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    We see all sorts of anxious messages on missing features, the foot controller, new effects that might be added, some kind of editor. And sure, the Kemper is already perfectly usable as is and there are more and more great profiles. But how about starting out the new year with some kind of positive update on what we might expect in 2013?

    Surely it's not that important that every detail is always a secret. At least for me it's not so much the wait. I'd just be interested to know what it is I might be waiting for.

    What do you say?

    Yes, I know I can control it from the VStudio, but for my purpose that wouldn't work as well. The VStudio will not be at arms length where the Kemper will be right there.

    I could also just use the Kemper volume control instead of the Master volume (volume and all other control seems normal), or I could just use the analog outs. But I just couldn't quite see why the Master volume would be bypassed, and I was wondering if this is possibly a bug. Or if intended, I was curious as to why that bypass would be necessary.


    Just starting playing with the SPDIF out and I'm finding that it seems to bypass the master volume. I couldn't find any settings that seem to control this so I'm guessing it's intended to work this way?

    I'm just trying to connect the Kemper SPDIF to a VStudio 100 since there are very limited channels. But losing the master volume would make it a bit of a problem, so I'd probably end up having to go with the main stereo outs to analog channels.

    if intended to work this way, can I suggest this as a future enhancement?

    A feature I always liked in the Digitech Control One pedal was that if you click a program change button a second time, it toggles back to whatever program you just came from.

    So rather than just doing nothing if you click the program change button while you're already on that program, you could use it as a toggle between two programs. Really nice for a quick change and back again. And since it didn't matter what bank the "previous" patch was from, you could toggle between programs that may not be in the same current bank.

    Thanks everyone for the advice. And richaxes - thanks for that 69 patch advice and the tips for Clarity. I had tried that one with a Les Paul and it didn't jump out at me, but for this with a Telecaster it's very good.

    Hope you get a chance to post your rig. I'd like to see what other changes you've made.

    Thanks for the tip and I'll check out the Matchless profiles.

    There's so many I've just been trying different amps with different guitars to try and find some favorites. Got to the Telecaster and started thinking of this kind of sound.

    Is it possible to save stomp setups? Lke if I set up a specific flanger I was hoping I could save it under some name so I could use it again in a different rig.

    I know the settings would save as part of a rig - just wondering if they can be saved separately under a meaningful name so I could just browse through them for any rig.

    I've had the KPA for about a week, mostly trying out all the rigs. I've posted a few profiling attempts that seem to work pretty well for me.

    Fender Hot Rod Deluxe clean (maybe too bright) and with a Carl Martin PlexiTone for crunch.

    Carvin Vintage 16 clean and one with some gain.

    Both were profiled with a Les Paul and WCR Godwood pickups and they have V30 12" speakers.

    And I tried a few AC15's from a Digitech RP1000.

    Hope you like them.

    Maybe a suggestion to help manage profiles -
    Could the Browse function add user defined folders? Then rather than the long profile names to tell you what a profile is about, the folders might allow a way to keep them in order.
    For example - Maybe create folders Les Paul, Strat, Tele. Beneath those maybe a folder for an amp like Marshall, Fender, Vox, then the profles you want in those folders. Or whatever folder names make sense. Maybe a ".." folder to move back a level.
    Might make keeping track a bit easier.