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    Looking back at post #20 of this string, you said the Kemper sounds fine through headphones or when directly connected to your monitors. If that's right and you're using the same rig you are recording then your problem can't be with your Kemper, your guitars or with your monitors.

    Then maybe somehow in the settings on your interface or how you're connecting to it. Maybe try to rule out SPDIF as well by trying a recording with just the analog Kemper output. Set Kemper Main Output to Master Stereo (or Master mono). Check the Main Out -12db checkbox. Set all of the Main Output EQ's to zero. Verify that it sounds as you expect with headphones on the Kemper or direct to your monitors.

    Connect the Main Out to your interface and make sure you're not clipping the input. Record it and if it's still got the problem you might need to try help from the interface vendor. If it works analog, then maybe it's something in your SPDIF settings

    It looks like every time you now move to the next rig with the right or left arrow key, the focus goes to the Author field in the upper right. So you have to click back on the Rigs before the next Right/Left keystroke works.

    This doesn't happen in Rig Exchange, but it does happen in your My Profiler rigs. But there is a delay in Rig Exchange (and maybe others) so not every Right/Left keystroke is picked up if you go through them quickly.

    Took a loooooong time to scan through my library and then again when syncing everything from the Kemper. But now seems to be working.

    One thing I notice in the new preset context menus for effects - it only list presets that are included under My Profiler. It doesn't list any that I have under Local Library (which is where I've put all of the new Distortions). I can copy them over to My Profiler, but is this how it's intended to work?

    Agreed on the 100% reproducible. I've contacted support about this exact problem several times over the last year, giving them very exact step by step. But unfortunately they tell me they cannot reproduce it.

    I was very specific about Windows version, OS and Rig Manager versions and so on. Only thing I wondered about is whether it might be something like USB version - maybe they test on USB 3 and I use a USB 2 or something along that line.

    Hopefully they'll find it at some point.

    Maybe try each of the cabinets alone to see if the problem is only in one, or only if both are in use.

    What kind of guitar? Does this happen on all rigs or only specific ones?

    IOW, there's technically no overlap; never are two Profiles "running" simultaneously AFAIK.

    Hello Monkey_Man.

    I know it doesn't run the multiples. I was just suggesting that since each very small rig file must contain enough info for the system to figure out what to do, and rigs load pretty much instantaneously, maybe there could be some way for the system to internally figure out how to merge parts of each in a way to act like a morph crossfade. Probably a bit far-fetched, but then so is the Kemper.:)

    I'd like to do another video demonstrating the phenomenon with all of amps. Because it's been pretty common for me over the last 10 years of on-and-off Kemper ownership and profiling. I remember it being a big discussion back in the day, and it sort of petered out. But I never stopped noticing it.

    Have you tried passing this on to ckemper or support? Hard to say if they'd be watching these discussions and unless opened as support issues they might not get drawn in.

    As ckemper had mentioned earlier in this thread -

    If a profile fails in an A/B comparison, that is where my job starts.

    Personally, I'd rather just see some continued work on the current Kemper. Maybe:

    Rig Manager improvements, many already talked about.

    Easy to use UNDO/REDO

    Incorporating Presets into the edit screens for various effects. For example having a drop down of all Distortion presets along with the few controls. I know you can find then in the treeview, but why not show just the presets you might while editing?

    Save/Save As and Copy/Paste that are a bit more obvious like on the hardware.

    Add the Stomp and Effect presets that already exist on the hardware. (many of us still use this)

    Maybe there could be a way to assign multiple effects to each of the 8 buttons. This might be a way to extend without needing new hardware. It might require creative soft buttons to do things like turn on a distortion while leaving compression alone if both are on A, but it seems possible.

    I'm sure there are lots of other possibilities.

    On the Profiler

    Everyone always says there can't be multiple profiles, but then how does Performance mode preload five of them for zero latency switching? Maybe this leaves a path to allow morphing between the rigs in a Performance. Still not really two amps at once, but the morph might be more useful to more people.

    On running multiple rigs - maybe some kind of hardware add on to the current Kemper? Not really a second Kemper but a way to add in a second rig like an effect? Same way you might use the effect loops.

    Extend locking to allow locking specific parameters instead of just groups. So rather than locking X, allow locking specific components of what is loaded in X.

    Maybe a new Kemper alternate foot controller that works more like a standard Midi controller with enough buttons to manage all separate effects and Rig Manager editing with humanized control (easy assignments of CC or program change, etc.

    So yes, there could be a new Kemper 2. But there also would seem to be many ways to keep on extending what we already have.

    I use 3 Sigma Audio acoustic impulses and they sound great. My favorite is their Gibson J45 and the Martin D45. I use them with Martin and Taylor acoustics, and with a PRS SE Piezo. You load then in as a cabinet and turn off the Kemper amplifier button. I still use the EQ section of the stack and a Studio Equalizer in the stomps section just to fine tune.

    One thing I did find that helped a lot was to set Character to +5 and Pure Cabinet on 10 on the Cabinet options.

    Sure, I fully grasped your point, and it's not off topic here.

    The question is, if dedicated pedal profiling would be a strong feature in your point of view?

    if it's a 50% hit and miss only?

    For me, I've never cared much about whether profiles or effects are really 100% accurate. For example - the new Kemper Drive presets. I'm not concerned that they exactly match a Klon, KOT, BB, etc. They just give me new things to try out with the profiles I use. Same thing could be said of all the profiles. Are they really that exact? And if not, what does it matter? If they sound good and feel right, they're good.

    So from my point of view, everything you add just gives me that many more ways to make new sounds. 50% sounds fine to me.

    On the QC subject, I'm not hearing anything I can't get out of the Kemper and I don't think much of their foot switches as knobs concept anyway. People have been complaining about on line demo recordings of profiles ever since vendors started selling them, so hard to see why the few demos comparing Kemper and QC here would be any better.

    However, if the guitar world has moved that far to the forgiving side since then, we could easily publish distortion pedal profiling on said quality level and yield. Still this would not be consistent with my business ethics.

    Hello ckemper. I wasn't talking about baked in profiles that have been around since the Kemper first arrived. I took your comment as meaning you might somehow allow profiling distortion pedals that could then be used as an effect in other profiles. Understood that you don't necessarily think it would work perfectly.

    But thanks for the reply and this is probably getting too off topic for this thread.

    We encourage users to profile distortion pedals along with their amps and decide by the result, as as good number of pedals work perfect.

    However, if the guitar world has moved that far to the forgiving side since then, we could easily publish distortion pedal profiling on said quality level and yield. Still this would not be consistent with my business ethics.


    Maybe something that could be added in a Beta so people might try various pedals and report on quality?

    Would be cool to see how close they might be.

    As you click on the preset, you can rename it in the name field in the upper right of the screen, beneath "Search for...". But this only works for your Local Library or Profiler presets. You can't rename the Kemper ones under Preset Packs.

    When you load a preset you're just setting the values that preset defines. There is no name associated to the values once loaded in your profiler. And with the Kemper design for presets that name could not logically be persisted.

    Think of it this way - if you used presets to build a rig, then post that rig on the Rig Exchange, there would be no way to know if anyone else who might download it has the same preset. Or worse yet, suppose they had the same preset name but had altered their copy to be different. Or even in your own case - suppose you load a preset then make changes in your rig to the values the preset had entered. That means it would no longer be the same preset. So what would the Rig now show?

    When I roll the volume down the EQ changes in a different way than with the real thing. So this kind of behavior of the real amp seems to be hard to copy.

    Try turning up the Power Sagging on the Amplifier options. That will increase the touch sensitivity for the rig you're using. I'd try it on about 5 and if it helps then adjust it to your taste. This should get you closer to that clean sound when picking lightly.