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    First of all….let’s just break this up into the parts of which they belong.

    you started your rant about him crying on camera and being immature. He wasn’t crying physically. But I got what meant. Then you take the story over to one physically crying about missing a train or missing a job and somehow think it’s the same or maybe because you felt the pressure of argumentation like a noose around your neck. I don’t know. You are seriously missing the point of what I’m saying about the essence of this issue. The issue of a problem caused by third party of which one cannot place the blame on oneself. Being late to a train is probably your own fault, which is different. Within this you might even consider facts like other people and other things and how they might happen to prevent you from reaching the train at a certain time. Oh yes….you could have foreseen this every day and spent 3 hours going to the train instead of 30 minutes like normal. That way you are sure, that it’s not your fault, if you miss the train. There is always a case of self responsibility….until there isn’t anymore. A terror act for instance. That might stop you completely in reaching the train. But you somehow have to put the blame one yourself? No. Of course not. It’s out of your hands. Like here. Filling out paperwork for customs was not his job to do. It was the third party’s job. So here he’s put out of the equation as well.

    Of course one can state that crying physically over a missed train, would be weird. But that wasn’t really the point. The point was non-physical crying at the beginning and you telling me and others how immature that is. But you brought the topic to physical crying as well like it’s the same. Does the immaturity lie within one crying at the train platform or within the person next to him who might not know the details of the circumstances and find the person immature? And also regarding speaking up about a problem. You call it crying though.

    But I see. You are grading in alpha and beta male instincts. How would you know the circumstances of which someone cries is justifiable in terms of being alpha male? But I guess you feel that presenting yourself as being alpha male is the only right way of going about life. That makes me ask you again about documenting your claim about, why this is the correct way of acting. Until now it’s just proclamations with no substance of what you feel is right. You feel. Hey….you’re beta male for that.

    Does the headline really matter? Isn’t it the context that matters? The headline only matters if people are not watching other than the headline. I will not go into reasons why he might have been able to call a video this or that. There might be several reason as you mention, but what has that to do with the main issue in the video, which actually IS presented in the headline.

    No, taxes aren’t fixed forever. True. But it’s non-adjustable where it is right here and now. I’m not talking about how tax laws are 10 years from now. Laws change over time like a lot of stuff that isn’t stagnant. But right here and now they are fixed. So are laws about anything else….until they aren’t anymore and then and only then can you talk about it being changed. Up until that point rules are rules and is not affected by you or me.

    To summarize everything:

    1. Laws are fixed.
    2. The third party needs to fill out the paperwork correctly to fit these laws.
    3. Costumer is without blame
    4. I need a glass of rum
    5. Have a nice weekend and sorry if I came across arrogant ?

    See….that’s exactly it. It’s NOT a tax issue. The rules of the taxes and customs are fixed at wherever they are. Non-adjustable. The fact that you constantly take it out of context is a problem. Either you don’t understand or you choose not to understand. The issue is filling out paperwork to go with the parcel to meet the required tax and custom rules in a country outside EU. When that paperwork isn’t filled out properly it isn’t meeting the required tax and customs rules. You see the difference from this and to what you keep referring to? Try not to keep messing these two things up.

    Again…..I look forward to a serious argument from you about what is immature and where to cry and where not to cry based upon a decent level of references to people, who has a certain degree of knowledge in the field.

    Why can’t a man cry about the things you mention? Who are you to judge what is right and wrong in circumstances you might not understand? What academic degree or knowledge do you possess to claim that position? You see….I wonder about people of your kind, who believes they carry the truth around. It must be nice.

    If you saw the video, you will know that he also dives into the UPS situation. And I already explained why going after Brexit or customs and tax laws have no relevance here. No need to go further into that.

    1) If he voted for Brexit, he could haven't voted for Brexit.

    2) Maybe taking blame on himself does not make a sense, but he could put blame on UK tax and customs authorities and UPS. Why not trying to fight on all fronts?

    In the end, grown man don't cry in front of cameras, this is a sing of immaturity.

    1) This is not an argument unless you know, he voted for Brexit and even if he did just that, what kind of blame is required here? Are you to blame if you live in America, which is not the EU? Hey man….you decided to live in America. Dry your eyes or move to Europe? Really? Brexit is a political situation and has nothing to do with personal blame when something goes wrong. Hey…your kid died in a school shooting. Yeah….you live in America…get over it. That almost only happens in America due to your second amendment rights. So they are to blame for living in a country, which is different from yours and mine….political wise? Not really an argument that holds up. One has to dissect these things. Boiled down to its core it’s about shipping and how it was shipped. NOT about how a guy should vote. Lame argument.

    2) He actually does precisely that. Didn’t you see the video? UPS is being presented as a part of a problem. The issue is that they hold on to their rights no matter what and pass the ball while raising their shoulders stating “sorry….nothing we can do”. That takes the costumer to Kemper support. Little help there as well. You see the problem? How can the costumer be to blame in this? Yes….taxes and customs exist. Are they sometimes difficult to apprehend? Indeed. But if the fault lies within HOW to declare the papers, where is the costumers fault? That only leaves one part to blame actually. Going ballistic on political themes is just plain weird when this is not a political thing. The political framework is already established and there is no way around that. It’s all about how to maneuver in this framework. And that is not his job, when it’s about the paperwork from the company.

    A man can cry wherever he wants to. Who are you to state otherwise? Because you are a real manly man? A man who is tough, works with his hands, provides for his family with a wife staying at home doing the chores? Sorry….that seems like a very pathetic and old way of looking a what a man is supposed to do and what he isn’t supposed to do. So a man isn’t allowed to share a personal story, if it involves something he perceives as being wrong? That will exclude a lot. No more political debates going forward from there. You can only agree from now on.

    And I would like you to elaborate on your claim about it being a sign of immaturity. You can elaborate from different perspectives like references to works of psychologists, cultural studies, anthropology, philosophy, biology and so on. You’re free to select your sources to back that claim up. Enlighten me with your insight and wisdom. Yes….it might sound arrogant, but your claim reeks of ignorance.

    Are you serious? ? So because one is an adult and involved, one automatically carries part of the blame? That’s some serious statement right there. I see no logic in that by the way.

    I was driving my car on the road the other day. I was driving on the correct side of the road. So was the car driving towards me. Right until the other car suddenly strayed and ended up on the wrong side of the road and hit my car. I’m involved in the accident and I’m an adult, so I have to place part of the blame on myself. What is it then? Buying a car in the first place? Deciding to drive that day? Not being fast enough to avoid the collision? What is my part of the incident, that implies me putting blame upon myself? Hence the premise of being involved and an adult equals blame. Please do tell. I’m curious as I thought I was the victim only. So did the police and insurance company. Maybe we are all wrong and I need to accept the blame, because of the universal premise you refer to.

    Can you elaborate on where you feel, that he could have done things differently?

    Can you elaborate on where you feel, he as a costumer has to put the blame on himself?

    iPhone are not magically waterproof it takes a lot of R&D tu accomplish that.

    I play big outdoor shows on summer, touchscreen when it’s 40•Celsius with the sun simply burning everything and the change of humidity when the night is here is a no go for a touchscreen.

    Why do you need a touchscreen?

    I assume you haven’t read my posts in general. I do not need a touchscreen on the Kemper. 1) I find the UI rather simple and fine 2) I only use the RM 3) If you need to, you have a choice of connecting an Apple device. So….I don’t care. But others care. My response regarding iPhone is actually only about the screen on the iPhone, since some people seem to find it bad. I simple just gave my thoughts about that. But regarding the iPhone and the waterproofing. I’ve seen a few iPhones being dropped into the water with no damage. Including the local harbor, where a diver had to put on his gear to get on the bottom. I would consider that rather waterproof and being able to withstand a beer, like someone complained about. I don’t know about humidity though. I would expect the problem to be less about a waterproof screen and more about a device, which can’t handle being in the sun and since it’s constructed of metal and that it expands/contracts due to temperatures the device may undergo slight changes to its structure. But that’s a guess. I highly doubt that the screen is to blame.

    I could make a video showing the apple touch code and post it but it does not matter. The point is to let Kemper know not to code their display in this manner. You guys are getting off topic.

    I, on the other hand, would think that it would be cool to see ? I’m weird, I know ??‍♂️

    Weird. I experience nothing like this with Apple devices ??‍♂️ My touch is never seen as a swipe unless I actually swipe. So I still don’t understand, what you are referring to. Angle or no angle.

    Funny how we’re so different in the way we experience stuff. I, on the other hand, love everything about the iPhone touch experience. In fact so much that I detect the smallest difference in touch feedback, when trying out a Samsung phone. I instantly feel that Apple’s touch are light years ahead regarding feeling. It’s so responsive.

    And….the whole dumping a beer onto the Kemper at gigs is the worst argument ever. The smartphones of today are waterproof. So it’s no big deal really. And if you’re a pro and like you state, would have a rig without touchscreen, because it’s more “pro”, you would probably have a setup with a big flight case on wheels for your gear. Who is gonna dump a beer onto that?

    I really hope we don't get a touch screen. A touch screen belongs in my hands because every touch screen I've tried that isn't on my phone feels clunky and horrible. I must be in the minority who actually thinks that the Kemper UI is well thought out and very good. And as a UX designer, perhaps I should be worried!

    I’m also with you. Not 100% but close. I also usually feel that touch screens tend to be a bad experience. I am so used to Apple’s touch screens that all others feel weird. And when these touch screens are placed on devices such like gps etc, it never feels great. To me at least. So I don’t need that option either.

    If the author of the algorithm cannot refine it to improve the device’s function, the product cannot be improved.

    In fact if I remember correctly I seem to remember hearing him say that adding memory and more DSP wouldn’t improve the profiling process.

    I’m no expert either, but this cannot come as a surprise to most people with just a bit of understanding of IT. That’s not what I personality refer to. I refer to a brand new scripted code or a code which is being rewritten and adjusted to meet requirements of newer chips. Or of course the old code ported to a new device and in this case, nothing can be changed according to CK. But is this a complete truth? Or is it just a way to close down speculations, because they are happy with where they are now and therefor believe, that they cannot make it sound better? If everyone in the world stated, that all the profiles seem to lack in the low mids, so the code cannot be adjusted to correct this lack? That seems pretty weird.

    What we need in 2022 (and beyond) is gear that can deliver new ways of wrecking down all the limits young musicians will not accept anymore in the future. And this is certainly true for the electric guitar.

    Sorry….I’ve tried to read this at least 20 times and made a google translation as well. I don’t understand this sentence ?. Can you elaborate? Do you mean some kinda limits that young guitar players today does not accept, should be torn down? Or? I can’t get it to make sense.

    But I also believe that a second version will appear one day. But, I, on the other hand, believe that striving for perfection should be what drives this ship forward. I’ve been onboard this digital ship for over 20 years now. Had my first digital pedalboard, Boss GT-6 in 2001. If they’d stopped there by saying, that there’s no need to go forward from here, we’d be left with that old stuff. In 20 years from now we’ll be in the same spot as today looking back. So imho this cannot stop and we need to keep pushing the boundaries to strive for just a little better solution every time. And in the end that will take us a long way. Of course….if people have romantic thoughts about olden times, then you’ll disagree. So yes….the gear world need the next more realistic thing.

    I’d like to point out that Mr. Kemper decided to stop development and driver maintenance of the Access Virus, his first really successful product. He might do the same at some point with the Profiler considering his statement that the profiling process has been developed as far as possible.

    Sure. But to me it’s just a synth. Many have created great synths. The Kemper is a totally different story. That’s a product that really were innovative compared to a synth. I don’t think that these two can be placed side by side, when talking innovations.

    I don’t think that one can say, that just because he did this to one product earlier, then it’s the company norm. And yes….people seem to continue referring to him saying, that the profiling code has gone as far, as it can. I challenge you, though. What does that really mean?

    Ruefus>>> And I have seen it being mentioned many times, that CK has stated, that the code has gone as far as it can go.

    I’m sorry….but I view this as a typical politician answer. They close the book….but not entirely. They talk their way around the stuff, that needs to be answered.

    Yes….it might be true, that THIS code with THIS cpu under THESE circumstances cannot be better. I don’t know. But what I do know though is that technology does not stand still. A lot more is possible today than 10 years ago. So by saying THIS code cannot go any further is not saying, that the code can be re-written or tweaked for newer technology. Of course it can. The question is, if he wants to do that. You say yourself. He’s an inventor. I don’t know much about his inventions besides the Kemper and the Virus. That’s only two things. Two great things though. But still only two things.

    Anyway….I cannot imagine something like this not being able to be tweaked to reach just a little closer to the real sound. Just the tiniest little adjustment to maybe get the bottom end a bit better or something like that.

    Anyway….happy New Years everyone ?

    I personally think that dual amping is a bit old now. A good option to have though. I feel that a choice to be able to mic up an amp like you would do in the studio, would be a lot more realistic. And I mean internally with Kemper possessing 2 or 3 mic inputs that can do a profile each and then you can mix between the different mics or cabs if needed. And each profile should be able to recall all three of these profiles within one profile, so you can adjust on the go if one mic number is too dominant.

    USB instead of s/pdif is of course a must. Backward compatibility would be very cool. There might be a slight change in sound. Who knows. The display and UI could use an upgrade. I agree. I only use the RM though.

    Of course it can be improved. Maybe not with the tech in it today. But I highly doubt, that it can’t be modified to be just a little better. Subtleties are welcome as well.

    The user interface on quality control? I don’t understand. If you mean the Rig Manager, then I completely agree. I never use the UI anymore. I only use the RM.

    CK has said many times that the Profiling process is not CPU intensive. He’s also said that they’ve taken the process as far as it can go.

    I would imagine that the profiling process isn’t that cpu demanding, yes. That does not mean that you cannot “rewrite” a new profiling code that comes a bit closer and sounds just a bit better. So maybe with this technology, they’ve taken it as far as it can go. And more and new crazy chips open up for many things like:

    - More can play and record simultaneously.
    - Maybe a dedicated vocal input.
    - Advanced signal chains.
    - Advanced profile editing.
    - More mic inputs for profiling.
    - Future proofing like the original KPA.
    - Maybe it can work as an audio interface.
    - And all the stuff I know nothing about.

    As stated before. This has been requested MANY times. Try the search function. I too have made a thread about this at one point. And yes….I also feel like they have been kinda overrun by it’s competitors in a tech-wise sense. But not so much that I will jump ship just yet. I’ve had mine since the beginning and the value for money this unit has had for me is crazy. Never has a piece of gear survived this long and still being right up there with the best. The development this unit has had from day 1 to now is unheard of. Other companies would just release new products. That’s a huge thumbs up to Kemper from me. Not making costumers constantly buy or consider upgrading every couple of years is a huge deal when it comes to value for money. BUT….It does have the side effect, that eventually rival units will surpass the Kemper in different areas like superior hardware and new tech solutions. Don’t tell me that with the chips and stuff that exists today compared to the chips from 10 years ago and that it’s not gonna make a huge difference in possibilities. And don’t tell me that a refined profiling is not possible with the tech and knowledge today compared to 10 years ago. And on top of that the whole tech behind the actual profiling has got to be older than the unit itself. I can see a Kemper II hit the market, but like with so much with this company, they will not just put a new unit out there without it being fresh and pushing the limits. I highly doubt that they’re gonna put out an upgraded version only with more inputs/outputs and stuff like that. Will I buy a Kemper II if it was released next year? It depends. It has to have a refined profiling to get closer to the original amp, if I have to consider it being a worthy upgrade. Its upgrade in sound may be subtle. I think they will have to be sure, that they burst into the market like the first one.

    If I feel like I have to buy a second generation, the following would be expected from me.

    - A sound closer to the original.
    - An updated sound in general.
    - A fast chip or maybe two or three that opens up for solutions regarding dual amping/dual rigs.
    - More inputs for mics when profiling to mix internally instead of an external mixer.
    - An option to internally mix between different mics to find the perfect balance. For instance between a SM57 and another mic.

    If these things are not implemented I will have to find out, if I’m interested in upgrading. As the unit is now it suits my needs and I really don’t need an upgrade. The only thing annoying me is the tech FOMO, I seem to suffer from. Is the new Fractal, Line 6 and Neural units something I consider? No. But of course….if the Kemper still is at its first generation in 5 years, I will probably consider jumping ship. And just when you do that, Kemper will probably put a new unit out ?

    I love my Kemper and it still is a killer machine and not really behind the competitors right now. Even with inferior tech inside. That’s saying a lot about how they develop at Kemper.

    I listened to both sound clips and, to my ears, had this exact same problem a couple days ago. It persisted even after a couple reboots and trying different profiles. I was stumped and was planning on opening up a support case but the next day the problem went away and it hasn't come back since.

    I use headphones directly into the kpa.

    Weird. Just tried it today. It seems like it’s gone now :/ .