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    I agree that IOS population is definitely skewed for pro/semi pro musicians.

    I also agree that running RM wirelessly is not a big deal hence one reason there are only 35 posts.

    I agree. For me as a hobby musician it’s almost unusable and just a gimmick. But I see it’s place at the rehearsal place and maybe on stage. But on stage….wouldn’t you already have made your sounds beforehand :/

    I certainly regret opening this thread now. Let's keep it to +1s only from now on.

    Just looking to show support for Android in the future, not share our opinions on what we think can/should be done.

    Fair enough. But why regret? Isn’t the whole point in creating a thread to make yourself and others richer regarding perspectives? To understand more than you already do. To gain perspective. I question stuff to get more knowledge. Often I’m right. But often I’m not.

    I still don’t see a post regarding an Android solution as a safe knowledge. There can be a ton of stuff, that influences this. BUT….it is of course an indication.

    But I see your point. +1’s from now on.

    That’s because you only think as a pro musician. Apple products are mainly highly appreciated and used in pro environments. Are there more pros or more amateurs out there? My guess is clearly more amateurs. I know only two amateurs using Apple for music production and home practicing. Most I know uses a pc. Including myself and my pc has been rock solid without any issue for the past 5 years.

    But using a pc or using an Apple computer has really nothing to do with the use of a mobile unit for controlling a Kemper through a wireless connection. That’s just about flexibility, right? It’s only about adjusting profiles on the go, right? So what has Apple being looked at as the best solution for pro audio to do with a mobile solution that is for amateurs as well as pros on the go? I don’t see the connection between the pedestal, Apple is placed upon, and a fairly simple thing as a mobile wireless solution for editing to create a fancy flexible connection. I use Apple devices for daily stuff, but a pc for music and I have Rig Manager which works wonders. I absolutely love RM. I don’t tour or play in a band, so I will probably never use the wireless option, but I see the potential for others and think it’s a cool thing. No doubt about that.

    What I have rambled about in the above written words are all leading to my prior points in my earlier posts. The use of tablets is mainly divided between Android and Apple. That’s a 50/50 thing. And musicians do not solely use Apple devices. Pros and semi-pros tend to use a MacBook of some sort, yes. But the majority are amateurs and that’s a whole different ballgame.

    If I only had the perspective of an amateur, the picture would be, that Apple is not being used that much. At least in Europe. Here pc is bigger. But the truth is somewhat a lot more complex.

    Who uses a tablet as a DAW or to supplement a DAW? I know some does of course. But if that is the condition that weighs the heaviest, I cannot see any logic. Because most people do not use a computer and a tablet at once. I know….it’s a statement without any backing. But with all the pictures of amateur studios I’ve seen, I rarely see this type of setup. I’ve considered it myself though, but I don’t need the hassle and I don’t need it. It’s really just a gimmick thing in my eyes. More gear is cool. And look….I can control my DAW with my fingers.

    If the condition is that it’s based upon people using a tablet to make music and those people mostly use Apple iPads, I believe that not many will be a candidate.

    Okay….I cannot find any valid numbers regarding Android OS vs Apple IOS. But I found numbers from 40% - 54% of the market belonging to Android. Put in the equation that Windows also has a slight part of the market and all the other OS’s out there like in Huawei. Then the market share is at least be close to 50% in Android’s favor if only focusing on Apple and Android. So yes….it’s flipping the middle finger to 50% if the consumers. Unless you somehow found out that only Apple people (like myself) buy your stuff. I hardly believe that to be true. But in that case you might be right regarding the sensible thing to do is just to do Apple.

    Because people don’t respond to a topic is not the same thing as what the market shares of Android vs Apple is like. Tons of variables can be put into the equation.

    What system is placed in most phones and tablets right now? Are you willing to confirm that pretty much around 50% of all mobile devices are born with Android? And if you can, then how come you don’t see it as weird when half of the population uses Android?

    Commercial logic dictates that the KPA would be on version 3 or 4 by now. So, Kemper clearly dances to the beat of their own drummer.

    Wise words :D I still don’t see it being something they will have much success with. If this wireless solution is actually something they want us to need or want us to use, why would you flip the middle finger to approx 60% of your users? Makes no sense. Why make a huge deal out of something new and try to make it cool, if you don’t really wanna go through with it.

    Of course there will be an Android solutions at some point in time. I have no doubt about that. Anything else would be illogical in a business aspect. Flipping the middle finger to more than half of their customers…..I don’t believe that.

    Why are you so concerned about this? Of course there will be a solution for Android as well. Do you really expect it to be an Apple-only device :/ You must know very little about commercial logic. Android is the leading OS in phones and tablets these days. A company will of course by default not consider to do it without including Android to their solution. Patience is key. Haven’t you learned anything being a Kemper owner? ;) There is obviously some stuff that needs to be sorted out with the Android solution. Otherwise it would probably have been released the same day as for Apple.

    Patience and faith, my friends :) And btw…..Denmark just went on to the quarterfinals. Let’s ALL celebrate ;)

    I just checked the Driftwood profiles. Shit man. They are awesome. Especially the two brutal profiles fit my brand new Aristides 8 string headless SO well. Well done man 🙏🏻

    I checked out the profiles with my new Aristides guitar. They sound really cool. Far better than my old guitars.

    You rock, man 🤘😎🤘

    I just updated to the latest beta firmware and RM. Then I was able to drag them in. It’s just weird that the rest wasn’t a problem. I usually don’t go for the beta releases, but thought that it was worth a try. And it worked.

    Yes….he is doing a great job. It’s serious bang for your buck, buying his metal pack.

    I’ve never been able to apply this successfully to any of my guitars. It just sounds like a weird electric guitar. To me it’s completely useless. And the iPhone recording isn’t convincing me either. I do admit that sometimes your guitar sounds like a contrabass. The stuff that doesn’t sound like that just sounds like a bad electric guitar. Not to be a killjoy. But I don’t see the point of this effect.

    Before the Kemper was announced, no one in the public had imagined such a thing would be invented, generally speaking. Mr. Kemper is likely to bring an even newer technology, that maybe is or isn't related to the KPA . The Virus synth series has also been unique, so I suspect there may be something coming that is also unique, once again.

    I believe so as well.

    And for this we don't need a Profiler 2 ... because all this can be done with software and the current Profiler. No new hardware required.

    No....the hardware is ten years old. That’s what need a touch up to stay in the game for the next ten years. Plenty of cool stuff to be added, but cannot as long as the hardware is limited.