamping later) and wet signal through s/pdif. You can do it through the analog output as well and not only the digital s/pdif. I prefer the s/pdif signal though. It kinda leaves me with the impression that the digital signal has less possibilities for noise and such. It’s probably totally wrong ?. But watch the videos. Very helpful.

    I’ve only heard a few excerpts from NAMM (I think it was). I’m not particularly exited for this and I don’t know why people are. I think it sounds like the acoustic sim pedals already out there. And there are no good acoustic sim pedals as of yet. They sound very fake IMHO. Maybe I’m wrong.

    I have the TH-U. Don’t buy it. It’s not good. I’ve used it since it was TH-3. That’s just my opinion though. I’ve tried for years to get a good tone, but I’ve failed in the attempt for years now.

    deadpan>>> You really ought to contact Kemper regarding this scam. I cannot imagine they want to be affiliated with such companies.

    dahla>>> That’s unfortunately what happens once in a while, if using the government funded parcel service. I never use that. It’s a lot slower and they lose far more parcels than the private companies. The private companies seem to have a better and more reliable system that ensures a better and safer delivery.

    And....the government funded parcel service is more expensive as well so a lot seems to select the private parcel companies instead. There’s not much where you can say, that the government funded company has the upper hand. I know that they also are forced to do specific services on which they cannot make a profit. But since everything sucks about their service and system, people tend to take their businesses elsewhere. At least in Denmark.

    It so happens that I am awaiting a used Boss HM-2 pedal I bought last Wednesday. He send the pedal the day after. It’s now a week ago and it’s being send with the government funded parcel company. 200 km within this rather small country. Crazy. Had he used a private company it would have been in my possession Saturday.

    But hindsight is rarely nothing but 20/20. Hope you get it back.