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    More ins and outs. I just found its limitation for my use. I cannot record a dry and wet signal using my external pedal. 1) If I put the pedal in the loop the Direct Out disengages. 2) If I put my pedal between the guitar and the guitar input of the Kemper my dry signal will include the pedal. So it’s impossible to record a wet signal with the external pedal along with a dry signal.

    Maybe the Main Out could be split in a dry and wet?

    I highly doubt that this ONLY could be a matter of a new machine coming 🤣

    BUT….when that is said, I just found some limitations, that I would like to be sorted out on a possible next gen of the Kemper.

    I’ve found out that the ins/out need more flexibility or more choices at least. Right now I can not record a dry signal and a wet signal with my external pedals. 1) If the pedal is in the loop, the Direct Out disengages and I cannot record the dry signal. 2) If I put my pedal between the guitar and the Kemper guitar input the dry signal from Direct Out will have my pedal on the dry signal as well. So that’s a big limitation for me.

    More ins and outs would be highly appreciated in a possible future Kemper 2.

    I could do profiles of my rig, but I don’t actually use profiling. I’ve never been able to capture anything good or close to the sound. AND….I haven’t really used a real amp for almost 20 years now. Only when profiling.

    as long as an fx loop is active in the currently loaded rig the signal that appears at the send/direct out is determined by the actual position of the fx loop in the signal chain. Therefore the output source parameter appears greyed out. Deactivate the fx loop to change the value for the output source parameter.

    Jesus Christ man….that was it….now I love you again 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ridiculous I didn’t think of that. Lucky for me you are used to deal with stupid people like me 🤣 Thanx 🙏🏻

    All output options starting with Git... are meant to be true/identical/unaltered to the front input signal. In case of Git Analog it's actually split out before AD conversion. In other words, there is no point altering that signal. Git-Processing is almost the same with the only difference being that the signal has gone through AD/DA conversion. Git Studio just lifts the HiZ guitar signal to studio line level. No user changes available (or necessary).

    Hey man 🙂 The mighty and awesome lightbox 🙂 Hope everything is going great.

    But what is preferred when re-amping then? An unaltered signal, a signal that has gone through ad/da conversion or a signal that has been lifted to line level? There must be a difference, I guess.

    And do you have a clue about why, I cannot edit the output of Direct Out?

    Okay….I think I found out that the “Git analog” only is available on the Direct Out. But why can’t I engage that output? I have a TS jack cable in the Direct Out going to the audio interface. But I cannot change anything in this Output. It’s greyed out in RM.

    Just got home. I just tried to unplug all cables. Only cables plugged in now is the XLR (Main Out), the TS jack (Direct Out) and the usb. I still don’t see the “Git analog” as a choice. And the Direct Out is completely greyed out and cannot be selected.

    Only output choices available:



    Git studio


    Mod left

    Mod mono

    Mod stereo

    Master left

    Master mono

    Master stereo

    DLY/REV wet

    I’ve experienced so many difficulties with my Kemper and audio interface/computers lately, which for the first time ever has had me considering swapping the Kemper out for an Axe FX III. I’ve loved the Kemper so much for almost ten years and I’d hate to reach that point, but the issues are getting to me and getting in the way of me actually getting to play. It always just worked. So maybe it’s time for a change. I hope I get this sorted out though. I’m not build for resistance 🤣 Recording and re-amping trough usb seems like a way more convenient solution though.

    Hey :-) Yes….I read the manual, but I was confused about 2 things. 1) I don’t see “Git analog” anywhere. 2) Which output to select as more than one choice refers to be useful for re-amping though they are different. For instance “Git Analog” (which I cannot see) has same levels as the instrument input and this useful for re-amping. “Git +processing” has ad/da conversion and is also useful for re-amping. So which to choose.

    What I am interested in is one signal with everything and one completely dry signal. And that dry signal I cannot seem to get from my Main XLR out.

    Regarding I cannot see the “Git analog” choice, I’ve just come to think of, that maybe it’s because I have the Direct Out occupied by the pedals in the loop and it disengages this opportunity. I have to try that, when I get home.

    Hey :-) Okay….so it is correctly understood that I HAVE to use the Direct Out for the dry signal?

    And yes….I use both a Boss HM-2 and a clone of that pedal in the loop and found it better than using them between the guitar and the guitar input.

    Hey good people. I'm struggling a bit with recording both the dry and the wet signal at once. I used to use the S/Pdif, but ever since I switched the Windows computer for a Macbook and also switching the audio interface to a RME Babyface Pro fs, I have experienced trouble with the S/Pdif connection. It causes crackles even if the Kemper is turned off. I have to use a Toslink-ADAT adapter to use the S/Pdif and it somehow isn't reliable. It works though. I can record both signals with the S/Pdif, but I'm fed up with the crackles. And yes....the S/Pdif used to work with the Windows computer, so I don't think that it is the ADAT input of the Babyface, that causes it. I suspect the adapters and that it isn't reliable enough. Anyway....the question.

    Since I got fed up with the S/Pdic crackles I've turned to the Main Out (XLR), but all I hear is the same signal on left and right. Isn't is possible to split the Main Out in dry and wet? I'm not sure, but if I understand the manual, I have to use the Direct out for the dry signal. Is that correct? If do I then use my external pedals in the loop of the Kemper? And isn't a jack output attracting more noise than an XLR cable?

    My gear:

    Macbook Air 2020 M1 (Monterey 12.4)

    Babyface Pro fs

    Logic Pro

    Caldigit TS3 dock/hub

    Best wishes from Brian

    Once I update my interface with SPDIF, I will definitely make a reamp tutorial "with SPDIF" in DAW because it is no doubt confusing.

    That would be cool. I think we kinda found out, that what my problem might be. The LED of the physical input and the LED of the physical output are always lit. Playing or not playing. That might mean something is going on.

    I just want to share a positive experience with you all. I had some issues (still have at this moment) with reamping through my RME Babyface Pro FS and out of nowhere I got a private message here. A guy called ‘lightbox’ offered to help me through a Messenger call.

    So tonight ’lightbox’ just spend between 3 and 4 hours trying his best on a video call to help me. A guy I didn’t know prior to this. How awesome is that?

    I’m pretty much speechless about how a guy I didn’t know, sets aside a whole evening to help me out. Such an amazing and wonderful thing to do. He is such a warm and kind person.

    So thank you, ‘lightbox’. Even though we didn’t manage to find the root of the problem, I got to meet one of the nicest guys in the world.

    Are you sure you are routing the DI signal to your Kemper?

    The fact that the DI meter turns on in your DAW just means the track is being played back, not that it is being actually sent to your Kemper. Does the If the KPA Input LED is not turning on, its not gettting any juice ;)

    That’s true. I had some routing issues because I didn’t quite understand the RME software. But I got some help from ‘lightbox’ and got that sorted out. Still issues though.

    Hey man 🙂

    The input is already set to “S/Pdif reamp input” for this purpose.

    I only refer to Left/Right because the manual wrote it that way. When I record both dry and wet signal through S/Pdif (Git/Stack) it must be viewed as two inputs, right? So I basically just look at them as two channels that can do both two ins or in/out.

    I select the output of the DI track as the S/Pdif 1/Left. As I see it on YouTube and in the manual, that is correct.

    I select the input on my track for the reamped signal as S/Pdif 2/Right. Again it’s what I see on YouTube must be done. And I believe the manual says the same. So my routing must be correct 🤔 It’s the same as saying, what you’re saying. You just call S/Pdif In and S/Pdif Out instead.

    In fact….I’ve tried reversing it many times as well. I just didn’t mention that, because I think that I have it right.

    Last time I used the reamping feature, I used my old audio interface and it worked. Now it doesn’t. But since I can record both clean and dry signal at the same time through S/Pdif guitar/stack, I would think that the new interface works fine and it’s a matter of me overlooking something.

    Hey good people. I’m very embarrassed to admit that yet again I struggle with reamping through S/Pdif. I’m just not good friends with the reamping game apparently.

    My Kemper settings:

    Input: S/Pdif input Reamp

    Output: Git/Master mono

    Freq: 44.1kHz

    My DAW: Cubase 10

    DI track: Output set to S/Pdif left

    Track for reamping: Input set to S/Pdif Right and output set to Master Out in Cubase.

    Freq: 44.1kHz

    Interface: Babyface Pro FS

    Windows 10

    S/Pdif cables both correctly connected.

    What I read from the manual the left side carry the DI signal and the right side carry the reamped signal. So I guess my input/output choice on the tracks in Cubase are correct.

    When I hit play I see the volume meter bouncing on the DI track. But there’s no sound. The track for reamping is armed for recording. And it doesn’t matter if I have the monitor on or off on this track. If I press monitor on at the DI track the volume meter stops bouncing. I cannot hear either the DI signal or the reamped signal. The reamped signal does not enter Cubase.

    The S/Pdif connections are fine. I can record both the DI signal and the distorted signal at once.

    What the heck am I doing wrong?

    You might have chosen Loop Stereo and are just feeding the return signal into the RETURN. Loop Stereo uses RETURN plus ALTERNATIVE IN.

    If your external gear is mono, use Loop Mono or Loop Distortion instead. If your external gear is stereo, use two cables, one for leftm one for right.

    I think, alls this information is in the Main Manual.

    Nevermind. I made a stupid error regarding my audio interface. It’s completely new and I have to get accustomed to its software. Had only routed the right side of the mono mix to my headphones and didn’t realize that it was coming out of both speakers. It was only the headphones, that was the issue. I mainly use headphones.

    But thanx anyway.