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    I think if you wanted to call up specific rigs with a program change you'd probably want to use Browser mode where you can assign a midi PC number to any rig. In performance mode it's just selecting a position like the 2nd rig of performance #4 - whatever rig you might have saved there.

    No problems here. But maybe things syncing make it seem unresponsive? Every time the program starts it syncs with Rig Exchange looking for anything new, and syncs the presets from the Kemper. Since you say it seems OK after a while maybe it's that sync is a bit slow for you?

    Sure you're using the correct USB connector on the Kemper? You should be using the type B (square) connector. Not the USB connector you'd use with a flash drive. Aside from that have you entered your user ID in Rig Manager?

    I notice that saved effect groups (from the Stomps and Effects buttons) are not included in the Presets. Are there plans to add these at some point? I'm pretty sure the Stage doesn't have these buttons but I suppose it could still work as a way to set multiple effects from one preset. In my case I usually have a Effect block locked.

    Haven't tried editing an effect within that block yet to see what happens. I can still load these through the buttons so I'm hoping there will be a way to use these in the editor.

    Yea, I know there are ways to work around, but filtering to just the type you want is quite a bit better when there's lots to look through. No real need to see amps, rigs, effects and so on if I want to go through cabs.

    Maybe a filter for Preset Class and Category when looking at presets. So you could choose to look at only cab, only boosts, etc.

    Would make it easier to use sort by column. Now, if you sort by name it mixes all of the Preset Classes when all I rally want to see if my cabs sorted by name. I know I can make a folder and copy things like this to separate folders, but if there were a way to filter you could do this without the extra folders.

    No problems on a Windows 10 install for me, and edits working well.

    Is there a way to edit morph conditions? I'm looking at a rig in a performance that morphs volume and I can see both morphed and unmorphed volumes, but I don't see a way to edit this.

    If this isn't available, could there be maybe a checkbox for Morph, so I can set the values and store them for either condition?

    I use a Carvin AE185 with a piezo for acoustic. For the Kemper I use the acoustic IR's from Sigma3Audio. Mostly the Martin and The Gibson J45. On the Kemper I turn off amp, use one of the IR's as speaker, then have access to all EQ and effects on the Kemper.

    To me, the acoustic sound is better than what I get if I use my Martin D41. I find no reason to use acoustic strings on the Carvin. Just a little heavier than I might normally use on an electric. Still sounds great.

    There is no exchange, but you can move the slots within a performance. Press the edit button, then slot settings, then you will see move slot. Highlight the slot you want to move and press the move slot button.

    Make sure to save the performance after the changes.

    Maybe try typing a % at the beginning of your search text. This is a wild card character, so basically it means "anything" followed by what you type. After you type one or two characters more you should see a popup with existing results you can choose from. Here's an example if search for " %Dela".

    Not a Kemper suggestion, but have you looked at the new Electro Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi? You mention Gilmour and Fripp so this would be pretty much how to get there. Best I can tell from the demo this sounds very much like the original 70's version. Maybe it could be profiled into the Kemper as well.

    I think a majority of us have no real problem finding profiles to connect with. And tweaking, if necessary, is very much up to the players taste so all of the info you've been given is good advice. But it just sounds like you're using profiles you don't care for to begin with, then trying to make them into what you want. Wouldn't it make more sense to just find a profile you like?

    If you don't want to buy profiles there are plenty to try out on the Rig Exchange. Not all great, but there are just as many that are as good or better than the paid profiles if you take the time to look. Or in your case, the video you posted is showing use of some Choptones profiles. Looks like it's the Fried Lilbox set. If you like the sound in the video and you're using a Les Paul seems like that might be a good place to start.

    And for my two cents - I frequently shift between a Les Paul and Strat. I always find that Definition on the Amp page does it for me. Higher for the Les Paul with WCR pickups and about half whatever works for the Les Paul sounds fine with my Strat. But then I like bright crisp sounds that may not be someone else's taste. I also tend to set Sag at about 4-5 to get more touch sensitivity out of any guitar.

    I switched from xlr to jack line in on the mixing desk. And now I used only one jack line out from the main outputs. As expected this prevents clipping but needs higher gain on the desk and higher fader volume with no extra for soloing.

    When you did this did you try just bringing up the volume on the Kemper instead of just raising the mixer gain? No reason you should need to be sing the channel fader in what you describe here.

    The reason that the QSC is set to Mic is that this option delivers significant more volume from the speaker! Both speakers are set this way.

    The Mic setting on our speakers would be what you'd use if plugging a microphone into the speaker. Your mixer and Kemper outputs would be line level (whether XLR balanced or 1/4" non-balanced). You need to get all of the volumes set in a matching way.

    Maybe try to Kemper directly into the speakers with the speakers set to Line. Set the Master volume on the Kemper where you think it should be to get a decent volume. Then connect the mixer to the speakers still at Line. Connect the Kemper to the mixer with two XLR's to two channels. You would have already set the volume level on Kemper. Bring the gain up on the two channels until you see it slightly start to clip on the mixer channel. If the channel seems to clip even at lowest gain, then you need to lower the Kemper or use that -12db checkbox. If you end up raising the gain quite high then maybe you already have the Kemper too low.

    Then set the mixer faders (channel and master) up where you think they should be. lf no good maybe the channels have a problem. Can you try a microphone on the same channels? Or maybe try the Kemper in other channels. You could also try using the Kemper 1/4 outs to the Line inputs on two channels just to see if you hear a difference.

    Last thing - the speakers you describe are 8". Even though they say 1000w in this case that means 500w to the speaker and 500w to the horn. So don't think so much about the number. The maximum SPL is around 123db - not quiet, but it's not going to blow the room away with two 8's and you'd have to be pushing them pretty hard to get that 123db.

    Hope this helps in some way.

    So just to be sure - you're not plugging the cable into the same USB jack used for the stick, right? You have to use the type B as in the picture from Paults. The type A jack is for a USB stick, not Rig Manager.

    But you say you installed 4.5.1 so you must have the USB stick working?

    Don't know why you'd feel a need to "correct" me on this.

    You prefer to call them "Button" blocks. That would be locking groups of parameters. And yes, I know these can already be locked. My feature request is that it would be helpful to be able to lock a few of those within the "button" blocks as well.

    You take some type of offense that I find "amp" locking not useful. I find it simple to do things like changing cabinets or effect groups without locking the amp. If it works for you great. To me that particular lock is not at all useful.

    What I can't do is to lock Sag, Definition, Clarity, etc, then scroll through a series of amps to see how they might be affected. Maybe you find that not so useful, but I use it all time. Not so difficult to change by hand, but then that's why this is a feature request.

    If Kemper likes it great. Maybe they could add it in some future editor. Maybe not. In the meantime, the suggestion is made.